Teacher's Pet

A HariPo fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

Note: Well. Hmm. Obviously, any characters from Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling. However, this pairing belongs to me. I have several other VicNev fics that are oneshots, but this is my first multi-chapter one for them. This should be a pretty good length by the time it's done, but I have no idea what Vicky's going to do throughout the story…and, actually the same goes for Neville. Please bear with me as these first few chapters are tiny teaser bits that provide the background work for what will be an amazing story! Thank you, enjoy, and REVIEW! :D

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Chapter One: Past 1- Pre-Hogwarts

Lily was not the only princess in this fairytale world.

No, Lily Luna Potter wasn't the only special little chit in everyone's lives. After all, Victoire and Dominique and Molly and Rose had come first. Most importantly, Victoire had come first.

Victoire had the stress of not only being the first princess but the eldest Weasley offspring as well. That never truly bothered her, especially in the beginning. In the beginning, there had only been Victoire. James had come years later. So there was Victoire.

She had always been pretty. Even as a baby and a toddler, Victoire was the definition of "adorable" –but she was also the definition of trouble. Vicky had a sense of adventure that she got from both Bill and Fleur. Naturally, Vic needed a heavy-duty babysitter (or two) when her parents wanted a night out.

So every princess must have a prince, right? Oh, and a serf, too.

When Vic was little, her prince was Teddy Lupin and her serf was her babysitter Neville Longbottom. Teddy was everything a girl could want in a prince: cute, brave, strong, and cute. Neville was everything a princess needed in a servant: caring, understanding, patient, playful –only later would she come to think of him as handsome.

But Teddy and Neville were all she needed in her life when she was little. Teddy was there for her to hound. She was sure she'd marry him some day. Neville was always there to listen. She was sure he'd be there during her rough patches with Teddy to offer her a shoulder on which she could cry.

Yes. Teddy and Neville would always be there.

…at some point, because even though school was still two years away for Victoire, Teddy had to leave. He would be starting Hogwarts. Worst of all, Neville had to leave for Hogwarts, too. She hated that he had to be the Herbology teacher, but she was glad that he could do something he loved and that she would be his student soon anyway. Still… She'd said "bugger it all" to anything Hogwarts-related.

Yeah. Her nine-year-old mouth she got from her mother. It didn't help that Fleur was French, either. Victoire could swear in two languages instead of just one.

So, Lily was not the only princess here. Victoire had just as much potential as the only Potter daughter –no, she had more. It was only a matter of time before she heard the scratching on the window, the screeching of the owl, the clucking of the beak, the rustling of the paper as the letter was untied from around the ruddy bird's leg-

It was only a matter of time until Victoire got that cursive missive inviting her to Hogwarts, too.

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