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To make what's wrong...right

It was only moments after Jareth had left her alone in the room that she had rushed out the door to search for him. Her thoughts were whirling as chaotically as her emotions. She needed to find him, to find a way to solve this problem she felt that she had caused. She rushed blindly through the beautifully decorated halls, not knowing left from right, up or down. She was getting no where fast. She knew nothing about this castle. Jareth or Aiden or even one of Aiden's attendants had always been by her side. She wanted to cry. She was lost within Aiden's maze of a castle and worse yet Jareth was here somewhere thinking that she didn't love him.

She angrily cursed herself for ever doubting his love for her, for thinking that he didn't want to marry her. She threw her fists against a wall in anger and then leaned against it, sliding down the wall to the floor where she sat, her dress pooled around her. Hidden from anyone who walked by she lowered her face into her hands and began to sob.

It was not much later that she heard the sound of boots clicking along the polished marble floor. Horrified she squished herself further into the corner, hiding behind a large potted tree. The nobles were visiting. What if they saw her like this? What if they found her sobbing uncontrollably in a corner?

"Sarah? Is that you?" Aiden stepped beside the tree with a look of concern on his face as he looked down to see her bury her face into her hands to hide herself. He knelt slowly beside her. "Sarah, what's wrong? What happened? Did someone hurt you?" She shook her head, her face still buried within her hands. Aiden froze. Dear god, had she and Jareth had a fight?

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief, which he offered her. "Here. Ssshh." She peered out from between her fingers and accepted the handkerchief with a slight nod. She wiped the tears from her eyes and blew her nose. Aiden made it disappear when she was finished. "Sarah what happened?"

"Oh Aiden, I've really screwed things up!" Fresh tears seeped from her eyes and Aiden wiped them away with his thumb. He tried to smile, to comfort her but he could see that she felt absolutely miserable.

"Where is Jareth?" She heard the deep concern in his voice and it hurt her further.

"I don't know. I've been searching through these hallways for so long and I can't find him. It's all my fault Aiden."

"What's your fault?" he asked softly.

"I doubted him. For some stupid reason I doubted him. I doubted his love for me and I didn't think he wanted to marry me. And look!" She extended her hand showing Aiden the ring Jareth had given her. "He came to propose to me and I've made a mess of things!"

"Oh Sarah..."

She sniffled. "He must hate me right now. I hurt him terribly. I saw it in his eyes. I have to find him."

"And what will you tell him when you find him?"

"That I made such a terrible mistake. That I misinterpreted things back in the conference room."

"What did you say to him?"

Sarah drew her eyes away from Aiden's worried expression. "I doubted his love. Told him I thought his words from 10 years ago were....hollow. And that...that I didn't know if there were now."

"What did he say?"

"He tried to convince me of his love and I was so angry and upset that I just didn't believe him." She gripped Aiden's shoulder, her eyes full of fresh tears. "He told me that I need to be sure of my love for him, because he...he didn't want to risk everything if I doubted his love, if I didn't love him."

Aiden sighed. "And do you love him? Do you think he loves you? Or do you still doubt him?"

"I love him more then anything Aiden and I should have realized that he did love me and it should not have taken this ring to prove that. I saw the look in his eyes when he left. I know he loves me and I really do believe that he would sacrifice everything for me."

Aiden stood, pulling Sarah to her feet as well. "Then you must find him and tell him. Sarah more nobles will be arriving each day. The ball is in 3 days and court will be perhaps a week or two later. You have to tell him before dinner tonight or all could be lost. Have you thought, really thought about staying here? Are you certain a life with Jareth here in the Underground is that what you want?"

"Yes! I want to stay here with Jareth, I do want to be his wife and his queen, more then anything."

"Well you had better go tell him that. He's in the gardens. I can sense his presence there. Follow this hallway to the end and at the end take a left. Then take a right and you will find the gardens."

Sarah wrapped her arms around Aiden's neck. "Thank you Aiden."

He gave her a brilliant smile when she pulled back. "What are friends for hmm? Now go on and make what's wrong, right." She nodded taking her skirt into her hands she rushed off down the hall to find Jareth.

It was already growing dark outside and the moon was shining in a sky that was changing from day to night. Sarah rushed through the gardens, her eyes darting in every direction. And suddenly there he was. In the farthest point in the garden, standing with his hands clasped behind his back as he stared out at the fireflies that danced over the water of the lake.

She stopped and stood a few feet from him. Her breath ragged in her throat, her fear consuming her. He was standing so straight and tall, so rigid, so cold. It took her several moments to find the courage to address him. She opened her mouth to speak.

"What do you want Sarah?" His voice was so cold, so distant. Almost as if it belonged to a man she did not know.

