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Ruffnut always had a poor taste in guys. She knew that.

First there was Hiccup, whom she only started crushing on after she found out that he was slightly crazy in the head. Which was also when he and Astrid had technically already been going out. Of course, that didn't stop Ruff from flirting with him, anyway. Though, what she called flirting [punching, hitting, the occasional axe thrown his way], Hiccup took as pure hatred towards him.

So, she then went after Snotlout. They seemed to be a perfect fit, as they liked a lot of the same things and both had extremely short tempers. But he was immature, even for Ruffnut, who was the queen of immaturity. Perhaps they were just too alike and that's why it didn't work out.

The girl twin, who was currently sitting cross-legged on the kitchen floor [as that was the coolest place in the house], ruffled her hair and sighed.

And, of course, her brother took this time to come in and bother her. "What are you doing?"


"Why?" He asked, with a sneer.

"I'm putting my brain to good use," She replied back. "You should try it sometime." Pause. "Oh wait, first you need a brain!"

And that's all it took to get Tuffnut scowling and tackling her to the ground. But, just as she was about to pin him down and proclaim her victory, Tuff yanked on her blonde locks, causing her to fumble. Furious, she yanked his hair right back.

"Ow, not fair!" He groaned, slapping her hands away.

"If you don't like it," Ruffnut grunted. "Then cut it off."

"No way!" He spat back. "I've already waited this long for it to grow out! What would be the point of taking it off again?"

"'Cuz then you'd actually look like a boy."

More tackling.

"Stoick the Vast has long hair," Tuffnut said. "No one mocks him!"

"Duh, he's the chief," Ruff answered. "And since when can you even be compared to Stoick?"

"Since I grew these bad boys," The boy twin raised up his body and flexed his arms showing off a somewhat large bump on each of them. His sister rolled her eyes. And with her brother still soaking in his pride, she managed to punch him in the stomach and bring him down.

"Ha!" She grinned, pinning him to the ground.

"Mooom!" Tuffnut whined. Ruffnut managed another eye roll.

The twins mother, who'd only been half paying attention to them, spoke up. "She's right, Tuff dear. One of my friends mistook you for Ruffnut the other day."

Tuff's eyes went wide and his sister had accidentally let him up, as she was laughing so hard to notice.

His cheeks burned. "We weren't talking about that anymore."

"Oh," Their mother turned away from her work. "Then never mind that. What were you saying?"

Still have a chuckling fit, Ruff didn't register when her brother pounced on her 'till she felt the blow.

More grunting; more tackling.

"That the best you got, Ruffnut?" She joked.

"At least one of us looks like a girl," He growled.

She then looked at her brother, her eyes like fire. Tuff cowered back a bit, but refused to take it back. So, merely grabbing him by the wrist, Ruff twisted his arm 'till she heard a satisfying crack.

"Oh, I'm hurt!" Tuffnut exclaimed one of his popular lines. "I am very much hurt."

Ruffnut sighed. She had always liked fighting. Especially with her brother. And especially now that lately she'd been thinking way too much. Thinking wasn't one of her strong points, but she'd been doing a lot of it lately.

Fighting always seemed to take her mind off things. Or managed to pretty much shut her brain down completely, except for in the means of pain. But unfortunately, her brother could never last longer than ten minutes in a tackle, which was not enough to keep her mind asleep.

Finally, Ruff stood up and headed for the door. "I'm going out."

"Out?" Her mother asked. "Out where? It's nearly dusk."

"I don't know," She answered. "To see some friends."

"What friends?" Tuffnut grumbled.

Ruff turned to face him and he immediately shut his mouth.

"Well, don't be long!" She called back, still too preoccupied with her cooking.

Not bothering to say goodbye, the girl twin headed outside, slamming the door on her wait out. It was getting dark, but it was more humid than chilly, so she didn't bother bringing along an extra vest.

She wasn't really sure where she was going. All she knew was she didn't feel like thinking. Especially about the recent things she was forced to think about. But the only thing that kept her mind of anything was fighting. And her usual tackle partner was already out of the running.

She thought about going back to grab an axe and take it to the forest to do some practice swings, but advised against it, as it was getting darker by the second.

So, she decided to see Astrid, as out of the six teens she hung out with, they seemed to be the closest. She rapped her knuckled against the wood of her friend's front door and waited.

Seconds later, the door opened. "Ruffnut, hey! What are you doing here?"

"I'm bored," She admitted, kicking at the ground.

"A little late, isn't it?"

"Why is everyone hung up on that all of a sudden?" She asked. "We never cared about the lateness of the hour before. And that was back when dragons raided us each and every night!"

