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Odagiri Ridgeway – 8:54 p.m.

A sudden flash of lightning revealed the image of the mysterious creature squeezing Mori Takashi's chin – a dark figure donned in a black cloak, adorned with human bones and preserved spiders. It almost exactly looked like a Grim Reaper (if it actually exists), but the creature's words made Mori realize that it wasn't to be feared of – at least for now.

"You're… an Aguima, aren't you?" said the 'Reaper,' sounding like it was talking from a voice changer. Blood flowed back to Mori's face as he replied, "How did you know…?"

The Reaper's eyes, partly covered under his hood, burned red. Fiercely taking away its hands from Mori's chin as though it had touched something filthy, it slithered away from Mori and shouted, "You scum! Go, and show your true form to me! Show me the extent of your soul's corruption!"

"What are you talking about?" the SpecTRe Security Chief muttered. "How did you–"

The creature raised his scaly hand, his clawed fingers pointing to Mori. "If you want to know… then transform!"

The latter hesitated, but somehow the cloaked creature's piercing look (even though he couldn't exactly see its eyes) convinced him to do to as the former said. He closed his eyes; his muscles contracted, and then a flash of light; when it subsided, Mori had turned into the Galmi Aguima – his body now made of iron and stone. There were gold strips around his neck, wrists and ankles, and the Pseudo-Aguima's emblem was etched on its chest.

However, before he could even do anything, the cloaked man flew straight at him and brandished a twin-bladed scythe. The Galmi quickly blocked the attack with his rocky arm before the paper-thin blades could reach his neck. He asked, "What's the meaning of this?"

"You asked why I knew about Aguimas, am I right? Well, here's my answer…"

Leaning forward, the cloaked man said, "I was specifically revived… to DESTROY THEM!"

Kamen Rider Valtere

Episode 14 SP: Fendere's Retribution! The Story of the Silver Rogues!

Ladinr – 20 Million Years Ago

…And then, all of a sudden, the two of them were surrounded by at least fifty large, horned, bug-looking Aguimas. The monsters were controlled by a fat Orstan sorcerer, Ungulluta, who could easily be mistaken as an Aguima too because he looked more like a pig in a warrior's suit than a human.

"Well, what do we have here, eh? Two Illusoris, right into our marsh! Two times 150 gold each head… looks like I'm gonna have a luscious dinner tonight!" said Ungulluta, playing his tongue around his lips. A high-pitched buzz coming from the Sargtane Aguimas* echoed over the bog.

Standing back-to-back with each other in the midst of the thick mud, Valtere and Fendere aimed their weapons and prepared for assault. "Hey, wanna try if we can finish these guys off without transforming?" whispered Valtere.

"Hmmm… sounds great," said Fendere.

"Let's get rockin' then! GYAAAH!"

"FWAAAAH!" yelled Fendere as he and Valtere launched themselves to the surrounding Sargtanes. He swung his scythe to the nearest insect and sliced it in half, while Valtere pierced a row of bugs using his lance. "Bare fighting is a lot more fun than I thought!" Fendere remarked.

"Let's see if you can say that after this!" bellowed Ungulluta, thumping the ground using his feet to control the Aguimas' movement. The bugs swarmed together and darted towards Fendere with their poisonous butt forward.

"Watch out!" yelled Valtere. His foot stuck in the deep mud that he had no time to evade; Fendere swung his scythe and shouted, "Enscien Dalerro!"

The younger Illusori's weapon glowed into a bright cyan; the scythe's shaft broke into inch-long segments kept together by a stretchable thread. A holographic image of a snake's head appeared around the twin-bladed end before the whole thing vibrated and hissed like a cobra. Now functioning like a whip, he waved his weapon around, protecting himself from the incoming bug attack and consequently destroying them.

"Oi! Didn't I say NO TRANSFORMING?" cried Valtere, as he reverse-stabbed a bug trying to sneak up from behind him. Fendere answered, "It's just my weapon!"

The older Illusori (by a couple of years) sneered, "Tsk… you're lucky to have that Dalerro! My Ecrand can't do any trick lest I transform…"

The bug-killing spree ensued from the next few minutes, sending sprays of yellow "blood" and insect fragments everywhere. Ungulluta noticed that the two were not being serious about this fight. "You punks…!"

