Author's Note: Chapters 1-5 were written at least a year ago. You'll notice the tone doesn't match the genre. NEwayz, as of chapter six future-Winkle is taking over, so we can only hope she manages to fix it.

"S-Sasuke," she managed, her voice trembling despite her determination.

He didn't seem to notice her, or maybe he was simply ignoring her. Sasuke fastened his armor over his chest, recovered his sword, and slowly sheathed it. She watched him, and all but hiding behind the doorframe to their bedroom.

"Sasuke?" she tried, a second time.

"Aa?" her husband responded, though he didn't bother to look at her.

Swallowing, she straightened herself, and came out of hiding. Idly she observed his muscled back. "I want a divorce."

She didn't stammer, or shake, or cry as she expected she would. Her voice was bland, her remark brazen, and she was unimpressed with Sasuke's reaction.

He momentarily paused. Finally turned to look back at her.

"What?" he inquired quietly. His expression was neither hard nor soft. He seemed wholly indifferent.

"This isn't a marriage," Hinata said. She took a draw of air, and repeated it, simply. "I want a divorce."