"I just...I wish I'd had known you were coming over," She mumbled. "I'd have...uhm-"

Piecing everything together, Ruffnut suddenly realized. "Hiccup's here, isn't he?"


As if answering the question himself, the young blacksmith trudged down her hallway, his metal foot clacking along the way. "Hey Astrid, where does your dad keep his ham-" He paused. "Hey, Ruff!"

It wasn't that she disliked Hiccup. In fact, he was one of the easiest guys to get along with, as you didn't have to wonder if he'd take something you said the wrong way and try to kill you. Ruffnut just didn't like that out of all the things she was, she suddenly became a burden.

"What's going on?" Hiccup managed a smile.

Odin, why did he have to be so cute? "Nothing," The Thorston girl said, quickly. "I was just leaving."

"Oh, Ruff, you don't-"

She interrupted Astrid by raising her hand up. "It's fine. It's getting late, anyway."

And with that, the friends said there goodbyes. Though, even after the door was closed, Ruff couldn't help but overhear the conversation from inside the house.

"So, where's your dad keep your hammer?"

"Hiccup, I invited you over to take you away from the forge!" Astrid complained. "Not so you could turn my house into one!"

Shaking her head, Ruffnut headed off to the village's well. It was usually one of the worst places to be as it was mega loud and crowded. But, as it was the sun was coming close to setting, it was empty. So, there she sat, finishing up what she had been thinking up before.

What had she been thinking about before? Right, guys. And how she didn't know how to pick 'em. Why was she even thinking about this? Because her mom said she was getting to a point where she should be making an effort to think about her future.

And unfortunately, a girl's future resulted in becoming a woman. A wife. A mother. Ruffnut groaned and kicked a random pail that was left at the well. For Thor's sake! She was barely even sixteen. She didn't need to think about stuff like this!

Annoyed with herself and her stupid brain, she headed back home.

"Back so soon?" Her mother asked as soon as Ruff stepped through the door frame. "I thought maybe you'd have stopped at some boy's house."

"Not now, mom," Ruffnut grumbled.

"You can't keep putting this off, dear."

"I know, I know," She huffed. "'Because I'm growing into a woman, and pretty soon I'm gonna need a man by my side.'" She managed to let out all the things her mother's been telling her for weeks in a half mocking tone.


"What if I don't want to be a wife?" Ruff insisted. "Remember Camicazi? She never got married and she was one of the bravest viking warriors in the village."

"She also didn't live past the age of thirty." Her mother said it in a light tone, as it was not wise to speak of such great viking's in vain.

Who did these days? "And you're saying if she had a husband she would have lived longer?"

"She was lonely," She replied back.

"She was happy!" Ruffnut explained.

"Not all the time."

"She got to be what ever other viking only wished they could be," The young viking continued. "She was even better then most men around here." She didn't know if everything she was saying was true, of course, as she had never known Camicazi personally; only heard tales of her throughout the years.

Her mother slapped down her sewing work and glared at her daughter. "That's enough!" She paused; sighed. "Are you saying you're not interested in any of the boys around here?"

Ruff crossed her arms. "I don't know."

"What about Hiccup?" She asked. "Or Snotlout?"

The girl twin sighed and slumped into the nearest chair. Her mother obviously wasn't up to date on her dating life.

"Or what about that Fishlegs?"

Ruff perked up at this. Fishlegs? Of course! Why hadn't she thought of him before? She indistinctly rubbed her arm. He'd always been there with the group whenever they all went to hang out, so why had she never taken notice to him?

She closed her eyes and thought about that. Oh, right! 'Cuz he was always off in some corner reading, or spouting out useless dragon facts we didn't need to know anymore. She snorted to herself. Still...he was nice enough. And cute. Was he cute? More thinking. Yes, she supposed he could be.

Maybe she could try to get to know Fishlegs a little more. Just for the heck of it! What harm could it do? But not now. Could she now? She had a sudden urge to. Who cares how late it was getting? She didn't! Quickly, Ruffnut sat up, giving herself a slight head rush.

"Now what are you doing?"

"Going out!" She exclaimed, reaching for the doorknob.

"Again?" Her mother asked. "Where are you going this time?"

"To see Fishlegs."

And as soon as Ruffnut exited the house, her mother was smiling.

Gah, kinda long. I stole the name "Camicazi" from the HTTYD book series. But she's not supposed to who she is in the books. I just needed a female viking name, and I was too uncreative to think up one myself, lol. This is also the first story I've written where I have Ruffnut and Tuffnut tackling. They're so fun to write about. I thought the idea of making Tuffnut somewhat of a momma's boy would be hilarious. :P

So, do you think I should continue with the story? Or should I leave it as is? I'd hate to ruin a perfectly okay OneShot, lol. Comments are love! :]