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*The beginning of the end*

You're alright Evans

The next day Lily sat in Arithmacy, her mind a blur of numbers. Her hand was quickly moving across the parchment jotting notes down, a black muggle pen griped in her hand. She used a pen as she could never get the hand of quills, way too many ink spills for her liking.

The professor continued to talk; her quite voice was meek in the vast room. The class was small compared to the size of the room. Lily sat next to the only other Gryffindor in the lesson; Remus Lupin, his head was bent over his parchment scribble notes faster than the teacher could possibly be saying anything!

On the other side of Remus were two Ravenclaw girls and one boy, and next to Lily sat a Hufflepuff girl who looked like she should be in first year!

Professor Hetifield tucked her wispy blonde hair, which reached way past her waist, behind her ears. "Please may you all turn to page two hundred and forty nine and do questions three through to eleven" she said in a weak voice.

Lily stopped herself from rolling her eyes at the woman and instead flicked through her textbook until she found the right page.

Remus leaned towards her, he spoke in a low voice so she would not startle the professor "Hey, do you mind if I share your textbook? Pad – Sirius and James have hid my books somewhere in our dorm" he chuckled slightly at the end.

Lily pushed the book so that it was sitting between the two of them "I don't see why you're friends with them, they're so…so URGH!"

"They may be 'urgh' but they're the best mates ever, they're loyal and I can honestly say they would do anything for me and I for them"

"I don't get you guys, you act more like…like brothers than friends! All four of you"

"Yeah! That's exactly what we are"

"But you're so different to them, you're kind and smart and completely selfless. I just don't get it"

"Just trust me; they're the best mates a guy could ask for"

"That's one thing I don't think I can trust you on" With that they both turned to the questions and started working, talking about other things but never ones about the marauders.

After Arithmacy the pair walked down to the dungeons where they had potions. Professor Slughorn was his usual cheerful self, greeting everyone who entered happily. He was probably the least Slytherin, Slytherin Lily had ever met. She sat in her normal seat next to Marlene and across from Alice and Willow.

Lily noticed Severus sitting with his Slytherin friends; she tried her best to ignore him. But that was easier said than done. As soon as everyone settled down Slughorn became to explain the class of that day "One by one people will come up and take a name form the bowl" as he said this he shook the bowl in his hand which was filled with lots pieces of paper "whoevers name is on the sheet of paper will be your partner for this term, good luck" he raised his eyebrows and shook the bowl again.

Professor Slughorn called Avery up first, his fat hand dove into the bowl and as it came out a small piece of paper was clutched between his pudgy fingers. He opened it slowly a grin plastered his face, Lily didn't even know he could read up until that moment "Severus Snape" of course it was, who would want the best potion maker in the school as your partner?

Severus grabbed his bag and Avery joined him at the back of the room, the next up was Sirius. He moved to the front of the room in that careless fashion he always seemed to have. He grasped a sheet from the bowl, his eyes scanning the name on the paper "Lily Evans" Lily's eyes widened in shock, she had not been expecting that!

Lily moved and sat next to him, grumbling the whole way. The rest of the class we sorted in a similar way Alice was with some Slytherin, the guy looked really creepy. He'd been hit with an ugly stick at birth! Marlene was with Frank, Alice was not impressed. Willow was partnered with Jess. Remus was with Mary, they looked kinda cute together. And Peter and James were together.

"Okay" Slughorn said gaining all their attentions again "You are making a Bulgeye Potions today; you have an hour…go!"

Lily immediately turned to the correct page and started getting the ingredients together; she turned the heat up and started to add the ingredients into the cauldron. She was mixing the potion, which was now a dull green colour, when she noticed Sirius leaning back on his chair smirking at her.

"Are you going to do any work?" Lily hissed

"Why would I do that when you're doing such a great job?" He answered smoothly

"Merlin! I can't do this alone! Bloody help, would ya?"

He made a long dramatic sigh as he rose; he grabbed a random pot of green dust and pored the whole contents into the potions. "Black! What the hell?" Lily screeched, but either way both leaned over the cauldron to see what would happen. The green slime began bubbling and moving, Lily's nose scrunched up. Sirius' eyes widened as the blob started spitting and gurgling. And suddenly BANG! The gunk exploded out of the cauldron, coating both Lily and Sirius in a thick layer of green goo.

Lily flicked the muck from her eyes and blinked in shock, whereas Sirius just stood there with a huge grin plastered to his face. Lily slowly turned her head to face Sirius, but as she was about to open her mouth her skin began to crawl. Sirius must have felt it to as he started itching all over, Lily too started to itch.

Slughorn sauntered over "What has happened here?"

Sirius looked up at him "Well, our potion just kinda went POOF!" he smiled

"You two should probably go to the medical room" So Lily and Sirius did as the professor said and soon enough the two were walking down the corridor, Lily in silence and Sirius who kept sneaking glances at her guessing when she would start yelling.

But, to Sirius' surprise, she did not start shouting; quite the opposite actually. She began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Sirius just stared at her like she was completely insane. "What?" she asked

"Well, you know" Lily rose an eyebrow at him "I just, thought you'd be angry"

"Just coz I'm a prefect doesn't mean I don't have a sense of humour"

"You're alright Evans, you're alright" Lily shook her head and continued walking down the hall, her skin was actually beginning to hurt.

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