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]Kamen Rider Valtere

Stories about a motorcycle-riding ghost inside Tennotsukai Academy have been around for decades. It was featured several times in mystery TV shows, and there was even a movie that was loosely based on this urban legend.

The story goes like this: once every month, on the night of the new moon, when there is but a faint trace of light coming from the stars, an eerie globe of light would be seen dashing around the school grounds. It was, apparently, a motorcycle headlight, because of the rumbling sound that comes with it and the almost indiscernible silhouette that would be seen if somebody looks closely at it.

Unfortunately, no one who had dared to look closer at it still walks on this plane of existence.

Episode 1: A Ghastly Beginning! Night of the New Moon!

Tennotsukai Academy - Newspaper Club ("Angel's VOICE") Office - 4:46 p.m.

"So, they died."


"Okay, that really made no sense. How come there are clear descriptions of the bike-riding ghost when all of the supposed witnesses died?" Sakaguchi Hiro, a young, lean guy of 17 and a student of Tennotsukai Academy, said in disbelief.

"Word of mouth, of course. You know how powerful people's imagination are," answered Suzuki Yui, Hiro's classmate and chief editor of the newspaper club, while packing things up in her backpack.

"So what's the point of this investigation, then?" asked Hiro, scratching his jet-black hair as he was a little annoyed.

"To uncover the truth," answered Yui as-a-matter-of-factly. Hiro snapped, "The truth is that there's nothing out there!"

"There is something out there!" Yui snapped back, turning around to Hiro so fast that her pony-tailed long hair swayed deliberately over her shoulders. "Have you ever wondered about who made all these crazy ghost stories? It's the school's higher-ups! Why did they make the campus off-limits on every new moon, eh? I tell you, there is something going on down there and I must know what it is! Now, if you think this is all nonsense and you're not going with me later tonight, leave all those things in your desk and get out. Thanks for the concern."

"Hey, who said I won't go?" said Hiro, sounding very sorry. "I'm in it."

More than any urban legend, the one thing that he fears the most is Yui's fury.

Tennotsukai Academy - 9:48 p.m.

With bags on their backs, lit flashlights at their hands, and still in their school uniforms Hiro and Yui strode past the school entrance, not seeing any sign of people around the vicinity but themselves.

"That was easy," said Yui as she walked cautiously inside.

"That was unusually easy," Hiro stressed, "Shouldn't there be some guards, if there really was something going on here?"

"Well, we've got no time to mind about that," replied Yui, "Let's go."

Hiro and Yui walked past the school buildings and onto the soccer field. It was murky all around, but as their eyes were already accustomed to the dark, they could still see quite clearly.

"Okay, we're here." Yui said, glancing around the field. The place would've been relatively bright on a full moon, but because the moon was completely invisible this night, it was really dark.

"And it's empty," remarked Hiro without thinking, his feet was playing with a softdrink can lying on the ground. "Shouldn't we just -"

"Wait, stop!" snapped Yui. "I hear something."

"What?" The two stood firm, their ears filtering out the deafening silence until all that is left is the faint rumbling sound from underneath the ground. Then the wind blew fiercely. His anxiety increasing as he gawked at the rustling of the surrounding trees' leaves, Hiro said, "Something tells me that we need to get out of here…Yui-chan, let's -"

"KWAAAAAH!" Yui shrieked. Hiro almost also screamed when the earth shook. They fell down to their knees, practically embracing the soil below.

"What's happening?" Hiro yelled so his voice could overcome the growling sound of the shaking ground. Yui answered, in a louder voice, "I don't know!"

The earthquake continued for about a minute, then it stopped. Hiro stood up as soon as his legs and feet could balance itself and reached out for Yui to help her stand. "Yui–chan, are you all right? What was that all about?"

"I don't know," Yui answered, taking the young teen's arm, "but it seems that the people outside didn't notice it."

"Yeah, with that strong earthquake we should have been hearing sirens from fire trucks and ambulances – but it's awfully quiet," Hiro seconded but Yui didn't seem to care as she stared curiously to the direction of the soccer field. His eyes followed to where the girl's eyes were pointing. "Eh? What… is that?"

Standing in the middle of the soccer field was a strange stone pillar.

Tennotsukai Academy - Soccer Field - 10:26 p.m.

"This is really something," said Hiro, half-amazed and half-frightened, while examining the stone pillar's four sides. Yui remarked, "It's an obelisk."


"I've read about it somewhere before," replied Yui, "But how did it appear right here?"

"Well, it couldn't have just emerged from underneath the ground, could it?" Hiro commented, illuminating the pillar with his flashlight until he saw something carved on its surface, "Yui-chan, look at this!"

Yui looked to where Hiro's flashlight was pointing. Hiro asked, "What do you suppose that was?"

"Looks like runic markings. I'm not sure," replied Yui. She noticed something, "There's something written over there."

Hiro moved his flashlight down, revealing a line written in a more familiar alphabet:

- S i e l e r e z u I l l u s o r i e i n V a l t e r e -

"English letters," Yui said, "but it still doesn't make any sense."

Hiro and Yui continued to pore over the towering rock for several minutes, hypothesizing on its mysterious origin and looking out for clues that may lead them to the meaning of the stone's writings, when the ground shook once again.

"An aftershock?" yelled Hiro, kneeling down and feeling the grassy soil with his hands. Yui was beside the obelisk, embracing it firmly. She let out another scream, louder this time.

