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"Ruffnut!" Fishlegs called, running up the hill towards the Thorston household. Even in the pitch black, he managed to spot Ruffnut right away, her back to him. "Ruff!"

She didn't move. Fishlegs stopped at the top of the hill to catch his breath. "Hey, Ruff," He said, through short breaths.

Again, her back remained facing him. He sighed. "Look, I realize I'm the last person you want to see right now, but I have to tell you something. A-and I better say it now before I go and do something stupid again, like punching Snotlout."

Quickly, she spun around, chuckling. "So, you're the one who punched 'Lout out at Meade Hall, huh?"

Fish stumbled. "Tuffnut!"

"Astrid," Ruffnut greeted her friend at the blacksmith shop. "I need to tell you something."

"Sure," She smiled. "Did you talk to Fishlegs?"

"What?" Ruff asked. "No."


"Why would Fishlegs want to talk to me?"

"No reason," She answered, innocently.

Ruff narrowed the gaze on the other blonde, but quickly shrugged it off. "I kissed Snotlout."

The boy twin bit through an apple he was holding. "Yeah, who were you expecting?"

"I thought you were Ruffnut," Fishlegs admitted. "You two look alike-"

"-From the back," He interrupted. "Yeah, I know." He muttered something under his breath about getting his haircut, then bit into the apple again. "Why do you want Ruffnut?"

A couple of apple bits hit Fish in the face. He tried to wipe them away. "Erm, I just wanted to tell her something, that's all."

"Tell her what?"

"Nothing," He replied. "Just, er...about a book she borrowed from me - yeah."

Tuff laughed, more pieces of apple flinging towards the larger of the two vikings. "A book; right. Well, I'm not sure she wants to talk to you right now."


"Well, actually, he kissed me." Then Ruffnut quickly added, "Though, I did kiss back. Kinda."

"When? Where? Why?" Astrid questioned in a rush.

"About an hour ago at his house."

"But why?" She insisted. "How could you do that to Fishlegs?"

Ruff made a face. "Do what to Fishlegs? What are you talking about?"

Fishlegs blinked. "Why not? Did she say that?"

Tuffnut shook his head. "Not technically, but I could tell. Twin to twin telepathy, you know."


He shrugged. "Since we were born, I guess."

"No," Fish shook his own head. "I mean when did she...'telepathically' tell you that?"

"The other day – just before you kicked Snotlout's butt."

"But that's why I'm here," He said. "To apologize."

Astrid breathed out in a loud huff. All these stupid things she'd been keeping to herself lately and for what? Ruffnut and Fishlegs were impossible to deal with – with or without one's help. "To tell you..." She paused, trying to find the right words.

Ruff stood up and crossed her arms. "Tell me what?"

"Shouldn't you be saying sorry to Snotlout?" Tuffnut asked.

"Well, yes," Fishlegs admitted. "But first I have to talk to Ruffnut."

"Then go tell her," He mumbled. "What's stopping you?"

Fish blinked. "Isn't she here?"


"Well, where is she?"

Tuff shrugged, making a face. "How should I know?"

"You're her brother."

"Oh, yeah." He paused. "Well, sorry; can't help you. The last time I saw her was the last time you saw her - she never came home last night. "

Astrid raised her eyes to the ceiling, then brought them to level with Ruffnut's. "To tell you that he likes you, alright?"

Both Ruffnut and Fishlegs, though, at the moment, in two different places, found each of themselves sinking to the ground they were standing on and staring up at the person in front of them. "Oh."

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