Chapter 22

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Jacob wasn't sure how he was supposed react to that. For one thing, Draco sounded upset; should he be upset too? Was this not a good thing? Actually, for another thing, how was this even possible?

It explains why I could imprint on him though...

He considered it lucky that he was still a wolf and couldn't reply, especially since he wasn't sure how. He just looked into his mate's silver eyes.

"I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner, but I was upset. This isn't natural. I thought you would think I was gross... Maybe never talk to me again. I mean, it's all my fault that you had to imprint on a boy, and this is just so-" Suddenly, a warm finger was on the blonde's lips to silent him.

"Draco. Calm down; it's okay," Jacob said. He knew that he was stark naked, but he couldn't listen to Draco's upset words anymore without trying to soothe him.

The blonde, for his part, was more than willing to calm down and allow himself to be comforted. He knew full well that he was acting very out of character, but ever since moving to Forks he just couldn't control himself. This whole imprinting business was one serious emotional ride. He kind of missed the old Draco that didn't let every damn thing upset him.

Jacob offered a warm smile. "I'm glad you told me," he said, "And when you're not so upset, I'll ask how this is possible. But for now..." He placed his hand on the blonde's cheek. "Why did you come? Not that I mind, of course, but you're just so... So scared..." If anyone has hurt him they will die. The wolf inside of him growled viciously because Draco had been with the cold ones last Jacob knew. Those damn bloodsuckers!

Draco took a deep breath, like he learned for his anger management. How am I supposed to say this? I already threw up some word vomit. "I can get pregnant"? Really, Draco? He sighed. I can't just say, 'Remember that Dark Lord I told you about? Yeah, well I'm supposed to bear his evil seed'. Try to ease into it... That was easier said than done.

"Jacob," he tried, wishing he could stand up and get some space between them. It wasn't that he cared, especially since they'd grown closer, and it wasn't that he thought the closeness wasn't good... It was warm and nice, but... Jacob could be okay with him getting pregnant, but he really didn't see him understanding the why he could get pregnant. The shifter was understanding and smiley, but even he couldn't just say it was alright that Draco was meant to bear Lord Voldemort's child... "Jacob," he tried again, not looking the shifter in the face.

He got an eyefull of something else though.

"You're naked..." he pointed out, face warming considerably, distracted.

Jacob had the decency to flush as well. "Um... yeah... Seth took my clothes." He wanted to cover himself but worried that it would only bring more attention to 'little Jacob'... Well, not little...

Draco tore his eyes away from the shifter's crotch and looked at his embarassed face; something warm was bubbling up inside of him. "Seth... took your... clothes..." the blonde repeated slowly like he was trying to understand something incredibly difficult. The warm, bubbly feeling was increasing; he could feel it building up in his chest.

"I might have given them to him," the shifter mumbled, itching for a pair of boxers at least. I really hope I don't have any inappropriate thoughts... Dammit! He turned away quickly and shifted for the cover of his fur. Of course not wanting to think anything bad would make him think something bad.

Draco couldn't fight off the bubbling in his chest. Before he could stop himself, a laugh burst from his mouth. That one laugh turned into many, and he couldn't control himself. He laid back on the ground and just laughed.

Jacob's ears twitched at the sound, and he turned to see the blonde practically rolling around on the ground. He had never heard anything like it. He had made the blonde laugh a few times but this... This was entirely different. Completely different. It was... Wow... This was laughter without any restraint, honest happiness spilling from those soft lips.

Draco tried to stop himself, tried to reign himself in. Really, there was no reason he should be laughing. His future didn't look too promising, he just revealed the big secret he had been dreading over, Harry freaking Potter was here, the damn pregnancy potion was being put into practice, one day he may be called to the Dark Lord and wouldn't be able to refuse... But for some reason, with Jacob embarassed and naked, he couldn't stop laughing.

It felt good.

He finally thought he was calming down until he heard some kind of hyrbid sound that was a mixture of a growl, a laugh, and a bark. He looked at Jacob, the wolf again, and saw a big toothy grin. Is he laughing? His own laughter renewed completely.