"What?" Hiro asked.

"T-to your back!" squealed Yui, her finger was pointing to something beyond him. Hiro turned around to the source of Yui's trepidation just in time, as he narrowly missed a fierce tackle from a creature he had never seen in his whole life. "What the -"

It was no bigger than a crouching human. It was green-skinned, with grayish orb-like eyes, and large, flapping ears. Etched in its forehead was a glowing symbol of an upside-down triangle with a circle on each side. The creature's mouth revealed its sharp, saw-like teeth, and the traces of drool tells that that monster hadn't eaten for a long time.

And it's not the only one.

Around Hiro and Yui, more similar creatures are starting to emerge from underneath. Meanwhile, the monster than almost hit Hiro earlier started to rage toward them again. Hiro took Yui's hand, "Yui, let's go!"

They ran fast, hoping to escape the monsters following them and get outside the school. Yui however, couldn't keep up to Hiro's pace and eventually slowed down.

"I… c-can't… any…more…" said Yui, catching her breath.

"Just a little more! Come on!" encouraged Hiro. But it was too late. The monsters already caught up with them and seized Yui.



The monsters dragged Yui back inside until she was out of sight. Hiro shouted, "Yui!"

Tennotsukai Academy - 10:40 p.m.

He must save Yui, Hiro thought. Without hesitation, Hiro rushed back to the soccer field, following the path taken by the shadows of the monsters who took his friend. But he couldn't find her. Nor do the fiends who took her. It was as if they disappeared in an instant.

"Yui!" Hiro called, "Yui!"

He looked around, but there was no sign of anyone in the soccer field except him and the mysterious stone pillar at the center.

"Yui…" he whispered one more time before he rested his back on the surface of the pillar and sat in depression. Sweat, tears and mud were now combining to form a smudge over his face. Hiro cried, still in disbelief about what had happened in just a short time. Until...

"Do you wanna look for your girl, eh?" came a voice from nowhere. Hiro was flabbergasted. The mysterious voice spoke again, sounding sarcastic, "I don't mind you giving me a proper answer, young lad."

"I… uh… who are you? Where are you?" Hiro asked in the air, "Are you the one who took Yui? Where is she?"

"Easy, boy. I can't answer all you questions at once," answered the mysterious voice, "but I suppose we really don't have time for Q&A's, do we?"

"Uh… what? What do you mean?" Hiro asked again, getting more confused. The voice spoke, "Look around."

Hiro followed the mysterious voice's instructions and saw the silhouette of the green monsters re-emerging from the darkness and slowly walking toward him.

"What the... What are these creatures? What is happening?" said Hiro, standing up, even though his knees were trembling. The voice bellowed, "I told you there's no time for explanations! Are you going to fight or not?"


"I thought you wanted to save your girlfriend…"

Hiro snapped, "She's not my girlfriend! Well, not yet… but yes, I must save her!"

The voice sniggered, "Then make a pact with me, boy."

"A what?" Hiro panted.

"I'll borrow your body so you could use my power to fight!" the voice explained, "So, are you in it?"

"I… I don't understand! H-how –"

"There's no time, boy! I'll fill you up with details after we finish up these brutes! For now, just say yes!"

"But –"

"Do you accept the soul binder as a tool to lease your body to an Illusori?" the voice asked.


"Just say yes!"

"Yes!" Hiro answered, even though he had no idea with what was going on.

"Do you accept Valtere as the Illusori who will merge with you using the soul binder?"


"Then, let the binding begin!"

The writings on the stone pillar suddenly emitted light. The glowing inscriptions disengaged from the obelisk, floated in mid-air and circled around Hiro. "W-what the –"

And then, all at once, the inscriptions attached themselves around Hiro's waist, forming what looked like a belt with an empty, circular slot at its center. After that, silvery purple smoke oozed from the tip of the stone pillar and entered Hiro's body through the empty slot in the mysterious belt. Hiro let out a screech of pain, as if his own body is trying to reject the foreign substance that entered it.


Tennotsukai Academy - Building A, 3rd Floor - 11:00 p.m.

A woman wearing a cloak sat on an armchair, looking at a large window that oversees the soccer field. To her left stood an older man who also seemed to enjoy the view on the soccer field, while to her right was an unconscious teenage girl by the name of Suzuki Yui. The room was enveloped in darkness so that their presence would not be known to that young man on the soccer field.

"So, it has started," said the old man, watching the boy outside being engulfed by a thick, shimmering layer of purple aura. The sitting woman did not answer.

"D'you reckon he can handle this?" the man spoke again. The woman was silent for a while, and then answered, "He should be."

Tennotsukai Academy - Soccer Field - 11:03 p.m.

The violent outburst of purple aura from Hiro's body finally subsided. The empty circle in his belt was now replaced by a rotating emblem – two concentric circles with a fat cross on the center.

"My, my… it's been a while…" said Hiro with a much more deepened voice, twisting the joints in his body like someone warming up before a fight. He yelled, "Now Grave Maiden, look how I crumble your minions into ashes!"


(To be Continued)

Next time: What just happened to Hiro? Who took Yui? What is a soul binder? What is an Illusori? Who is Valtere? Who is the Grave Maiden?

Stay tuned for Kamen Rider Valtere Episode 2: The Ghostly Rider Transforms! Start of the Test!

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