After twenty-six chapters, an epilogue, and an AN award ceremony, you thought I was all worn out. Well think again. Project Phoenix Agent 003 is back with Percy Jackson and the Wrath of the Mortals! I admit I'm a little nervous about how this one will turn out. Regardless of my paranoia, here it is. If you haven't read the one before this it's called Percy Jackson and the Prison of the Gods. This takes place three years after Prison of the Gods. Percy and Annabeth are married. No children.

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I rolled aside as the Minotaur charged. Where I was standing there was now an impressive hole in the side of a building. People stood back, watching the fight. Some were shouting for me to take this somewhere else. I really miss the Mist.

I jumped over the Minotaur's next charge, but had to grab the beast when I realized his momentum was carrying him toward the crowd of onlookers. I drew Riptide and tried to stab, but the Minotaur spun around and dueled me horns against sword. I jumped back, but the beast rammed me while I was in mid-air. I raised my sword and sliced at his neck.

The monster dissolved and I rolled across the pavement. I surveyed the area around me. Aside from the hole in the side of one building and two crushed cars, my fight didn't cause much damage. But that was by my standards.

Because by the mortals' standards, I'd just caused serious collateral damage to their fair city. The day they lighten up is the day Smelly Gabe makes it to Elysium. A few little kids ran up to me and told me that I was awesome.

"DUDE!" one boy shouted. "That was sweet when you were all like 'Take that!' and the bull dude was all like 'RAWR! RAWR!' and–"

After a few more seconds of that, all I heard coming from his mouth was blah, blah, blah. A little girl, maybe two or three ran up and hugged my leg, refusing to let go. She looked up with a sad little puppy dog face.

"Will you be my daddy?" she asked in a sweet little voice.

"Whose kid is this?" I asked, pointing at the little girl on my leg.

I knew that if I didn't get out of here soon, things were going to get ugly. But, by the time the mom showed up to get her little girl off of me, the reporters had shown up. Aw sh**.

"Mr. Jackson!" one called out. "Mr. Jackson! Burt Williams from the Burt Williams show. Was this attack in anyway related to last week's Chimera incident?"

"What?" I asked. "No I just–"

"Mr. Jackson!" another shouted. "People are claiming that local half-bloods are deliberately looking for fights with monsters. Is this true?"

"Well, that's a little complicated," I tried to explain. "You see the thing with monsters is–"

"Mr. Jackson! Care to comment on the latest Oracle scandal?" some person shouted.

"What are you talking abou–"

"Mr. Jackson! Is it true demigods are a menace to society?" some grump shouted.

"What? That's ridiculous!" I shouted. Some other reported wrote down what I'd said, thinking I'd answered their question. Oh crap.

"So you're not not denying that demigods aren't putting us all in danger by existing?" a reporter asked me.

"What?" I cried.

I was getting tired of this. I jumped into the air, clearing the mass of reporters that had surrounded me. Someone snapped a picture. I could see the headlines now: Local Demigod Menace Attacks Reporters. Just great.

I hit the pavement running, and the reporters couldn't catch my dust. I weaved through the streets of New York until I finally made my way back to my apartment. I locked the door behind me, and tossed my jacket onto the nearest couch.

"Honey, I'm home!" I called out.

"In the kitchen!" Annabeth shouted.

I walked over to see her already cooking dinner. Strangely, she'd made a lot more food than the two of us ate, and the table was set for four.

"Someone coming over?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact, our parents are stopping by. The negotiations aren't going well and they need some time off," Annabeth told me.

I smiled, but groaned inside my head. Poseidon and Athena in the same room went well for about five minutes, and then they were trying to kill each other.

But I sucked it up, because if I had been stuck at the UN/Olympus negotiations all day, I'd feel pretty drained too. Three years "co-existing" with mortals and tensions hadn't eased up much. Oh sure it was a lot better than before. Grief-stricken rioters had stopped trying to get into the Underworld to demand the resurrection of their lost loved ones. Camp strawberry sales were back up, once people realized that food grown by satyrs and demigods wasn't poisonous. And "secret" military operations only tried to get into the "demigod training facility" (Camp Half-Blood) twice this month.

Yeah, life was better than it had been in the beginning, but it still wasn't as good as before the mortals knew Olympus was real. And it never would be.

"I'm gonna go take a shower," I told her.

She sniffed the air and pretended to gag. "I won't stop you."

After the shower I sat down to watch tv. The first channel the tv turned to was some story backed up by footage of me fighting the Minotaur. I changed the channel.

"In other news, in response to the question if he was married, local demigod Percy Jackson responded quote, 'That's ridiculous'"

"What was that?" I heard Annabeth call from the kitchen.

"Nothing!" I shouted and quickly flipped to a different station.

"The fourth incident this month, he's clearly a menace to society, and easily the most dangerous man alive," a reporter sated. I though they were talking about me until they showed a picture of Nico fighting a runaway hellhound.

"Annabeth," I called, "is Nico more dangerous than me?"

"No," she answered.

"I thought so," I muttered.

"Percy, unless you have something important to do, get in here and help me with the pasta," Annabeth ordered.

"Coming," I called out.

Ten minutes later everything was ready for Poseidon and Athena. But they were running late. I was about to Iris message them when Athena burst in.

"Mother," Annabeth said, worried, "what's wrong?"

"It's Poseidon!" she cried. "We were on our way here when he got the call. The United States navy sent a submarine headed for Poseidon's palace."

"What?" Annabeth and I cried.

"He just got the game room up again," I groaned.

"That's not it. This morning Zeus shot down a UAV that got too close to Olympus. We think the mortals are planning an invasion of Olympus," Athena told us.

"What?" Annabeth shouted. "Why would they do that? Don't they know they wouldn't stand a chance?"

Athena shook her head. "Apparently not. Whatever they're up to, it's going to get ugly. I tried to warn them of the consequences, but the arrogant mortals wouldn't listen."

"Well so long as I don't get caught in the crossfire I'm good," I said.

"Percy!" Annabeth scolded.

"Hey if the mortals want to go on a suicide run I say let them," I said. I was really tired if mortals. With their reporters, low tolerance of collateral damage, and what not.

"Percy, the mortals have deeply angered the gods. Zeus has proposed we annihilate all of man kind to deal with the problem," Athena told me.

"All of mankind? Like, as in everyone?" I asked, shocked.

"Yes," she told me.

"Oh." I said. "Yeah that would be bad."

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