Chapter one


Walking home from school I tuned out Casey and her on-going babble about how to start the summer. ''Maybe we should have a party!'' she says. I was thinking about two weeks from now, when Robert is going to be here visiting me. I was day dreaming about it when I caught a pale white hand in front of my face. ''Hello , anyone in there?'', it was Caseys hand.

'Oh. Sorry.' I replied 'We can't have a house party. You know that.'

''Hey I can dream.''

'Keep dreaming.' I snorted.

''Well then smart one, what do you suggest?'' She asked.

'Casey we don't need to celebrate the last day of school. Okay, we're going to high school but that is not necessarily something to celebrate.'

''Says you!' she retorted ' Ana and I are going to a different high school than you. We're not going to have any of our friends from middle school and everything is going to change. ''

Tired of hearing this speech I stepped in front of her, cutting her off.' Listen Casey, this is what is going to happen; after summer you and Ana are going to go to a different high school than me. I am going to stay with our friends from middle school and make some new friends. You and Ana are going to make new friends and all of us are going to hang out, old friends and new.' Before she could open her mouth again I added 'Now I am going to go home and work on my belly dancing, alright?'

''Fine.'' She sighed.

With that I hugged her and walked off. Wanting nothing more than to go home, go to my room, lock the door and just dance.

Before opening the door I pressed my ear to it, listening for my mom and her boyfriend. Mentally giving myself the green light to go I opened the door. Just as I suspected, home alone. I quickly walked through the living room and went up the stairs two at a time. Upon reaching my door I did not hesitate but rather flung the door open and stepped into my art work, really feeling home. Stripping and walking I changed into my belly dancing skirt – loving how flowing it is and how free I feel in it- and my belly dancing bra and zills. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. My tall , dark body, my long black hair, and my dark brown eyes. It was always obvious that I am adopted. In appearance I look nothing like my parents. My mom is only a little bit shorter than me but she's all bone. Then I started looking at my imperfections. My love handles – weird that I can have a flat tummy and love handles -, and my semi-rough skin. Finally I pulled my hair back behind my left ear and looked at my most obvious imperfection, my hearing aid.

Mentally shaking myself I put on my tribal music, took out my aid, and blasted the music so I could feel it through the vibrations of the floor. Dancing I moved freely through the house, moving into figure eights – Egyptian and Turkish -, Egyptian Twists, shimmies, and snake arms, moving in ways that most people have forgotten possible, losing myself in the feel of the music.

It was hours before I stopped, and even then I didn't fully stop. I just went over to my mirror and watched my movements. Practicing my snake-like movements with my upper half and pelvic circles with my lower. It wasn't until about a half hour into that, that I couldn't ignore my stomach any longer. It was constantly talking to me saying "Feed me man."

Going back downstairs I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Not Surprising, almost completely empty. Going against the wishes of my body and my doctor I grabbed a brown pop and some Mac' n 'Cheese. Plopping down on the couch I ate while watching t.v. and lounging in my own pure sweatiness. But something caught my eye on the television. A commercial for Caseys grandmothers husky rescue. Calling over my own husky, a pure white beauty named Skyler, I rubbed him and watched intently. Recognizing some of the animals from doing dog washes at the rescue center, I thought to myself : They really are such beautiful animals.I looked from Skyler to the television. Pictures without sound. People never really realize how hard it is to read lips when your looking at a screen.

I jumped this time when I felt the cold hand on my bare shoulder.

'Hi mom.' Monotone.

Speaking very slowly she said ''What in the hell are you wearing? For Gods sake Molly put on some clothes, Ryan is here.''

Ryan. As if it isn't bad enough that my mother is the biggest bitch in town. She wasn't always like this, an alcoholic bitch I mean, she used to be nice. It wasn't until three years ago that she changed. I don't blame my father. He didn't do this, her weakness and his death did. As for Ryan, I despise him. He's a freeloader and her caught her in her most vulnerable time. He doesn't care about her, if he did he wouldn't be getting her drunk every chance he sees.

Ugh, another voice.

''Molly your deaf not stupid. Do as your mom says and go change. I don't know why you think that garbage looks good on you. Cover it up.''

Without bothering to look at them or say another word I took Skyler up to my room and went into the shower. Letting myself think of nothing except thirteen days from now when Robert will be here, in my arms and nowhere near my mom and Ryan. I turned on the hot water and scrubbed away all feeling. Using up all the hot water I finally got out and dried off. I slipped into my pj's and purposely walked past my aid left on my dark brown wooden desk. Picking up my phone I flipped it open and saw five new messages. Two from Ana and three from Robert.

Ana : '' Hey I didnt see u after school today''

Ana : ''were u there?''

Me :' Yes Ana, I walked with Casey. Sorry.'

Now on to Robert.

Robert : ''Hey babe. I miss you. How was your last day?''

Robert : ''babe?''

Robert : '' Guess your dancing or something.''

Me :' Sorry Love, I was. It was the same as the first day of school. Everyone hugging and talking about the summer. I'm sorry hun but it's late. I'm going to go to sleep now, good night. I promise we'll talk more tomorrow. Love yew! Night.'

Looking around my room I couldn't help but feel proud of what I've done. I looked over at the blossom tree I painted on my wall and Skyler sleeping in his bed below it. I walked over to him, layed down with my arm over his fur and fell asleep.