The fat Orstan stomped twice, catching the attention of remaining Sargtanes. The bugs then retreated and assembled over Ungulluta. Valtere and Fendere, meanwhile, stopped swinging their weapons and looked to where the monsters were going.

"Let's see if you can still act coolly after this!" Ungulluta opened his arms wide, swaying right and left as his foot followed a certain rhythm. Fendere jeered, scratching his head, "Do they really have to dance like that to control the Aguima?"

Valtere answered, "Not really! I once fought an Orstan who can control his minions using his finger. But hey, this dude's got some nice moves!"

Sooner, Ungulluta could be heard chanting something, "Gishi gishi kamma, gishi gishi kamma, gishi gishi kamma BUU!"

Fendere asked, "What's that language…?"

"He's just trying to make it sound mystical!" Valtere burst out laughing until he felt his stomach hurt, but he quickly got serious afterward. "Well, looks like he's done."

Ungulluta muttered one final "Gishi Gishi" before coming to a halt. A thick layer of brownish aura surrounded each and every Sargtane, then they collided with each other and combined like clay, finally remolding into one big, single Aguima – the Sargtan Maji.

One stomp from Ungulluta sent the Maji flying over the Illusoris. Valtere looked up and noticed that the flying insect monster was big enough to block the sun off their sight. This "mothership" version of the Sargtanes also looked more fierce and ready to chop heads off using its sharp scissor-like arms.

"About my dare… are you still in it?" said Valtere.

"It's still the same bug. No need to transform still," answered Fendere.

"Then let's go! FWAAAAAH!" Valtere hollered as he charged towards the Maji. Flapping its wings loudly, the giant bug dived straight to the approaching Illusori, its scythes and stings ready.

"Now, Fendere!"

Fendere threw his whip away like a fishing rod, catching and wrapping the Maji before it could reach Valtere. The bug gave out a high-pitched cry as it struggled to get itself out of the tangle. It screeched even louder when the whip's twin-bladed end started to bury within its body. Pulling the whip, Fendere deliberately slammed the insect monster to the ground, making it flinch.

"Do it, Valtere!"

Hearing his partner's call, Valtere jumped up and over the Maji's body. With one quick move he thrusted his lance into the giant bug, causing it to wince. The bug tried to shake the weapon off but as it did that, Valtere only buried the lance deeper and deeper until the monster reached its limit and…

"BAAAAAM!" Insect fragments filled the marsh as the Maji exploded like an overblown balloon. Soaked in yellowish slime Ungulluta stood on the spot, dumbfounded while another fragment from the Maji's body hit him on the face.

"Well…" Valtere brushed the slimes off his face before walking towards the Orstan, "looks like you won't be eating a luscious dinner tonight…"

Ungulluta's eyes widened at the realization. As quick as he could (though technically moving quickly was always difficult for him), he tried to run away from the approaching Illusori, only to be caught and squeezed by Fendere's whip. "You can't escape!"

"Ungulluta ibn Bophistes…" Valtere pointed the tip of his lance to the Orstan's almost unseen neck, "You're busted."

Present Time – Odagiri Ridgeway

The fight between Mori – the Galmi Aguima – and the mysterious Reaper ensued under the violent thunderstorm, and obviously the SpecTRe Security Chief was at a disadvantage. Against someone who could levitate and could wield a deadly scythe in the most skillful way, Mori only had his rocky body and a few martial arts moves in his arsenal. He was not even sure if there was actually a body to be hit under that large cloak. He barely missed another direct hit from the twin blades; he slid below the Reaper and did a backwards flip to land a kick from behind. But the Reaper was quick to turn around; the Galmi's foot would've been cut by the scythe if the latter continued to do that kick.

'I need to break through that guy's defenses,' Mori thought, and it was quite ironic that it came from someone whose Aguima form was supposed to have the toughest defense of them all. He distanced from the Reaper, buying some time to devise a strategy to defeat the cloaked creature. Then he remembered something: they were fighting on a mountain ridge… and his Aguima form's attribute… is rock.

The Galmi stopped running and turned to the Reaper, who in turn halted to observe what his opponent was trying to do. The Galmi stomped twice on the ground and raised his hands slowly as though he was lifting something in the air. Boulders and gravel floated around him.

"Tsk, why haven't I thought of this earlier…" Mori laughed to himself. With one command he set the boulders flying towards the Reaper, which the latter tried to evade.

