A/N: Hello. This is something I really like. One of my new favourites that I've written. I read a Percy Jackson fanfiction told in this POV, and I thought I'd try it, but in the Harry Potter category. Tell me what you think!

It's funny how things change so fast. One moment you're filling out owl orders in the back room at Great Auntie Muriel's and the next you're fighting for your life at a deadly battle. You remember getting the message, and Fred jumping up quickly saying, "Well? Are we going or are you just going to stay here filling out owl orders?"

You get up too, also excited at the promise of a battle in which You-Know-Who could be defeated. Before you leave you stop your twin and say,

"Fred, promise me you won't die. We've never been apart. We entered this world together and we had better leave together too."

Fred nods at you and smiles. "Of course, George, why would I do such a stupid thing?"

You smile now, appeased.

The battle rages around you. You hear the screams from the people you know and the evil laughter from the ones you wish dead. You remember splitting up with Fred, as you both know the castle better than most. You don't think that anything could go wrong.

You arrive where the body is. You see it—him. He doesn't look right. He is pale...and cold. There are cuts and bruises everywhere on his body. The only normal thing you can find on his body is the smile still on his face. He is laughing...even in death.

You sit in your bedroom, the day after the battle. You look at the picture of Fred and you at age seven, missing the same front tooth and having that wide, mischievous grin. You allow the tears to fall down your face as you mourn for your other half. You hug the photo close and then scream a strangled cry of sadness and anger. He had promised you that he wouldn't die. And he lied.

You sit, stony faced at the funeral. The funeral you never planned on having to attend. You remember all the times you had with your brother: the pranks, the jokes and the fun. You remember again that he promised, but decide not to hold it against him. You try not to cry, but fail. Angelina sits beside you, hugging you softly as the tears drip off of her own face. You know that life won't be the same without Fred.

It's your wedding day. As you stand at the front of the chapel, Charlie beside you as your best man, you remember your twin. He would have been the best man had he still been with you. You wonder what he would have said about handing in your bachelorhood for a girl. You hope he is watching from above, laughing his arse off.

You hold your son for the first time. You look into his eyes, blue like yours and your twin's and you know that Fred would be already plotting how to corrupt this child. You wish that your son could meet his namesake and that your brother could meet his nephew. You feel the overwhelming sadness that your son will grow up without knowing his uncle. You allow yourself to cry, the tears falling onto your newborn's hand. The baby looks back up at you, his blue eyes wide and you know that Fred would want you to be teaching this child pranks, not crying over him.

As you lay in the bed at St. Mungo's, you think about all the years that have gone by. You think about your children and grandchildren, all of whom are sitting by your side. You remember all the good times you shared with your family. But mostly, you think of Fred. Fred, who is waiting for you wherever you will go when this is over. Fred, who had been waiting seventy long years to have his twin back. You already said goodbye to your family.

"I'll see you soon, Fred," you murmur, and you close your eyes for the final time.