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-Full-Summery: Things are not well at the museum when a new exhibit arrives. With a new artifact comes new curses, new magic, and new friends. At first, things are great, and the museum is more popular then ever! But suddenly things take a turn for the worst when three all-powerful ancient Egyptian gods get involved, wanting revenge on mankind.

Now it's up to Larry and the gang to stop these misfit deities from taking out everything and everyone in their path, all before sunrise!

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Twenty-two year old John Aster hated the heat. He hated how it made him sweat like a pig, how it gave him sunburn, how there was dust and sand everywhere. Then why, you might ask if he hated all these things, was he in the middle of Giza, Egypt?

His father, that's why. Raymond Aster was an old man, but recently had many mid-life crises. Or, at least, that's what John called it. What else would you call the man waking him up during an ungodly hour, ranting on about some kind of archaeological retreat to Egypt?

And John had had absolutely no say in the matter. Before he could even blink, his father had packed all his things in a suitcase and had landed them on the next flight to Africa.

So here he was, brushing off sand, dirt, and dust off himself and the giant triangle-shaped rock in front of him. It was all so stupid! As if they would actually find anything here. Under all this dust? Ya, right.

"This place is a freggin wasteland," John muttered to himself as he ran his fingers through his fair hair, making his hand get covered in sweat, so he whipped it on his jeans. He sighed, then coughed dust out of his throat. John cursed, then shoved his hands in his pockets, about to go complain to his father that there was absolutely nothing out here.

Well, he was, but he tripped, landing face-first into the ground. Cursing a little more vividly, he got up and brushed himself off, then wanted to go punch whoever had the nerve to trip him. However, when his eyes landed on the ground, he noticed that something had tripped him, not someone.

Whatever it was, it was purple, and it was sticking out of the ground ever so slightly. John blinked.

A cell phone had tripped him?

Getting curious, he knelled down to get a better look at it. It wasn't a cell phone. Cell phones weren't straight. Before he knew what he was doing, John had one hand on it, and tried to pull it out of the ground.

It didn't come out, which got him even more curious. He grabbed on it with his other hand, and pulled as hand as he could. He got it to come out a little, and yet it was as if something was holding it down. As if it didn't want to come out.

John frowned, becoming determined to pull it out. This thing had tripped him; it was coming out of the ground whether it liked it or not. Then he pulled.

The thing came out of the ground, but sent him falling backwards onto the ground, it falling out of his hands next to him. He sat up and looked at it. It was a scepter, like one used in the old movies. The entire thing was dark purple, and it had the head of a jackal. It looked centuries old yet new at the same time. It was hard to explain.

John quickly got to his feet and was about to tell his father that he thought he had found something, but then something else happened. It suddenly felt like he was holding lava in his hands. Crying out, John dropped the scepter, and it landed carved-head first into the ground. He blinked, because he could have sworn that he saw the jackal's eyes glow.

Shaking his head and thinking that he had imagined both the burn and the glow, John hesitantly picked up the scepter again, and seeing that he wasn't getting burned ran back to the camp as fast as he could. He didn't like holding it. It felt different. It felt like he was holding a bomb, knowing when and where it was going to explode. For a moment, he just wanted to drop it and run far, far away.

What John didn't know, however, is that he should have listened to that instinct, because it would have saved a certain museum full of nocturnal beings from being in a world of trouble.

Nick Daley impatiently tapped his foot against the floor as he waited. Ever since his dad, Larry, had convinced Dr. McPhee to let the museum stay open longer and later, it had been more popular then ever. (Where else in the world could anyone see the exhibits come to life at night?)

However, most people didn't believe that story (which was quite ironic in his mind, considering the fact that it was the truth). Many times he and Akhmenra had spent countless minutes trying to explain and convince people that it his Tablet and its power was real, and it wasn't "Just For Decoration". Very few people actually believed it, and the rest that didn't just thought that it was some kind of volunteer service. A couple of times Rebecca had been asked how many times these "volunteers" rehearsed for their rolls as historical figures.

