"Willow come on you have to talk to me it's been almost seven and half weeks," a tall slim woman says. She has long straight brown hair and crystal blue eyes.

"Come on Francine, she'll talk, just give her some time," a tall muscular man says. He has short blonde hair and emerald green eyes.

"It's just not like her Hank," the woman says named Francine Katherin-Jaspers.

"Just give her some time before you know it we will be in New London and everything will be fine," the says named Hank Jaspers.

"Hopefully between Frank and Helen's families they can get her talking," Francine says looking around the two bedroom house.

"Hopefully, ready to go," Hanks asks holding a box.

"That I am, Willow time to go," Francine calls.

A slim and talll seventeen year old with long curly brown hair with a hint of red and crystal blue eyes with a layer of green underneath. She's carrying a large black bag and a novel with her headphones and MP3 player going off.

"Let's go get the other fifteen," Hank tells her.

"Let's," Francine says placing the second key on the counter.

The two walk out of the building and to the four waiting cars. Willow walks over to the Purple Sedan and puts her bags into the passenger seat before standing by the driver's side door.

"Okay these are the sitting arrangements. They will not be changed. In Isabella's car there will be Aiden, Christopher, Jayden, Alexander, David, Mathew and Jacob. In Francine's car there will be Sophia, Olivia, and Emma. In my car there will be Anthony, Noah, Daniel, and Joshua. The directions are to be followed directly. We are going to first go to San Francisco from there we will travel to Wichita, Kansas, followed by Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and then to New London, Connecticut. Okay we are going to meet at Grace Cathedral, which is located on California Street. Now if we all get there quickly we can get a move on," Hank says.

"Of course," everyone says but Willow who swiftly enters her car and drives off. It seems so bland to the young girl to be doing this trip again.

The last time she did this was when she was ten and her parents and she were moving from New York to San Diego. They visited all of the interesting places. It took them a week but it was worth it. Everything was different. Now her father had died, her mother remarried, Willow split from love and friends, and a whole new family. Willow could make this journey on her own if she had to. She had often thought about it lately. All of her dearest friends lived in New London, and the love of her life.

'Screw Hank, I'm going on my own. All I have to do is go from San Francisco to St. Louis. I'll take a few hors of sleep there. Then I'll go to Boston, now that is to north, I'll go to New York, get a few more hours then go to New London. I can stay at the Napoleon's Retreat Bed and Breakfast in St. Louis, then the St. Mark's Hotel in New York, then to New London, I go," Willow thought as she reprogrammed her GPS.

Willow continued on her path as the other three vehicles pulled up to the Grace Cathedral and she was already in Nevada.

"Where is Willow," two sixteen year old males ask as they are slim and short with black hair and green eyes.

"Give me a minute," Francine says pushing a few buttons on her GPS. "What is she doing in Nevada?"

"Probably on her own trail," a seventeen year old female says as she is tall and slim and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

"I'm having to agree with Isabella on this one," Hank says.

"I know but she should be fine. She'll probably hit St. Louis and then New York. I'll call Helen and Frank and see if they can keep an eye out for her," Francine says.

"Wait why does she not have to follow," the girl says again named Isabella.

"Probably because she knows where she is going," one of the two boys says as he wears an orange shirt.

"Shut up Matthew," Isabella says.

"Make me," the boy says named Matthew.

"Yeah make him, and you're just mad that she gets to go first," the other boy says as he wears a red shirt.

"No one asked for you input Jacob," Isabella says.

"He didn't have to," the other boy says named Jacob.

"Cut it out you three," Hank says.

"Yes dad," the three say.

"How about we go eat," Francine says. "I know this great Italian restaurant."

"Sure," the rest say.

"It's called Little Joe's & Baby Joe's and it is located on 2550 Van Ness," Francine says.

"Let's go," the young kids call as the reenter their vehicles.

Willow had reached Salt Lake City, Utah when she decided to go and stop for food at the Lion House Pantry. She grabbed a quick bite to eat before continuing on her path. She knew her net stop was Denver in a few hours for another bite to eat. She was going to Tosh's Hacienda for a bite and then would decide whether she would stay in Kansas City or not, thinking the rest would end up in Denver for the night.

Willow ended up in St. Louis after all. She checked herself into her room that she had called ahead for. She checked her phone messages. There was one from her mother, one from Helen and one from William. Her mother told her that she understood why she went off on her own and that Helen or Frank would contact her. Helen told her that her mother was worried and that she could stay with her, Frank, and the kids when she got into New London. William's message was how he missed her, and how he knew she missed her dad but this whole move was not a bad thing. He wanted her to call on his cell when she got this.

Willow desperately wanted to talk to Will but she couldn't. She took a vow of silence and was sticking to it. She instead sent him a simple text that read, 'I can't talk 2 an1 b/c no1 knows how I fell but I do miss u and I luv u'.

Willow then shut off her phone and went to bed.