Disclaimer: This goes for all these stories. I don't own Sonic or Sega or any of his friends or enemies. Sega owns them, thankfully. I don't want any of the blame for some of the latest games that have been horrid. If other characters join, they belong to their respective owners.

Hey, introduction to this! First off, like ever author, I get things called plot bunnies. The horrible little demons take up brain space and mess up everything. The problem is some of them are so small that they aren't worth full stories. Some… die off because they're so stupid, no one wants them. (A moment of silence for the neglected plot bunnies…. OK!) Some decide to be persistent. When you're writing a major story, they come in a wreak havoc to your story line, trying to find their place in the world. So, we authors do something amazing: we give them their own story. Since they are so small, they only get one chapter. Then all the other plot bunnies decide they want a piece of the glory, so they are all the more persistent. Then it's overload for the poor brain cleaner. The author can't take it anymore! So the author decides to perform another miracle: put them ALL into the same story. But since they are all so different, she has to make every chapter a different mini story, and out pops a little story book for them.

This is what happened to me. So I give you 'The Sonic Plot Bunny Story Book' as I decide to call it. I don't know if anyone else has this title, but at this point, I don't care. All sorts of stuff are in here! Poems, tragedies, comedies, adventures, and stuff that's just odd. Here's the catch: they aren't all in here yet. In fact, this story book will never be done! So stick it on you 'story alert' list, and you'll get to see all the new releases! Remember: review on each story. Don't give me one big review at the end. It makes it more confusing for me.