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"What does it say, Harry?" Hermione's voice asked from his left side.

Green hues raked the small piece of parchment.

"It's from Dumbledore," Harry replied within moments, "said he needs to talk to me."

The Chosen One peered upward at his two best friends. "Reckon what he wants."

Ron shrugged. "Another lesson, maybe?"

Harry felt rather hopeful after those words. Private lessons with Dumbledore again- but what would Dumbledore want him to see? It was probably something involving Voldemort. After all, Voldemort disappeared after their last battle last year.

Hermione, on the other hand, had opposing thoughts. "Maybe he wants to talk to you about your OWLs."

Harry ( and Ron too ) stared at their bushy-haired friend in disbelief. Why would Dumbledore want to pull him aside to talk about his grades? Besides, Harry thought he did fairly well on his fifth year examinations.

Hermione flushed lightly and closed her book. "It's a possibility."

She was ignored. Harry stood up with the note clasped in his palm. "I'll go see what Dumbledore wants."

"See you, Harry."

As he left the Gryffindor common room, the sounds of faint bickering was heard from where Hermione and Ron sat. As always, Harry chose to ignore that and made his way towards the headmaster's office.

Coming up to the gargoyle statue, the young brunette halted and examined the blockage closely.

"Er . . . lemon drops?"

The statue did not budge.

"Chocolate frogs?"

Nothing happened.

Harry withdrew the parchment from his pockets and looked for any hints. Nothing. That was odd. How was he suppose to meet Dumbledore if he didn't know the password in? He could be outside pondering for hours on what the password is. What if someone caught him and gave him detention? Like prefects-

"The password is toffee eclairs."

Speak of the devil.

Harry whirled around towards the voice, and immediately, a frown dawned on his lips.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?"

The blond Slytherin merely rolled his eyes and stepped from the way of the gargoyle when it leaped aside. "To visit the headmaster, of course," he answered before strolling in.

Oh. So that's what this was about. Malfoy- wait, Malfoy must've said- gahh, he was going to get in trouble!

Harry gathered his place and zipped through the entrance before it closed once more. Arriving at the foot of the inner entrance, he could see Dumbledore sitting behind his desk and Malfoy slumping against one of the two drawn out chairs.

"I didn't do it," Harry spoke off first hand.

"Have a seat, Harry," Dumbledore replied in his soft voice, completely ignoring the words spoken by Harry.

Harry hesitated, looking from the chair to Malfoy ( who bothered not to look in his direction ), before taking his seat and leaning away from the blond as far as he could manage.

"It has been brought upon my attention that you two are fighting again. You both are in the sixth year. It's been five long years of rivalry. Is it not possible to get along for this year and the next?"

Harry shot a glare at Malfoy, but Malfoy remained unfazed and did not even look back. That was odd. Usually, they would have a glaring contest whenever they got the chance to.

"I would propose to stick you both in the same room for a month or have you attached by the wrist, but ah, you see, many problems such as changing into new clothes would be hard to do with that proposition. In the end, I came to only one conclusion."

Harry shifted in his chair.

Dumbledore did not seem to notice the movement and continued speaking.

"You two will get to know each other and each other's life styles. No surveys will be completed, though." The headmaster smiled faintly upon his own spoken words. "Let's say that Draco prefers to begin this routine. Draco will teach, tell, and explain a piece of information from his lifestyle, past, and future each day until Christmas break. Once you both return from Christmas break, the roles would be reversed so that you will tell Draco of your lifestyle. You will both get twenty-six days each."

"But, sir-" Harry started, but Dumbledore raised a hand and issued silence.

"You will go to classes, as normal, of course. Once you are dismissed for dinner at six, you may begin your tellings. You have until ten, which is when you return to the Gryffindor tower, Harry, and when you start your prefect duties, Draco."

"Quidditch practice, though-"

"I'm sure the tellings would take no longer than an hour. Now, with that settled. Any questions?"

Silence overtook the office for a few moments before Malfoy raised his hand slightly.

Dumbledore gazed over at the Slytherin male. "Yes, Draco?"

"May I go first? I want to get it out of the way."

Harry, shocked for the most that they didn't get into an argument on who goes first, sat up in his seat.

"That is fine by me. Harry?"

Green orbs snapped from the figure in the chair beside him to the headmaster. "Sir?"

"Would it be a problem if Draco went first?"

"I . . . uh, no. I don't mind."

Dumbledore smiled. "Excellent. You may go."

Harry got to his feet and glanced over at Malfoy, who remained seated.

Turning towards the headmaster, he noted the faint nod.

Harry cleared his throat. "Good night, Professor Dumbledore," he said before turning to leave.

"And to Draco as well, Harry."

Harry peeked over his shoulder at the slumped blond. "Er, night, Malfoy."

Hurrying out of the office before Dumbledore could make any further comment, Harry ran towards the Gryffindor Tower, eager to tell Hermione and Ron of Dumbledore's plan for him and Malfoy.

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