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Third Person POV

The night of the funeral…

Artemis looked at the Hades cabin in disgust. As much as she wanted to blast Nico to smithereens and expel Thalia in shame from the Hunters, The Fates had other plans. So as Artemis was about to open the door of the Hades cabin, another hand grabbed hers.

"Don't do it sis," Apollo warned.

"And why should I?" Artemis hissed. "After what that despicable son of Hades did–"

"Need I remind you of the new prophecy?" Apollo asked sternly.

Artemis fell silent. Her brother was right. If she killed Nico now, she could very well doom Olympus. So instead she merely huffed and stepped away from the door.

"You really expect me to let this go unanswered?" Artemis asked.

Apollo shrugged. "Eh, no. Just don't kill anyone important 'kay? I gotta go, it's almost sunrise."

And the god of the sun disappeared. Artemis waved her hand, and it was done. She left, even though she'd be back in a few hours. Sure enough, just as the sun rose, Artemis returned and wet to the Zeus cabin. She knocked and waited for Thalia to answer. Thalia opened the door groggily, rubbing her eyes.

"My lady?" Thalia asked.

"It's time to come back to the Hunters," Artemis told her.

Thalia nodded. "Right. I'll just get my stuff."

The two left before anyone else had even woken up. Back at the camp of the Hunters, Thalia went to set up her tent, but Artemis stopped her.

"So, Thalia," Artemis began. "I want to talk about your friends. Especially the son of Hades."

"Please don't kill him!" Thalia blurted out.

"I might be tempted to let him live," Artemis said. "If you weren't pregnant with his child."

"What?" Thalia cried.

"Thalia, I think you know what I have to do," Artemis said. "I hereby order you to step down from your position as a huntress."

Thalia nodded, and her immortality vanished. Her clothes transformed from the silver clothes of a huntress to her old clothes. Thalia looked at her shoes with renewed interest.

"Are you going to kill Nico?" Thalia asked.

Artemis remained silent. The truth was that Nico would have to live if the new Great prophecy was going to come true. But that was the only thing keeping him alive at the moment. But she wasn't about to tell Thalia that. Thalia took Artemis's silence to mean that she would in fact kill Nico.

"Lady Artemis–"

"You may return to Camp Half-Blood now," the goddess interrupted. "Goodbye Thalia."

Thalia clenched her fists, but turned and left the camp of the Hunters. As she walked back to camp, she could only hope Nico was still alive.

Nico's POV

I woke up the next morning, and Thalia was gone. She hadn't left when I was still awake, so I wondered where she'd gone. I got up for breakfast, but I didn't see Thalia at the Artemis or Zeus table. I felt a twinge of worry, but I immediately thought better. Thalia was a daughter of Zeus and one of the best fighters I've ever seen, she could handle herself. But something else was up. I looked around and saw that Percy wasn't anywhere either.

After breakfast I went to talk to Chiron. "Did Percy leave last night?"

Chiron looked surprised by the question. "No I don't think so. His car is still in the camp garage. Did you check his cabin?"

"No I didn't," I said. I started to walk for the Poseidon cabin when I remembered something else. "Um, Chiron...how about Thalia?"

Chiron again looked surprised. "I haven't seen her either."

I left. When I checked the Poseidon cabin, Percy wasn't there. Thalia wasn't anywhere either. I searched all day for them, but found nothing. As the sun set, I could only wonder where my friends had gone.

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