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"Redtail is dead!" shouted Ravenpaw.

Shocked and confused yowls rose from the cats. The clan deputy couldn't be dead! Everyone looked around and noticed that the cats who had been at Sunningrocks were all there. Except for Redtail.

"We m-met five RiverClan warriors beside the stream, not far from the Sunningrocks." He let out shakily. "Oakheart was one of them!"

Tigerclaw walked in behind Darkstripe as Ravenpaw explained their encounter with the RiverClan warriors. He noticed an orange pelt in the cats that had gathered around Ravenpaw.

Tigerclaw still had the feeling that he knew the kittypet from somewhere. It was even more confusing now that he was having flashbacks of the kit he had saved. Realizing he was missing several pieces of the puzzle he threw the thought from his mind and listened as Ravenpaw explained in hurried gasps.

"How did this happen, Tigerclaw?"Bluestar's shaky voice asked.

Tigerclaw was about to answer when Darkstripe dropped Redtail's body and spoke. "He died with honor, struck down by Oakheart. I couldn't save him, but I managed to take Oakheart's life while he was still gloating over his victory." Darkstripe stared at his fellow clanmate's with supposed sadness in his gaze. "Redtail's death was not in vain, for I doubt we'll see RiverClan hunters in our territory again."

Bluestar nodded to Darkstripe and Tigerclaw then went over to share tounges with her dead deputy.

Confusion was across Firepaw's face. Graypaw noticed and quickly explained what Bluestar was doing.

"Of course the kittypet doesn't know anything. Figures." Darkstripe whispered in Tigerclaw's ear.

Tigerclaw glanced at Firepaw before striding up to the side opposite Bluestar was on and shared tongues with the dead deputy. He heard Darkstripe scoff and so he looked back. Darkstripe was giving Ravenpaw the evil eye.

Tigerclaw frowned. Why was Ravenpaw so scared? Darkstripe was a fierce warrior but Ravenpaw wasn't a half bad apprentice. He could be a good warrior. Tigerclaw continued to look back and forth between the two and could tell there was silent messages going between them. As Darkstripe let out a snarl, Ravenpaw squeaked, whispered something to Graypaw and Firepaw, then bolted to the apprentice's den.

He got up to let someone else sit by Redtail's side and walked toward the apprentice's den. What was wrong with Ravenpaw? Had he done something Tigerclaw wouldn't approve of and then Darkstripe found out what it was?

He slowed down a bit when he heard Graypaw and Firepaw walking behind him.

"Why do you think Ravenpaw was watching Tigerclaw the whole time?" Graypaw asked Firepaw. He was watching me?

"Don't know. The same reason Tigerclaw was watching him maybe." There was a frigid bite to the word him when Firepaw spoke it.

Tigerclaw quickened his pace and continued to listen to the conversation.

"Don't get you pelt in a twist. Do you think Tigerclaw had something to do with Redtail's death?"

"Graypaw, they were all there. They all had something to do with Redtail's death."

Tigerclaw entered the apprentice's den to find Ravenpaw shaking like a leaf. "Ravenpaw! Are you okay?" He trotted over to the shaking apprentice and wrapped him self around him. "Calm down Ravenpaw. Calm down." Ravenpaw quickly stopped shaking and closed his eyes.

"Sleep little kit. Sleep." Firepaw and Graypaw entered the den to find this site before them. Tigerclaw whispering things into Ravenpaw's ear so he would sleep.

Graypaw curled up farther in the den and fell right asleep. Firepaw stopped at Tigerclaw and Ravenpaw though. "Is he going to be okay?"

Tigerclaw glanced up into the green eyes that haunted his dreams and nodded. "Just traumatized. He should be fine by morning."

Firepaw watched Ravenpaw fall asleep before getting up and brushing past Tigerclaw. Their pelts touched a few moments and Tigerclaw felt his spine tingle. What, in Starclan's name, was that?

Watching Firepaw pause before curling up next to Graypaw he stood and climbed out of the den.

"Tigerclaw hurry up! Bluestar is naming the new deputy!" Darkstripe skidded to a stop as he saw his friend. He pointed toward Highrock and ran back.

Tigerclaw rolled his eyes and followed his enthusiastic friend. He caught the last bit of Bluestar's words. "...Lionheart," meowed Bluestar, " will be the new deputy of ThunderClan."

"Why didn't she make Tigerclaw deputy?" he heard Firepaw's voice mumble out.

"Probably because Lionheart has been a warrior longer, so he has a lot more experience," Graypaw mumbled back.

Tigerclaw gave a point for Graypaw's reasoning. He did want to be deputy, but he could wait.

"Fox dung!" Darkstripe whispered harshly from beside him. "I should have been made deputy." He huffed and went over to the warrior's den again.

Tigerclaw watched him leave. He had barely been a warrior, he hadn't even had an apprentice yet. How could expect to be the deputy?


Tigerclaw turned and noticed Bluestar walking toward him.

"Could you tell Darkstripe I just appointed him Dustpelt's mentor. He seemed out of it. I suspect neither of you heard me announce it."

Tigerclaw felt the skin underneath his coat heat up. They had been distracted. "Sorry Bluestar. We will pay more attention next time. I will tell him."

"Thank you Tigerclaw." She nodded as he bowed and she then headed back over to Redtail's body.

Tigerclaw turned around to talk to Firepaw and Graypaw only to find the spot they had been vacant. He looked toward the apprentice's den and found Dustpaw and Sandpaw talking to Firepaw and Graypaw. By the look of Frustration on Graypaw's face and the look of confused hurt on Firepaw's face, the other two apprentice's must have said something rude once again.

He sighed and stretched. He headed toward the warrior's den. While he passed the apprentice's den he heard Firepaw ask: "Where do I sleep?"

"Anywhere, just so long as it's not near me!" He heard Sandpaw snarl in return.

He felt anger bowl up as he concluded the she-cat must have a crush on the new tom apprentice. For some reason, that didn't bode well with his stomache. Grumbling, as he climbed into the warriors den and curled up in some moss, he mentally wanted to attack Sandpaw for her rudeness. He didn't like apprentices but this was a new low for him. Why was he acting so protective toward the kitty pet now apprentice?

He closed his eyes and a vision of Rusty, the kit he saved, popped up. Something hit him then. Whatever happened to that kit?

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