The Galmi hurled more rocks; the Reaper tried to break into the stone storm using its scythe, but one fast boulder suddenly hit his arm, making him lose grip on his weapon. Catching his opponent off-guard, the stone-skinned Aguima heaved a large chunk of rock from underneath and threw it to the seemingly confused Reaper, landing a serious hit.

The impact sent the Reaper flying, almost falling into the pit beside the ridge. Wasting no time, the Galmi leapt towards the cloaked figure and punched it repeatedly in the face. One, two, three, four…

By the fifth punch, however, the Reaper caught the Galmi's fist, squeezing it tightly and trying to crush it. The shadowy creature spoke breathily, "How dare you press that filthy fist to me?"

Surprised, the Galmi caught a glimpse of the Reaper's face – and he swore that could've been the biggest mistake he'd ever done in his life. The red eyepieces were burning in fury, piercing his eyes as though the Reaper despised his very existence. That stare sent shivers to Mori's spine, even though he didn't know what made him feel that way. And unexplainably enough, he got up and ran to a safe corner, while the Reaper slowly got up to his feet.

The dark figure then took out something from inside his cloak. It was about the size of an outstretched palm and looked like it was made from animal bone, but shaped like a spider's web. He placed it in front of his abdomen, and then all at once some silk threads came out of the "web" and wrapped around his waist, forming what could be a belt. The Galmi watched cautiously as the Reaper spoke, "Chou Henshin."

His cloak slowly dissolved, as though it was slowly being burned from the edges, until it was replaced by a white longcoat forming an X at the torso area while a large, hairy spider adhered on its center. Beneath the coat was a body armor patterned from snakeskin. His head (or was it a helmet?) looked like a cobra with an open jaw, its fangs forming the eyepieces.

The Galmi's eyes dilated in terror. "W-what… are you?"

Ladinr – 20 Million Years Ago

"You fought Ungulluta without transforming? Are you guys insane?" Raydne exclaimed incredulously, catching the attention of other people in the pub.

"He's a Category Four Orstan anyway… not a problem, really," said Fendere, sitting next to Valtere at the bar, while the pub owner's daughter, Raydne, prepares a mug of ale for both of them.

"But still! That's dangerous!" snapped Raydne.

"Hey, hey," said Valtere. "You don't need to go hysterical! The fight is over; and here I am, very much safe, staring at your lovely face and taking a sip from this mug of ale aged with our love…"

"That cocky attitude makes me wish you should've been punished hard by Ungulluta," said Raydne loudly, slamming the bar's table with her two hands. She turned away from Valtere and tidied some utensils behind her.

Fendere sniggered, "Bad shot again eh?"

"You…!" Valtere gritted his teeth, just as someone outside the pub shouted, "Announcing the arrival of Lord Filleus!"

"Filleus?" muttered Fendere, frowning. Valtere didn't seem happy either, "What does that punk want this time?"

Rushing outside to meet their very important visitor, Valtere, Fendere and Raydne saw four men in breastplates, mounted on green, giant, armored lizards the people of Ladinr called the "Ridosaurus." Behind the soldiers was a long-haired, dark-skinned man dressed in a bulkier and shinier platemail, and mounted on a differently-colored Ridosaurus – a more ferocious species than the regular ones. This was Filleus, Head of the Illusori Circle and second-in-command to the King of Ladinr.

"What brings you here eh, Filly boy?" Valtere asked apprehensively.

"How dare you speak to Lord Filleus like that?" yelled the soldier right next to Filleus, feeling scandalized. "You have no right to talk disrespectf –"

"Gandoo, it's okay," Filleus told his bodyguard. "They're friends of mine."


"Didn't you hear your master?" Valtere said loudly. "I can talk to him whichever way I want so shut up right there and let your chief do the talking, alright?"

The guard fell silent, looking rather affronted. Valtere continued, "So, what brings you here?"

Filleus cleared his throat before answering, "I need your help."

The Chief Illusori took Valtere and Fendere to a lakeside significantly far from Raydne's pub or from any particular dwelling in town. What he was about to reveal was a very confidential information, thus it was imperative that only the three of them (not even his guards) should hear this conversation.

"We are currently in a virtual ceasefire with the Orstans, well, there are some rogue ones like Ungulluta – yes, I've already heard about what you two did: fighting an Orstan without transforming, eh?" Filleus said before either of the two could even react.

"Anyway, back to the topic… this, uhm, ceasefire… is about to end."

