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It was a perfectly normal day at Shiz University when our story starts. The sun was shining, students were taking walks and enjoying the weekend, and Elphaba, Galinda, and Fiyero were lounging around in the girl's room.

Elphaba was reading a book entitled Animal vs. Ozians: Is there a difference? and lazily chewing on an apple. Glinda was going through the latest edition of Emerald Gossip while Fiyero was planning out a new party at the Ozdust.

Suddenly there was a tremendous scream from outside the building. All three jumped up and rushed to the open window. A large amount of unfamiliar faces crowded Shiz's grounds. They all were girls dressed in various articles of unusual clothing that had words like "Wicked" and "Popular" written on it.

More screams and cries filled the air. when they reached the window. Cheers erupted from all sides and all the fangirls began to chant in union:

I promise to remember Elphaba whenever i see something green
And I promise to remember Galinda when I'm trying not to be mean
I promise to remember Fiyero whenever I think the least
And I promise to remember Nessarose when I travel east
I promise to remember the Wizard when I think that lies are better
And I promise to remember Madame Morrible whenever there's a change in the weather
I promise to remember Boq when i don't get my first choice
And I promise to remember Kristen Chenowenth when I hear a shining voice
And I promise to love wicked, Who cares what people say?
Wicked will be in my heart every single day

With that, they all let out a tremendous shout and rushed for the door of the building. Quickly getting over her confusion, Elphaba sprinted to the door and bolted it closed just in the nick of time. The hoards of fangirls circled the building and filled the hallway. You could probably hear them from a mile away.

Fiyero stayed at the window, watching the grounds below, but Galinda and Elphaba retreated farther back into the room. "What's happening?" Elphaba asked.

"Well, they've divided themselves into groups; Gloq, Bessa, Flinda, Gelphie, Fiyerba, and Elphiavaric. The Gelphies and Fiyerbas have declared war on eachother. The Gloqs have joined the Fiyerbas and the Elphieavarics have joined the Gelphies. Ouch! That was painfull. Very heavy casualties down there.

The Bessas are now fighting against the Gloqs, yet they won't join the Gelphies! Oh, and the tiny amount of Flindas are running around like headless chickens, trying to fight the Fiyerabas and Gloqs."

This was all taking place in the time frame of ten minutes, and our three characters were watching (or listening to a narration) the battle scene. The battle was soon over, leaving nobody left standing except two people who resembled Elphaba and Galinda. Out of nowhere, a whole new group of girls filled the grounds once more with shouts of "Menzel!" and "Chenowith!". A battle broke out once more.

A perfectly normal day at Shiz University. RU are funny!