First Speaker (from Edward's chapter) ~ Why on Earth did I not get a name?

Me ~ What?

First Speaker ~ Were you just being lazy?

Me ~ Whoa! I don't have to take this from you.

Speaker ~ Oh yes you do -

Me ~ Oh NO I DON' good sir are nothing more than a figment of my imagination, designed to torment me and entertain my few readers who like this skit.

Speaker ~ Just name me and I will go away then...

Me ~ NO...*Imagines the speaker away* Ha you lose...

Speaker ~ Wrong...I am going nowhere until I get named.

Me ~ Fine...this is my final chapter anyways...(It is actually a sobering thought)

Speaker ~ I wanna be called The Illustrious One...

Me ~ How about Steve for short?

Speaker ~ NO! Steve sounds to tame for me.

Me ~ Steve, I just named you, time for you to go.

Speaker (Steve) ~ NOOOOOOOOOOOO~ *Fades into the nothingness that is the back of Beta's (my) mind.*

Disclaimer: Don't Own...pweeze don't sue me... (yes I said pweeze not please, laugh if you want...but...not much of a point)

Jacob Black

Alright...this time I am gonna do something different...

I am NOT going to use the whole pedophile/bestiality thing with Jacob...mostly because everybody and their brother has used it...However, let's all take not of this: Jacob has been 'in love' with Bella for 3 and a half books. Suddenly out pops this mutant-sparkle-pyre thing that looks just like EDWARD (minus the eyes)...and BAM! Instant love. Does this make Jacob gay, or just plain creepy? many questions.

Jacob was definitely over confident about his skills...he talks...smack, for want of a better term...on Paul just because he won a fight...but when looking at Paul...who was a LOT like the kid that talks trash and then not much of a bragging right...

Jacob has poor taste in friends...and or pack brethren whether or not the latter is his choice is irrelevant...but his friends I am making fun of...One has no plot at ALL...just sits there...the other has issues with children...(for the record I said I would NOT make fun of Jacob with the pedophile thing...never said that Quil would be immune as well)

Wow I now feel like an epic FAILURE...I only have three for Jacob...well besides the fact that it really WAS in Taylor Lautner's contract to have his shirt off every ten minutes of screen time...Vampires Suck did not joke about that...ironically.

For anyone who wonders what will be my next thing I do...I will mostly be working on Songfics now...and Arya...if you are still reading...I DID take down POTH...I just...have focus issues...I was excited to start an actual story...and yet I realized I have very little patience for a continuing plot...(i was shocked that I stuck to this one for as long as I has been fun though I just usually have issues with focusing.