I sit and think about my life
Before you came to me
I'd always been an outcast
What they wanted could not be

Your charisma brought my shields down
They crumbled into dust
I realised I cared for you
My disciplines would bust

I tried to stay away from you
Or else I would break down
And cry, and laugh, and feel the things
That never could be found

But when I saw you, pale and still
Dying before my eyes
I knew to take my action then
I had to break the lies

That day I had to save your life
The first of many days
We were then linked forevermore
For us, it was okay

The mental rapport rose us high
I feared that I would fall
And so, three years before this day
I left, and cracked the wall

I felt your pain and tears of rage
Across the desert sand
You felt I had betrayed you
But you did not understand

I turned to learning new techniques
Emotions drove away
I sought logic and peace and calm
But none of it would stay

And then, two days ago, it hit
You weren't the one to blame
It was my fear of growing close
The thought, it caused me shame

And so I came back to your home
And knew, "I must face him"
I stood, and noted you had changed
But inside, you were Jim.