"About to end?" asked Fendere, sitting on a tree branch. "You mean they're moving again?"

"Yes," confirmed Filleus, looking over the lake with great anxiety. "The Allied Nations are serious about obliterating Ladinr, I guess."

"So what do want us to do?" Valtere said sharply and coldly. Filleus, however, didn't seem to ignore it; or it could be that he was just ignoring the former's attitude.

"We've received two very alarming reports: first, a plan to assassinate the King –"

"Wait… Assassinate the King?" Fendere asked, looking shocked.

"Yes. And second, a new research facility funded by the Orstans that aims to combine earth and human spirit channeling."

"W-what?" Valtere's jaws dropped.

"They are effectively trying to combine the power of an Illusori and an Orstan, creating a new breed of warriors that will be called a Pseudo-Aguima."

"But… wouldn't that be impossible? I mean, isn't the knowledge about spirit channeling a top secret among the Circle? How would the Orstans know about that technique?" Fendere asked.

"That's what I've been thinking," Filleus answered grimly. "Sadly, these two reports imply that might well be some… traitors within our ranks."

A few moments of silence followed. Valtere stared at the Illusori Chief before talking, "So you think we're the traitors?"

Filleus laughed and answered quickly, "No! In fact, I think the opposite: among the people inside the Circle, I believe you two are the ones I could fully put my trust on. That… is exactly why I came here. I need you to investigate on these matters."

Another moment of silence. Valtere looked at Fendere, who in turn nodded at him. He then turned to Filleus and said, "Alright. What's the plan?"

The latter smiled, taking Valtere's words as acceptance of his request. He took out a rolled parchment that was hung together with the scabbard of his sword. Unrolling on a large, flattened rock, it was revealed to be a map of a forested area located north of Ladinr.

"Babulos Forest?" Fendere muttered, jumping down from the tree branch. Filleus answered, pointing at the center of the parchment, "This, I think is where their research facility is located."

He continued, "My troops could not go on and rush over there without solid intelligence, therefore I need someone to spy on the area."

Without ado, Fendere volunteered, "I'll do it."

"Hey! Don't go decide that for yourself!" snapped Valtere. Fendere replied with a reassuring look, "I've got better stealth skills than you do. Only I can do that job."


"If it's Fendere then I won't worry," seconded Filleus.

"Are you saying I can't do it?" Valtere yelled.

"No, that's not what I –"

"Brother!" Fendere said, even though he and Valtere weren't really brothers. Truth is that they were cousins – the last surviving members of the Argantz Clan characterized by their silver-colored hair. Everyone who knew them, however, actually thought they were twins; because aside from their long, silver hair, they also shared the same complexion and height. Even their sense of style is the same: they liked to wear long, black coats and high-cut boots. The only distinguishing feature perhaps is that Valtere's eyes were hazel brown, while Fendere's is bluish-green. "I don't know how long this mission'll take, but if you go instead of me then who'll protect Raydne?"

Valtere fell silent. Filleus, meanwhile, distanced a bit from them because he thought this matter was personal, even though he knew at once that Fendere had hit the right button. The cousins stared intently at each other… until finally Valtere smiled. "Alright. Do it. Just don't screw up," he said.

"So… it's settled then?" Filleus asked, gaping alternately between the two.

"Yes," Fendere answered.

Present Time – Odagiri Ridgeway

"Chou Henshin."

The Reaper's cloak slowly dissolved, as though it was slowly being burned from the edges, until it was replaced by a white longcoat forming an X at the torso area while a large, hairy spider adhered on its center. Beneath the coat was a body armor patterned from snakeskin. The creature's head (or was it a helmet?) looked like a cobra with an open jaw, its fangs forming the eyepieces.

The Galmi's eyes dilated in terror. "W-what… are you?"

The latter did not answer; he rose his hand up in the storm and suddenly, the scythe that was thrown away earlier returned to his hands. He took out the golden, spider-shaped crest secured on the weapon's tang and placed it at the center of his web-shaped belt buckle, to which it fastened and sent out streams of golden light all around the belt. A disembodied voice spoke: "Scythe R-r-rattle..."

A surge of aura crept along the scythe's shaft as it transformed into a whip-like weapon – segmented blades connected by a stretchable thread. A holographic image of a snake was projected on the whip's twin-bladed tip.

