The Prince of Whirlpool and Princess of Agrabah
NarutoxJasmine, AladdinxSadira
Story Start

Jasmine's olive skin was bathed beautifully in the moonlight. The feel of the night air made her chill to which she hugged herself only for Naruto to take off his jacket and place it on her. So far this night went from one of dread and loss to a breath taking experience as they flew over the city. Naruto's close contact made her shiver and divided her focus from the sights below and the man next to her. Jasmine had never known the intimate touch of a man nor had she never seen a man's erect cock. Until the evening of her fifteen birthday her father never allowed men in the palace unless it dealt with business or such things.

Losing her mother, the Sultana, had a profound effect on the Sultan as he became vastly overprotective of his little girl; weary about the evils of the outer world. Jasmine let out a gasp as they flew over the palace wall and higher into the sky.

''It's a beautiful sight isn't?'' Naruto asked as they flew to above some of the clouds. ''There are so many worlds out here princess. A whole new world.'' he said scooping up a cloud substance and using chakra to solidify it. He molded it into a gem and handed it to Jasmine who looked at it in wonder only for it to soon to be pulled apart by the winds to which the blond chuckled and Jasmine pouted.

The sensations of soaring, tumbling, and freewheeling through the air almost threatened to spill Jasmine's hair from her wrap. Soon they joined a flock of birds in the sky. One of them looks terrified and squawks. Carpet does somersaults and flips, at times putting Naruto and Jasmine in free-fall, but catching them. They then zoom above the clouds where a starry night awaits them.

They then zoom down over a river, apparently the Nile, for beyond the ship's sails are the Great Pyramids. They wave at a worker sculpting the complete nose of the Sphinx. He smiles, but chisels too much and breaks off the front section of the nose. They then fly alongside wild horses running. Jasmine pets one of them. On their next stop they fly through Greece, where Naruto grabs an apple from a tree and rolls it down his arm to Jasmine.

After Jasmine finished the apple Naruto stood up and extending his hand. ''Care to dance?'' he asked the uncertain princess.

''I-Is it safe?'' This whole night had been thrilling so far, but the though that only a thin carpet stood between her and sudden death unnerved Jasmine quite a bit.

''You can trust me you know.'' he said as Jasmine hesitated for a few more moments before reaching out and taking Naruto's hand. She was pulled up as he wrapped her hand around her torso and they began dancing to a beat he was humming. ''I see the princess is light on her feet?''

''It was something my mother thought me before she passed away.'' she said as Naruto adorned a forlorn look.

''I'm sorry...''

''It's okay.'' she said as she rested her head against Naruto's shoulder. Fireworks began going off in the background halfway through their dance causing her to look up. ''They're beautiful...I've never seen them this up close before.''

'' neither.'' he said as canvases of red, blue, violet, and yellow erupted forming shapes and painting the dark blue-violet night sky. Eventually the dance ended and the two took to watching the night sky. Even with all the wonderful sights in the background Naruto's gaze was focused on Jasmine's form. It was amusing seeing her face filled with wonder as she looked around everywhere.

''You know...I couldn't imagine being royalty all my life. I lived so much of my life as a commoner I couldn't imagine not being able to have any freedom. I couldn't deal with being...''

"Trapped?" Jasmine finished for him. "Why do you think I was also in the marketplace? I just couldn't deal with being in the palace all my life. Just being a pretty jewel hanging off some man's arm."

''If it means anything I don't think I can sit around and just rule either. I'm an adventurer you know and if I were to have a significant other I wouldn't mind if she tag along.'' Naruto smiled at the princess and she leaned forward and rested her head on Naruto's shoulder. Her breasts gently grazing his muscular bicep, reveling in his warmth.

His smell had an airy sort of smell to it along with something else she couldn't quite describe. It was a mixture of fruit and something else that reminded her of Rajah. Carpet had to dip to avoid a flock of birds causing them both to fall back, Jasmine's form on top of Naruto. She suddenly arched her back when she felt Naruto's land rest on her firm backside.

Both of them began blushing furiously as Naruto pushed himself from under her. ''Forgive me Princess, I didn't mean to get so familiar with you. It's just that you have such a lovely form.''

''Didn't you better not make a habit of it then,'' despite how threatening she tried to sound the flustered look on the princess's face made it funny. ''That is unless you plan on marrying me.''

''So the princess no longer objects to my presence?'' he asked as Jasmine mused over it.

''Well I am a princess and I have a duty to my kingdom,'' she answered him coyly, her hand seductively tracing the curve of her waist from breast to hip. "And it does get quite lonely some nights.'' Jasmine continued teasing the now flustering blond before bursting out into a set of giggles.

''So cruel princess.'' he said with a bout as Jasmine ran her fingers through her hair.

''I hope you don't take any offense to my teasing. I find your shyness cute.''

By the time they finally got back to the palace the sun would be rising in the hour. Carpet forms a set of steps and Jasmine descends them. Naruto then descends just below the balcony. ''Good night, my handsome prince.''

'' Sleep well, princess.'' They slowly lean forward to kiss, but Carpet bumps him up and they kiss sooner than expected. She walks away slowly then turns and looks at him. Finally she enters her room through the curtain.

'' my life.'' Naruto said as he fell back onto carpet. ''Thank you carpet. You kicked all kinds of ass my friend.'' he said as Carpet made motions with his head, or was it tail? Anyway Naruto sure it was some kind of modest reaction. ''I'll take it from here.'' Naruto said as hopped off Carpet and landed on the ground. Naruto waved carpet off as his senses were going off. He looked around, trying to here or smell something; though he couldn't find the source of this feeling.

Could this be the work of one of the sorcerers he was warned about? Suddenly several somethings struck him, their fangs piercing his neck and arms. He could feel his body go numb as he started to lose consciousness. The last thing he heard was the sound of the Sultan's aid. ''Take him far away from here. Make sure he's never found.'' And then Darkness claimed him.