Ocean Side

A/N: Ok. Here is yet another small fic. And if you were wondering, the Tavern fic is now up and running, so if you want to read the long awaited fic, go right ahead.


"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Astrid asked.

"What? I can't spend quality with the love of my life?" Hiccup asked as Astrid blushed. It wasn't really all that weird to him. He just couldn't see himself with anyone else, and he made it plain for her to understand when he got the chance, or chances.

"No, you can, but why on a boat?" she asked. What few people knew, was that despite the incredibly dangerous and talented side of Astrid Hofferson, she was horribly scared of going out on the water and got rather sea sick.

Hiccup chuckled. "Because it's romantic" he said as the two of them sat intertwined in the small boat, Astrid sitting inside Hiccup's legs, her head resting on his shoulder, both simply talking and staring at the horizon as the boat rocked softly side to side.

"Well I don't think so..." Astrid muttered as she leaned closer to Hiccup, the only thing keeping her calm at the moment.

Wondering how she had made it back to Berk on the few boats they had saved after he and Toothless had killed the Red Death, and silently glad he had been unconscious at the time, Hiccup grinned. "Fine with me..." he said simply, causing the blond to stare up at her brunette love. "I was talking about Toothless anyways..." he said, his 'I-Love-To-Tease-You-But-You-Love-Me-Anyways' grin, the one he had reserved for her and her alone.

Behind him, Toothless gave the dragon equivalent to a chuckle, bits of blue and purple flame rising up around his thick maw as Nad, who was resting beside Toothless in the back of the boat, did likewise.

Astrid just smirked. "Well if you really love Toothless..." she said slowly as she turned her head and planted kisses along his jaw. "Then I should probably stop" she said with a grin, still softly kissing his neck and jaw.

Hiccup just smirked down at her. "Probably" he said.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked.

"Probably..." he said.

THUMP! Astrid grinned at him as he held his head, which now sported a growing bruise. "Happy?" she asked him, smiling as she returned to kissing her neck.

"No..." Hiccup said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and moved his head down so that he could kiss her lips with his own, slipping his tongue inside her own mouth as she spun her body over so she was facing him now. Astrid gave a small groan of approval as he continued to kiss her, both now running out of air.

"I should probably feel bad about this..." Hiccup said softly. Astrid stared at him, a questioning look on her face. Then he jumped forward, his hands keeping her locked to his body as they flew over the boat and into the water.

The two broke from the water and Astrid glared at him. "What was that for?" she screamed, though she was only yelling to try and keep her embarrassment and laughter from him.

"For when you pushed me into that pond" Hiccup said and then started swimming away, their dragons watching with interest at their exchange from the safety of the boat above.

Astrid just laughed and chased after him, preparing to beat the crap out of him, then maybe spend an hour kissing him...