Slightly panicking, the Galmi hurled rocks again as the Reaper, equipped in a new armor and weapon slowly walked towards him. With a wave of hand the whip blew every approaching boulder to smithereens. Realizing that this type of attack had become useless, the Galmi punched on the ground with full force, causing a minor earthquake and creating a crack that trailed towards the Reaper's direction. However, the coat-clad warrior jumped high before the crack reached him. He swung the whip in open air, catching the Galmi below; by the time the Reaper landed back on the soggy ground, the Aguima was already in a very tight grip.

The Galmi trashed about, but as he did that Reaper's whip only tightened more, constricting him like a prey slowly being subdued by a snake. Fortunately his stone armor was thick enough to protect him from the whip's segmented blades and the sharp tip, or he could've sliced into bite-size pieces fairly easily.

'No…I can't die…' he thought. He hadn't cleared his name to Taguchi-sama and to the rest of SpecTRe yet. He hadn't yet proved that Dr. Fujio (that's at least what he thought) was the one who let Number 29 escape!

The Reaper took out the golden spider from his belt buckle and replaced it with another spider-shaped jewel, this time sky-blue in color. Bluish light emanated from it, flowing along the lines of the web-shaped buckle and around the belt, and then the light travelled from the belt to the whip, finally settling at the segmented blades around the Galmi.

The blades, in turn, disengaged from the supporting thread and floated around the Aguima, while bluish light that covered each blade transformed it into some gaseous needles. The Galmi gaped at the blades, unsure of what would happen next.

Another loud thunder roared over the Ridgeway. The Reaper raised his hands up... and as he put it down, the needles sped toward the Galmi's body. The warrior whispered, "Soul Syringe."

"GWAAAAAAAAH!" It was unlike any pain Mori had felt in his life. The needles did not pierce through his hardened body, but through his soul. He felt the flow of earth's energy being violently disturbed by the needles that he thought his whole body would explode.

Babulos Forest (Orstans' Hideout) – 20 million years ago

Someone behind Fendere pushed him towards the center of the chamber, making him stumble onto the painted ground. His clothes torn, soil-rolled, and wrists and ankles tied, he tried to make out the interior of the dungeon from his hair-obscured eyes. It was mysteriously and amazingly spacious for an underground cavern.

He heard a grumpy voice from behind. "He's the one?"

Another voice answered, "Yes."

Fendere then heard footsteps approaching him, stopping in front of his face. He looked up, and saw a familiar man; it was Anwicht vi Lesannia, the leader of the Orstans' Northern Forces.

"Well, if it isn't Fendere d'Argantz of the Silver Rogues!" Anwicht said gleefully, lowering his head to enjoy the pitiful sight. Fendere met the Orstan general's face; it was as horrific as he remembered: the cracked nose and cheeks contrasted the general's bald, shiny head shimmering like a ball of light inside the dim dungeon.

Anwicht turned away from him and spoke to the guards again. "Are the preparations ready?"

"The Illusoris should arrive any minute now, sir."

'The… Illusoris?' Fendere thought. 'Just what is happening –'

"AAAAARGH!" he shouted in pain as Anwicht's metal boots deliberately stepped on his thigh. The general laughed heartily, "Sorry… Fwahahahaha!"

It was too painful that Fendere's tears flowed out of his eyes, mixing into his sweat. He could not even do anything to resist – his Soul Binder and scythe were confiscated a while back. He knew he was in deep trouble, and he desperately needed to think of a way to escape or else he'll be…

"They have arrived!" announced the same voice as before. Fendere heard Anwicht proceed to greet whoever those newcomers were. Then came some indiscernible mumbles, which led Fendere to assume that there were about 10-20 people behind him.

He heard Anwicht again. "Prepare the pillars! Now!"

'Pillars?' Fendere tried to look around. He saw some people surrounding him, forming a circle. Based on the uniforms, he knew that they were a mix of Illusoris and Orstans. 'What is happening?'

Two loud thumps from a drum echoed over the cavern, followed by a chorus of "UWAH!" from the surrounding people. The next thing he knew, they were all dancing like in some sort of a ritual – and he was some sort of a sacrifice. The ground then shook; he felt a few small stones roll out from the cave's ceiling and fall into his head. When the shaking stopped, tall, eerie pillars mysteriously emerged from behind each of the performers.

Fendere tried to move around to catch a glimpse of Anwicht. He found the General near a large face sculpture beyond the pillars, talking to a tall man who wore a brown cowl, and whose face was hidden under the hood. He heard one of the Orstans who performed the ritual shout, "The pillars are ready!"