Her throat was suddenly so dry, her words caught there, unwilling to come forth. He turned slowly, and this time his eyes and his face mirrored his cold stance. He had steeled himself against what ever she would say to him. She could see the mask he flaunted to protect himself from further hurt. His eyes settled on her, such arrogance and darkness in their depths that Sarah found it hard to look into them directly.

"Nothing to say to me now? No harsh words, no doubt to spill forth from your lips, little mortal?"

Sarah winced visibly. He had never called her that before. It was an insult, a word to be associated with his people's dominance over her own. She felt sick...

"Ooooh" he purred in an icy tone. "She has nothing to say now. She's already done her damage. The knife has already been twisted. Why don't you just finish the kill!" He ordered angrily.

"Stop it!" She cried out at him.

"And give me one good reason why I should cease?" He spun at her, his angry face so close to her own. He could see the pain in her eyes, but his mask didn't fall, didn't even waver from its place. He wanted her to wallow in her guilt. Let her drowned in it as he had drowned in his unshed tears from the pain she had caused him.

"Because you love me and I love you!"

"Love? What is that?" He hissed through his teeth. Still the mask held.

Sarah crumpled to the ground and burying her face into her hands she began to sob. Jareth's eyes widened. He had not expected her to break down. He had begun to believe that she would fight him again, with that strong will of hers. The mask began to peal away as he stared down at her sobbing figure at his feet, revealing the pain he had tried to hide from her.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry." She was sobbing over and over again.

His will was as strong as a chain made of tissue paper when she was vulnerable and it didn't take much for him to drop to his knees and pull her into his arms.

When she felt his arms around her she reached up, wrapping her own around his neck. "I misunderstood....I'm so sorry that I doubted you...." She choked out.

"Sssshhh." He whispered into her hair, pulling her closer. He hated to see her cry, and despite the pain she had caused him, he hated himself for making her cry. For her to break down like this he knew that she was truly sorry. He pulled back from her taking his face into his hands. Her eyes were filled with tears that cascaded freely down her face. He kissed them away and drew back again. "Why did you doubt me? Why?"

She could see the pain in his eyes, the pain he had so skillfully hidden from her when she first ventured forth to confront him. "You wouldn't look at me...didn't seem as if you wanted to approach the subject of marriage. What was I to think Jareth? I thought that perhaps you had changed your mind. That you didn't want to sacrifice things for me....that I...that I wasn't worth the effort."

"Not worth the effort?" he gripped her face tightly, his mismatched eyes burning into her hazel ones. "Sarah I would die for you! I would willingly accept death if it meant you would be safe from harm. Keeping you in my life is worth ANY sacrifice, great or small. Don't you see that?"

"I do now.....I'm so sorry that I hurt you. You came to propose and I pretty much spit in your face! I ruined what should have been a perfect, joyful moment for us both!" He saw the pain in her own eyes. She really was sorry.

'No you haven't." he stood, pulling her to her feet and he reached for her hand, quickly slipping the ring from her finger. He wiped the tears from her face and knelt down in front of her, his long black cape billowing regally behind him. His love for her showing itself in his eyes in his tender expression. Sarah gasped as if seeing the ring for the first time as he slipped it slowly onto her ring finger. He gazed up at her, no sign of the cold cruel Goblin King he had been only moments before. A nervous expression flitted across his handsome, features. He took a deep breath.

"Sarah Williams....will you marry me, will you become my wife, my queen?"

She nodded, tears in her eyes, though they were tears of joy and not sorrow. "Yes." She told him firmly. "I will ."

He stood slowly, a smile tugging on his lips. One hand rose to bury itself in her long dark hair. His lips descended upon hers and she returned his kiss eagerly, wrapping her arms around his neck. He pulled her to him, his love for her clear in every movement that he made. He guided them both to the wall that overlooked the lake to sit before his knees buckled. Once seated, he pulled her into his lap, his mouth not once leaving hers. Her fingers tangled themselves in his soft hair and one hand moved to touch his face as she kissed him.

There was the sound of something chiming and they both pulled back from the embrace. Dinner was being announced. He looked at her with hunger and love in his eyes. He placed a soft quick kiss upon her cheek. "We must go to dinner...but after dinner...." He lifted his head to gaze into her eyes. There was no uncertainty in them now, just the love he had seen the first night they had made love. He placed a kiss on her lips and drew away slowly, teasing her. "I'd like to continue this..."

She grinned shyly under his gaze and placed a teasing kiss of her own on his lips. "Then we will." He smiled and then pulled her to her feet. He took her hand into his and placed a kiss in its palm.

"We must hurry if we don't wish to be late." he started to pull her after him but she stood her ground.

"But Jareth...your hair is a mess, my dress is wrinkled. We can't go to dinner like this!"

He grinned and snapped his fingers. Instantly his hair was neater and her dress was wrinkle free. They both looked as if they had spent hours getting ready. He kissed her quickly. "Now we can go to dinner." She smiled and allowed him to hold her hand as they walked quickly back to Aiden's castle.