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Chapter 1

Eiri's P.O.V

Everyone knows of many mermaid stories. One most popular is The Little Mermaid; the story of a mermaid princess who saves the life of a human prince from drowning. She makes a deal to become human but she must give up her voice in return. When she reaches shore, she notices that he loves another and so she tries to kill him. But she loved him too much to go through with it and ended up killing herself; turning herself into sea foam. It is a sad story, but I know of a mermaid story that isn't like that. A mermaid princess saves a human from drowning and they don't see each other again until six years after. They went through hell staying together, whether it was getting away from an insane hydrogeologist/ fisherman and a power-crazed dark mermaid, but in the end, love overcame those obstacles. The human became a mermaid with the help of mermaid magic and got to be with his mermaid princess and the child they created together. Of course the life that the human was gaining wasn't as easy as he thought. Why? It turned out that he was the fabled Golden Poseidon, also known as the true king of the sea. And so because of that, he now rules the seas.

Now I know what you're all thinking. How do I know this story so well? Well, that's because I lived it. In fact, I'm the human in the story. My name is Eiri Uesugi; son of the Millionaire Uesugi. For a few years, I was known as Eiri Yuki, the famous novelist of the ocean's world, but now, I am the Golden Poseidon. I'll tell you this, it's pretty cool being king, but there are lots of problems with it too. For example, I had no idea that mermaids liked doing nothing but singing all day. Problem? Yes. I'm tone deaf. I don't think there is such thing as a tone deaf mermaid. Also, every mermaid has some kind of power whether it is of the elements or if they're summoners. Me? I control the seas. Literally. And there are times when their powers go out of control and I have to do something about it. There is a lot of mermaids to deal with. And they tell me that the Sea of Japan has the smallest population of mermaids. If this is the smallest population of mermaids, I'm scared to find out what the biggest population is. Then again, every now and then I go to different oceans if there is a problem so I might see the biggest population. However, doing this keeps me away from my family. And I really want to see them now.

I am currently returning from the Indian Ocean after helping everyone figure out how long the ocean is compared to the others. I didn't even see why I had to go. Then again, I have experience with a map considering that I used to be human so it would be understandable for me to go. But now that I'm returning to the Sea of Japan, I get to go see my family. I wonder how they are doing. I'll see for myself.

I swam around the castle looking for my wife. It's obvious that my son is in school right now so I can't interupt a class just to see him. He can see me when he gets back. That is, if I don't get another call of help from another ocean. Finally, I make it to our bedroom. When I go through the seaweed curtains, I find myself tackled by girl mermaids; squealing that I've come back. What am I, eye candy?

"Welcome back, Your Great Majesty!" said one of the girls.

"You look as handsome as ever!" said another.

"Girls, please." I try to calm them down "I appreciate your welcome but..."

"But he came here for another reason."

I can recognize that beautiful voice anywhere. A mermaid with long pink hair, violet eyes with perfectly curved long lashes, and a pink tail which I may add is the most beautiful tail in all of the Seven Seas, was there glaring at the girls. Said girls had let go of me and lowered their heads.

"We're sorry, My Queen!" they said.

The queen, who if you couldn't tell already is my wife, then smiled at them. "That's all right. Now may you please leave us alone? We have some catching up to do."

"Yes, Your Majesty." They left on cue. I couldn't hold myself back from taking my lovely mermaid in my arms.

"It's good to be home." I said "How has the kingdom done without me, Shuichi?"

"There were some problems here and there, but they were nothing I couldn't handle. After all, I'm your wife right?"

I nodded. I'm not sure if you guys know this already, but dispite looking like that, my lovely wife Shuichi is actually male. I know, hard to believe. But even so, I love him with all my heart. After all, he was the one who saved me when I was drowning. In return, six years after we met, I saved him from that idiot of an hydrogeologist, K.

"How's Riku?" I ask.

"Well..." He started playing with his hands. "He hasn't been a problem... most of the time."

"What do you mean 'most of the time'?"

"Um... How do I put this without having you throw a fit?"

Before Shuichi could explain, Sakano; a mermaid with a navy blue tail, swam into the room. "Welcome back, Your Great Majesty!" he said "Glad to see you are well. I kn... know that you are v...very tired but... well, we have a little problem."

"What is it, Sakano?" I asked.

"Luckily no one's hurt... but... I mean they all made it out perfectly alright!"

"What's the damn problem?"

"A giant boulder fell onto the mermaid school and it was no doubt summoned by mermaid magic."

I was furious! There was only one mermaid in the Sea of Japan who is able to summon a boulder. I swam out of the room and went to the giant boulder where the school was originally. I was greeted by a mermaid with fiery red hair and an orange tail. I already knew who she was so I know I can trust her with what happened.

"Welcome back, Your Great Majesty!" she said "I'm terribly sorry this had to happen on your arrival day."

"What happened Reiji?" I asked her.

"As usual, your son threw a fit at the teachers and summoned this boulder. Luckily, everyone managed to get out before the boulder hit. Unfortunately, it's gonna take a while before repairs are finished. However, with your permission, I can get the boulder off what's left of the school in just 5 seconds."

"You mean by using your powers and blowing it up?"

"Exactly! If not, our only other option is to convince your son to lift it up and put it away somewhere. And since he made this happen, I doubt he would want to help us lift it up and have the school remade again only to throw another fit."

"There are no other options?"

"Not unless you know any other mermaids that can lift up a 246 tonne boulder with either their powers or strength."

I sighed. "If I give you permission to blow up the boulder, will you make sure no one gets hurt?"

"Of course! I would never do anything to disappoint you, Your Great Majesty!"

I sighed again. "Very well. You have my permission."

"Alrighty then!" She swam to the group of people close by. "Everyone, I'll need you to swim away from here. If you care about your lives, you would leave. If you don't, I'll have to blow you up with the boulder." I don't like her methods on how she tells the people to move away, but they are effective. Everyone started swimming away. That was all but one. A certain mermaid with light blond hair and an auburn colored tail. It was my 7 year old son, Riku. I glared at him and crossed my arms against my chest.

"Welcome back Papa!" he said with a nervous smile "It's nice to see you home safe." He nervously laughed. He knows what I'm thinking. When I finish what I'm gonna do to him, he's gonna wish he had never been born.

Pinkshuchan: That was Chapter 1. Unlike the original A Mermaid's Tail, I'm not starting the main plot right away. This is just to remind you of the story. Read and Review! It will get better!