This announcement caught the attention of Anwicht and the hooded man. Stepping forward, the general voiced out, "Commence extraction!"

'Extraction? What –' Fendere's panicking thoughts were interrupted when two men approached and lifted him up. One of them stomped on the ground, summoning another stone column from underneath. The two men left as soon as he was securely tied on to the center pillar.

Now practically standing, Fendere was able to get a better look at the faces of the people surrounding him. And just as he suspected, the whole lot was an odd mixture of Illusoris and Orstans. He even knew some of the Illusoris: there was Lecath from the Donta Tribe to his left; Dorrana of Ladinr's archiving department in front; Leppool , a Ridosaurus tamer to the right; and beside Leppool – his jaw dropped in terror when he realized who that was – Filleus' bodyguard, Gandoo.

"Gandoo! What's the meaning of this? Why have you betrayed us?" he cried loudly. Gandoo, however, was awfully quiet; he just gawked at Fendere with an emotionless pair of eyes.

"Gandoo! Leppool! Dorrana! Lecath! WHY? Answer me! An –"

Drum beats echoed again, drowning Fendere's desperate voice. Gandoo and the rest of the Illusoris and Orstans danced again to the percussions' rhythm. 'No, they weren't dancing…' Fendere realized. 'That was… the Spirit Channeling Exercise!'

And then, the large diamonds fastened at the top of each pillar glowed one by one, starting from the one behind Dorrana then counterclockwise, until all twelve pillars were fully lit. The light then flowed down, trailing along the engraved lines on the stone columns, travelling to the circular platform where he was tied up. The lights soon reached his feet, then to the engraved lines on the pillar where he was constricted, and finally to the large crystal above him.

"And now…" Anwicht stepped forward, holding a square-foot sized marble tablet. Fendere couldn't make out the glyphs drawn onto it, but he was sure he saw something like:

-=- S i e l e r e z u I l l u s o r i F e n d e r e -=-

"In this place rests the Illusori Fendere…" he read, realizing that the tablet was supposed to be his tombstone. 'So, in the end, they'll still kill me. But why so elaborate like this?'

"On the count of three…" shouted Anwicht. Gandoo and the other Illusoris took out their Soul Binders, while the Orstan group took out their Gaea Guiders and Aguima-controlling devices.




They all threw their binders and guiders towards the large shining crystal at the top of Fendere's pillar. High-energy arcs branched out and connected the crystal to each and every device that floats around it. The crystal's reaction to the binders and guiders created a small tornado inside the cavern; Fendere and the pillar trapped in its center.

"Spirit Resonance is… successful!" exclaimed Anwicht, garnering a loud, victorious applause from all the people inside the cavern. "Now, for the final step…"

The crowd turned silent – all of them eager to see what would happen next. Anwicht turned to the hooded man and nodded, which the latter acknowledged by nodding back. And then, when everything seemed to be in order, Anwicht pitched the tablet into the tornado, joining Fendere, the crystal, and the binders and guiders inside.

Fendere saw the marble tablet collide with the crystal. The impact shattered the latter, causing the flow of energy from the surrounding pillars to the binders and guiders to shift and be directed into the tablet. And then he felt it – he writhed in pain as he felt his body… no, not his body… it's his soul that was being sucked into the tablet!


Odagiri Ridgeway – Present time

"N-no…" said the Galmi, kneeling on the spot after it had received that fatal attack. Lifting its hands with difficulty, the Aguima found its once rock-hard fingers fall down and disintegrate, mixing into the puddle of mud below. Next to fall apart were the rest of its hands, then the wrist, the arm… they all crumbled like hollow blocks.

He glared at his opponent, asking for the last time, "W-who…?"

"Be happy, mister, for your soul has returned to its pure state," said the creature mistily, still holding the whip in his hands. "As for my name, remember this…"

Spreading his arms wide like someone welcoming back a long-lost friend, he continued, "Correcting history's mistakes, dealing heaven's judgment… I am the Rightful Reaper, Fendere."

Another roll of thunder – the last thunder Mori would ever hear. The Galmi's head cracked, shivered, and finally fell apart, together with its other body parts that had already integrated with the loamy soil. Fendere gawked at the mud with a triumphant pose.

