Utau was sitting in Kukai's living room couch watching Vampire Knight while Kukai was in the kitchen.

Kukai then came from the kitchen with two sodas in hand and jump over the couch he set both sodas on the coffe table infront of them.

"Utau, I thought we were watching the soccer game? Hey Utau yuhoo?" he said as we waved his hand infront of her.

"What? Did you say something Kukai?" she said snapping out of "her trance."

"I said weren't we watching the soccer game?"

Utau then turned to him and and reached over to sit on his lap facing him she placed her lips at the hollow of his neck and whispered

"But I really want to watch this" she said pleading.

Kukai didn't knnow what do, what was he going to do if his brother came down stairs they werent in any position to be caught.

"Um Utau I think umm Utau" he said as Utau moved her lips up to Kukai's neck. She then bit his neck with enough force to leave a mark on his neck.

"Uta...mmmm" he said a muffled verison of Utau as she had cut him of with a kiss. She pulled away for air and Kukai was able to catch some air and he said

"Geez Utau come on...mmmfff" she kissed him nibbling on his bottom lip. They broke apart again and she whispered in his ear,

"Can I watch it pretty please!"

"Fine just this once okay" he said to her.

Utau sputtered around to bring back her attention to the t.v put was held by Kukais hands at her waist. She pouted.

"Your welcome"

"Oh yeah thank you!"

"You can plead that way but you can't say thank you the same way?" he said with a grin.

"Oh geez okay but...mmmm"

Then she heard the ending song Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima and she pulled away.

"Oi geez Kukai I didn't get to see it!" she wined as she got up furry in her eyes thats when Kukai got up from the couch and started to run up to the stairs.