You Found Me: Order and Chaos




WhoAmI2010 and bludfang

Part Four

At the hideout…

Christina was untying herself as she was done being her weak counterpart. Now she was the brilliant bank robber, she had too many close calls.

"You guys are funny.." Parker said in the distance and Christina responded, "Who the hell are you?" "The disguises would good…You cut off the silent alarm, the minute the teller sees a gun or security moving a certain direction they hit it. The automatics…Overkill! That's why the cops have those vast not for fashion statements….

You hit the vault last.. You always hit the vault first, I mean I do it for fun and I would have been in and out like my girlfriend tells me.." Parker said and Christina had a negative responds to that.. "She's the other personality." Sophie said.

"I know who you are." Christina said and added, "Your Parker.." "No I'm not because if I was Parker, I would have stolen all your money. I mean you have a lot of money." Parker said and added, "I saw your tapes and laugh my ass off.. You need to be polished, spit and shine. That's why I'm here." Christina looked at the blonde and saw she wasn't bullshitting about helping. "We're planning on going after First National and Trust." Christina said and Parker responded, "Have you looked it over?" "Not yet. We take three days preparation and then we do it." Christina told Parker and the greatest told her that she would like to come to watch them go through the process…

"You have to keep a calm head too. Nobody should get killed." Parker said and Christina stopped. "It wasn't my fault, it was her fault. She should have protected her children better, if it was a child I would feel that." Christina walked off and Parker was really trying not to hurt this person. She followed Christina.

The cop who was looking for her girlfriend went to the bar for an update and then she recognized some familiar faces. One of them was Sam McCall and Jason Morgan who was watching two guys. One of them the bank robber and the cop walked up to them with her gun ready.. "What the hell?" Sam asked and the cop barrel her gun in the guy's forehead. "Where the fuck is she?" cop asked and the other guy got up, he was met with a right cross by Jason. "Back up!" The cop said and Sophie ran down then paid the bartender…

"Wait!" Sophie yelled and saw who that was. It was Jason and Sam. "You're here because of Elizabeth." Sophie said and added, "Let them go." As Sophie told her what happened she did it quietly as she walked with them. "We are working through the inside to get these people, I know you want justice." Sophie said and Jason responded, "They need to pay." "I agree." Sophie said and added, "Parker is a great thief, she could throw them off…" Sophie told them this as they went to a quiet place. "How long before they do it?" Sam asked and Sophie responded, "Three days. We need to catch them as long as the leader is exposed. Do whatever the hell you want to rest." "We want to meet the rest of your team. We done research. Your hacker is good ours is better." Sam said and so they went upstairs. Jason had to stop and dragged the guy out…Sophie paid the bartender extra…