"That's the first one," said Fendere, as though he was talking to someone hidden in the midst of the heavy rain. "We still have three weeks to cleanse this city… Are you ready, my friend?"

No distinguishable voice was heard apart from the sound of the thunderstorm, but Fendere somehow got the reply of his 'friend.' Still in his Illusori form, he walked towards Mori's motorcycle lying on the edge of the Ridgeway. "You want this?"

He paused, seemingly trying to get his 'friend's' answer. "Alright, this is yours now."

A white, ghostly figure emerged from the woods, flying happily over his new bike. The ghost said, "Thanks."

"Shall we go now?" asked Fendere. The ghost nodded.

The Illusori took out the Soul Binder belt. Then came a flash as bright as the lightning, and when it subsided, Fendere and the white ghost were nowhere to be found. In their place were a relatively tall man wearing a yellow raincoat and another ghost of a young man who had long, silver hair and wearing a black coat. The man in the raincoat hopped the bike, started the motor, and sped off towards the Main Road.

(To be continued)

Next Time: We've known him as the leader of SpecTRe, an organization bent on producing Pseudo-Aguimas and reviving the Orstans. We've known him as the one who sent Tomoi to kidnap Yui for reasons unknown (even though her capture was seemingly not in his highest priority for the mean time), and the one who held Kanzaki Joe captive for many years. But who exactly is Taguchi Yusuke?

Stay tuned for Episode 15: Is SpecTRe falling Apart? Taguchi's Prologue!

A/N: I know. This chapter was supposed to be titled "Fendere's Retribution! Is SpecTRe Falling Apart?" but the part about Fendere's past and his battle with Mori/the Galmi turned out pretty long that I made it into a separate episode. Sadly, I will be back on hiatus again after this chapter; but I might be able to release another episode before October ends.

More about Fendere: His Soul Binder belt is shaped like a spider's web, unlike Valtere's which looked like a sundial. Instead of rotating the dials (as what Valtere does) to summon his weapons or execute his attacks, Fendere uses the "Arachnodes" – jewels shaped like spiders –which function similar to Kamen Rider Kiva's Fuestles.

New Aguima Type: Sargtane – Brown, horned, bug-like Aguima; cross between a bee and a mantis and is about 1.5 feet in length. Sargtan Maji – a giant Sargtane formed by recombining the smaller ones. About nine feet tall. Controller: Ungulluta ibn Bophistes

P.S. I hope you guys (Dakegun, Shuriken16, Kisdota, the people who favorited, and possibly new readers) are still there to give your insights (whether they be positive or negative) about this story. ^^,

But the show is not over yet… because Super Hero Time is back!

Hiro: Good day everyone! I'm Sakaguchi Hiro, and welcome to Super Hero Time! Da Big Comeback!

Yui: And as always, this section is meant for characters which were given less screen time, such as… me…

Hiro: … and me…

Keisuke and Anna: We too…

Hiro: Tsk… This episode was totally dominated by…

Valtere: ME!

Fendere: ME! Ore? (notices Valtere)

Valtere: Ore? (notices Fendere)

(Hiro and the others gape at the two Riders)

Fendere: W-what are you…? I thought…

Valtere: WEYTAMINIT! What are you doing here? Have you been revived too?

Fendere: I'm the one who should ask that! Oi, writer! I thought I was the star of this show?

Valtere: Teme! (grits teeth) Didn't you look at this story's title? It says… (looks at the billboard above them)

Kamen Rider VXXXXXX - Fendere (^^,)

Valtere: (goes hysterical) WAAAAAH?

Fendere: I told you so. (nods)

Valtere: NO! It can't be! I was revived first!

Fendere: Nah-ah! I was revived first… oops, that's a spoiler... Gomen ne?

Writer: Fendere. You've said too much. Expect for some consequences very soon.

Sugita: Consequences… is my name. (grins like a dog)

Fendere: (pleads) GOMENASAI!

Valtere: That four-eyed teacher versus brother Fendere? Sounds interesting… (criminal eyes)

Writer: You've said too much, Valtere. Expect for consequences (enter Sugita again with a "Consequences" nameplate) too.

(Valtere cowers under the table)

Hiro: You too, writer-san! You've said too much! Expect for –"

Sugita (as Consequences): I'm Here!


Yui: That ends Super Hero Time! Trust me; you don't wanna see these guys do a Royal Rumble. (Whispers) It's disturbing. ^^,