His sides were beginning to hurt. "Stop it, stop it," he begged himself, clutching at his stomach. His eyes were watery as hell.

Jacob had no clue what he had done that was so funny, and he really didn't care even if it was at his own expense. He would demean himself any way, all the time, if it made Draco laugh like this.

The blonde eventually got a grip on himself, having no clue what in the hell had made him laugh like that but deciding it was just his body's way of relieving itself of stress, and just laid back and looked at the stars. He stared up until a large furry head blocked his view, and he found himself staring at an upside down wolf instead of the sky.

Are you okay now? Jacob knew his mate couldn't hear him, but he hoped he could get the message through his eyes. He was rewarded with a slight smile. Good! He ran a long, wet tongue down the blonde's face.

"Disgusting!" Draco yelled, swatting at the big head. "Get away!" but there was only humor in his voice. I always feel better when he's around. I wonder what I would have grown up like if we had met sooner. This brought another thought to his head, a sobering one. Would we be like this if I hadn't taken the potion? He hadn't thought about it before, but really, he and Jacob were only close because of the imprinting. If there was no soulmate bond would Jacob still want to be with him?

Would I want to be with him...?

This required some more thought.

Jacob nudged the blonde until he sat up, and he changed back into a human. He made sure to stay behind Draco so there wouldn't be anymore embarassment. "Do you need a ride home? I'm sure your father is worried about you. I really don't want him to hunt me down."

Draco turned his head to reply but the damn shifter moved out of his sight again. "Dammit," he cursed. "Stay where I can see you!" There was a chuckle but no body to go with it. "It's not like we haven't seen each other naked," he said with a roll of his eyes.

"I've never seen you naked!" Jacob exclaimed, suddenly right in his face. Did I miss something? Where was I!?

Draco flushed, but looked at the shifter skeptically. "In all the dreams I'm sure you've had, you've never seen me naked?" I highly doubt that. I've seen him naked many times!

Jacob flushed a little too. "Does that count?" he questioned, looking into silver eyes. "I think it's different when it's real..." He moved out of Draco's line of sight again, leaning in close to whisper in his ear. "More... intimate..." He smirked when the blonde shivered. "Don't you agree?"

"I-um... I guess," Draco tried to reply evenly. Dammit! I sound flustered! "I think I should be getting home."

Jacob laughed and kissed the back of the blonde's neck. "You wanna go home magically? Or should I go get the Rabbit ready?"

Draco could feel the lingering feeling of warm lips on his skin. Pull yourself together, Draco! "I know how much you like that thing, but I'd rather kiss a Dementor than ride in it again."

"A Dementor?" Jacob questioned, confused and maybe a little jealous.

The young Malfoy smirked. "A creature that sucks the happiness right out of you."

"That's cruel," the shifter replied with a pout. "I'm wounded, Draco. Deeply wounded."

"Awe, poor baby," the blonde smiled.

Jacob pulled the blonde's head back and ruffled his hair. "Ha. Ha," he replied sarcastically.

Regardless of why or how or anything else, Draco was very glad that he had met Jacob because he always felt better with him around.


Severus was the tiniest bit nervous as the time approached for young Mr. Darling to appear before him. Even if he hated the guy, he trusted that Sirius knew what he was doing and gave him a good, safe, un-traceable portkey. At least, the mutt better have done that or Severus was going to track him down and skin him. If he was feeling generous then maybe he would give Potter the pelt of fur as a memory.

And maybe he sounded a bit harsh, evil even, but if this was messed up in any way then that could mean ill for Aaron, Draco, and Lucius. He wanted to make sure Aaron was okay, yes, but nothing was more important to him that keeping the Malfoys safe. His own life meant nothing to him without two platinum blondes that he could take care of and love. He needed Draco and Lucius to be safe about as much as he needed air to breathe, maybe more.

A clock somwhere in the house chimed; it was time.

If Aaron appeared with company, or didn't appear at all, then he was going to hunt Sirius Black down and end him.

He recognized the tell-tell signs of someone approaching via portkey, and when he saw who arrived he nearly lost it.


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