41: Wear his clothes

What was the sexiest thing that Ash wore? Well, nothing ranked pretty high, but Gary had determined that the sight of Ash walking around in boxers and one of Gary's button-up dress shirts, with the top buttons undone, was far sexier. Also, Ash looked very nice in every one of his hoodies, with the sleeves covering most of his hands and the bottom hem coming down below his ass. Not that Gary preferred seeing Ash in baggy clothes, but it was more that Ash was wearing his clothes that made all the difference.

42: Incense, candles, oils, and music make for great sex… or cuddling

Gary had everything together for an amazing night- it was Ash's birthday, and his lover was getting the best sex of his life tonight. He had a battle today, in Viridian, but had told Gary that he'd be home in time for dinner. Gary pulled out all the stops- nice-smelling incense had been burning for the past twenty minutes, he had candles set up on the nightstands ready to be lit, and expensive lube was ready for use.

Ash walked through the door (way past dinner time) and sluggishly slumped on the couch. Gary sighed and ran upstairs, lit one candle, put away the lube, turned on some soothing music, and went back downstairs to carry Ash up to bed. He nodded to Umbreon to take care of Pikachu before closing the door to their room. He laid down next to Ash and let his lover fall asleep against his shoulder.

43: Cook for each other

Ash used to cook all the time for Gary. But, that was before the new trainers from all over started to challenge him. Between keeping Gary's paperwork up-to-date as his lab assistant, and usually two battles a day, he had a hard time getting together a nice dinner to the two of them.

Once, a trainer came calling in the late afternoon, just as Ash was getting ready to make dinner for Gary. He sighed- as the Pokémon Master, he couldn't back down from a battle. By the time he was done (this one actually had some skill), he had fifteen minutes to cook. Instead, he and Pikachu went inside and took a nap. When he woke up, food was on the table and Gary was kissing him softly. "Hard battle today?" Gary asked.

"Yeah," Ash said as he sat up. Dinner was simple- pasta and marinara sauce. The pasta was a little underdone, and the sauce could have been warmer, but Ash was happy because Gary had cooked for him.

44: Undress each other

Umbreon and Pikachu ran out of the room. Their cue to leave was when Ash came in, and Gary had pushed him onto the bed, face down, and started kissing the back of Ash's neck and feeling all around his side and stomach. Pikachu looked back once, but Ash's shirt was already off, and the scent of the human mating ritual was already filling the room.

45: Don't make the same mistake twice

Gary said he might be back. But, Ash wasn't expecting him. Gary was worse than angry- and he had every reason to be, after Ash ended up in bed with another guy at that party. Ash didn't know what the guy's name was, but he'd take it all back in an instant if he could Gary back in his bed.

A light knock came from the door, and then the creak of the wood. Ash looked up and saw his best friend and lover standing there. Gary crossed the room quickly, first to shut the window, then to sit next to Ash on the bed. He pulled Ash into his arms, and then lightly kissed his forehead and said, "I tried."


"I tried to imagine myself without you. It didn't work," Gary brushed at Ash's teary cheeks with his fingertips. "Just, don't do that again, yeah?"

Ash snuggled deep into Gary's side and said, "Never."

46: Spend every second possible together

"You brought your boy-toy, Mr. Oak?" one of the other researchers, a college student, asked.

Gary narrowed his eyes at the man, wrapped his arm around Ash, and said, "One, he's not my 'boy-toy,' he's my lover. Two, yes, I brought him, because I happen to love spending time with him. If you have a problem with that, then maybe I'll just keep my findings on stone-evolution to myself and go home."

No one else bothered Gary or Ash for the rest of the weekend.

47: Kinky is bad- blindfolds, however…

Ash was sitting with Pikachu and Umbreon, watching a movie and waiting for Gary to come back from the lab. Pikachu, as usual, was perched on top of his shoulder, and Umbreon was settled down next to his hip, his head on Ash's lap. And then… the room went black, and a piece of fabric was covering his eyes. Pikachu laughed, so Ash wasn't too worried, but it still startled him enough to gasp loudly.

"Shh…" Ash heard that, right in his ear, and he calmed down a little. It was only Gary. He was lain back, and Pikachu and Umbreon both jumped off the couch, and Gary covered his body with his own, and started kissing him everywhere.

Later, they were cuddling, and Ash said, "You need to do that more often."

48: Roses

Ash tried to wake up before Gary left. He was going out to Hoenn for a week to study with Professor Birch, and had told Ash that he would call every day, but that didn't make Ash feel any better. He had even set his alarm for an hour before Gary said he was going to he heading out, but his alarm had not gone off- Ash assumed that Gary turned it off, so Ash would sleep in.

He slowly padded down the stairs and into the kitchen, and there, on the table, was a vase of white roses, with a single red rose in the centre. He gasped, and smelled them- fresh, too. There was a note next to the vase, and Ash read it.

I'll love you until the last Rose dies. Forever yours, Gary.

Ash looked at the roses again, and noticed that the red one was a silk flower. He smiled, and sat down in front of the vase. Pikachu jumped up on his shoulder, and Ash said to him, "Gary's great, isn't he?" Pikachu just cooed and poked him in the ear, a sign that he wanted breakfast.

49: Wear his favorite cologne

Gary sniffed the air. It was strange, but a good strange. The scent rushed down his back and made his stomach flip. "Ash?" he called into the house as he put down his bags. Pikachu called back at the top of the stairs, and ran down to greet him. But, no Ash. With Pikachu on his shoulder, he walked up the stairs, and then knocked on their bedroom door.

The scent was stronger here. Ash opened the door, and Pikachu tapped a pokeball on Gary's belt, releasing Umbreon. The two pokemon ran back down the stairs to play, and Gary stared at Ash, still wet from a shower, with a towel around his waist.

"What's that scent?"

"New body wash," Ash said quietly. "Is it good?"

Gary nodded, and huskily said, "Yeah." Then, he pushed Ash into the room and ravished him.

50: Very lightly push up his chin, tell him you love him, and kiss him lightly.

After months of preparation and paperwork, Ash and Gary finally had a beautiful baby girl, Isabella Daisy Oak. She was currently sleeping on "Daddy's" chest while Ash was leaned up against the armrest on the couch. Gary, now "Papa," smiled at the new addition to his family, and lightly touched Ash's cheek to see if he was awake. One of his eyes opened, and the pair shared a smile.

Gary reached down, lifted Ash's chin a little, and kissed him. "I love you," he whispered. Ash said he loved Gary back, and fell back asleep.

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