The team sat in the bar, another mission successful.

Hannibal picked up his beer and held it in the air, "To the 20th successful mission, may there be 20 more."

They all laughed picking up their drinks and clanging them together.

They sat back at the table, talking about how easy the mission had been.

But one member was thinking about something else, surveying the bar as he did each time. He then spotted her: tall, slender, brunette, no date. He smirked inwardly, this one will be a synch, he thought. All I gotta do is walk on over and she'll melt in my hands, his thoughts being interrupted by a certain insane pilot.

"Face isn't wasting any time tonight," Murdock teased.

Face took his beer, swigging back the last of it and putting the empty bottle on the table.

"Whoa there solider," Hannibal said, "Be wary of that one," he nodded to the woman Face was intending to get.

"What? You know her or something?"

"No but—"

"You don't know who that is?" Murdock interrupted looking at Face.

Face looked around the table laughing lightly, "Should I?"

Murdock looked at Face seriously, "That's the Ice Queen! She's turned down every guy here!"

"Not every guy," Face said sitting up straight and fixing the collar of his shirt.

"Only a fool would go there man," B.A. laughed.

Face looked at the team leaning into the table, "20 bucks says I can get Ms Ice Queen to melt in five minutes," he smirked.

"$40 says you get your sorry ass kicked," B.A. said.

"I heard once, that she beat up a guy up in Reno just for offering her a drink!" Murdock said looking honestly terrified.

Face rolled his eyes, "$50 says you're all nuts and that I can get her to let me buy her a drink in two minutes."

The three men looked at each other.

"Make it $50 each," Hannibal said nonchalantly.

Face thought about it for a few seconds, "And if I win, you pay me $50 each. Deal?"

"Deal," the other three said.

They laughed as Face stood up running his hand through hair.

"It was nice knowing you Face!" Murdock laughed.

"Dead man walking," Hannibal joked.

"Guys, guys, guys. I've never been rejected, I have a perfect record. Broken many ice queens in my time that looked twice as unbreakable as this one. I'm Faceman! To these woman, I'm irresistible," Face smirked getting ready to go into action. This was his thing; he had the whole routine down in his head and knew exactly how to work with each woman. He unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt ignoring the three guys' laughs.

"I've always thought Murdock was the craziest fool around… until now. You're asking for it," B.A. laughed.

"If you don't mind gentlemen I have an Ice Queen to slay," Face said as he began to stride over to the mysterious woman's end of the bar…

…(To Be Continued)…