Rebecca Hutman was Larry's current girlfriend, who also happened to work at the museum during the day. But because of the day hours sliding into night, she could hang around the museum a little longer without looking suspicious. She like most of the museum inhabitance had questioned Larry non-stop ever since he got back from Washington until she got the full story of what happened. (Or most of it, anyway. He only said certain things, and the story changed slightly every time.)

Nick frowned slightly. Why didn't dad want to talk about what happened at the Smithsonian? I mean, I know something bad happened, and it involved the Tablet, but nothing else really. And what was up with Ahk? He asked himself, knowing that he wouldn't get an answer. But he still was curious. Larry had said some hushed words to him and the Pharaoh suddenly looked ill. He stayed that way for about three days before he finally snapped out of it.

"Mommy, mommy, look at the dinosaur!" cried a little redheaded girl, running away from her mother over to Rexy, who had just woken up. Nick smiled and hopped off the main help desk where he had been sitting and walked over, his hands in his pockets. The little girl was petting Rexy's nose (or where his nose used to be) and giggled when he nuzzled her.

"Sadie! Be careful!" said the girl's mother, hurrying over. "Wow, the animatronics on this thing are amazing!"

Rexy stiffened and growled lowly, making the woman take a shocked step back.

"He doesn't like to be called mechanical," explained Nick.

"What's his name?" asked Sadie.

"Rexy," said Nick, moving to the side of the dinosaur and pulling out the bone that was used as a chew toy. Rexy immediately perked up and wagged his tail like an overgrown dog. Nick handed the bone to the girl, who looked at it curiously. "Go on," he said, "Throw it. He'll bring it back."

The girl named Sadie looked down at the bone, then up at Rexy, then at Nick, who nodded slightly. She threw the bone (which actually got some good distance, considering the fact that she looked only eight) and Rexy happily ran after it, making her grin and run after Rexy, and Sadie was followed by her mother.

Nick grinned.

"I see yet another child has fallen under the spell of Rexy's dog-like behavior."

"Oh hey Teddy," he greeted the former President. "What's up?"

"Nothing quite peculiar, but you may want to go check on the Pharaoh. It seems that he's not up yet," said Teddy.

"Is he trapped again?" asked Nick.

"I don't believe so, but maybe something is bothering the boy. He seems to like you, so why not go check on him, hmm? Now, I do believe I am being summoned by Rebecca." Teddy said as he walked over to Rebecca, who was waving him over frantically. She was surrounded by a group of people, so she probably just wanted him to lead the tour. That would make sense.

Ahk better have not gotten trapped again, thought Nick as he made his way through the museum tourists to the Pharaoh's tomb.

Ahkmenrah jerked awake, hitting his head on the top of his coffin. Groaning, he layed his head back in the stiff position that it normally was, or at least during the day.

He had a magical Tablet that could bring back the dead and create portals to the Underworld, but he could never remember not to sit straight up when he awoke. Go figure.

His head stopped smarting and he pushed the top of his sarcophagus up and got out just as Nick a guardian of Brooklyn walked into his tomb.

It had taken them quite a while, but the Jackal guards didn't attack Nick anymore. Still, they stiffened and followed the boy's every move with their eyes.

"Hey Ahk," said Nick. "Are you ok? Teddy said that you weren't up for a while and he was getting worried...I think. That guy is always so calm...no wonder he got voted to be President..."

"No, I am fine, and I apologize for causing Teddy's distress," he said quickly.

"..Did you hit your head again?" asked Nick, smirking. Ahkmenrah's hand subconsciously went to his forehead.

"Is it really obvious?" asked Ahk sheepishly.

"You've kind of got a red mark...wait, no it's pink...yeah, I don't think anyone will notice," said Nick, offering a smile. "Cmon, let's go tell Teddy your ok." Nick walked out, and Ahk followed after more slowly.

Something wasn't right. It felt like something was off, but he wasn't sure what. It was like trying to do a puzzle, and you found a piece that looks like it will fit, but it doesn't. Figuring that it was nothing, he shook it off and walked faster to catch up to Nick.

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