My Story


—462 AD—

I don't even remember how it happened or what purpose there was for me to even be here. All I remember was waking up to pouring rain falling on to my face. I was blinking furiously, sitting up slowly to look at my surroundings. I noted I was lying in the middle of a worn out road in a vast, lush green hillside, a forest to my left. I turn around, brushing my hair from my face. I see a huge stone wall before me, a pair of large doors looking threatening and menacing. It seemed about a mile or so from where I was standing.

Then before I knew it, I hear thunderous horse hooves behind me. I quickly turn back around to see men riding—or more like galloping—towards me. I jumped out of the way on time, but not before falling on my ass. I saw them passing by before quickly stopping before me. I swallow hard as I stare up at all the men looking curiously down at me. I wanted to disappear now as I hated the attention.

Then what I assumed the leader to be came forward, looking down at me expressionless—fierce look—but with kind green eyes. That's what gave him away that this man wouldn't hurt me. But I could never be too careful as I can't judge a book by its cover.

"My lady, what are you doing outside the fortress wall?"

I merely stared up at the man in fear, praying he wouldn't kill me or worse. Then another man—bigger in both built and tallness—rode up to the leader and whispered into his ear. The leader whispered back then nodded. He turned to the other men and yelled out an order before galloping away, the others following—but not before glancing at me.

I looked back to the bigger man who was now holding out what I knew was a cloak. It was then did I realize how cold I felt. I stood up and gratefully took hold of it, nodding my thanks. As I covered my soaked body I noticed that I was wearing a dress made for the lower class back in the seventeen hundreds or more back. I masked my shock from the unknown man incase he thought me to be mental. I look back up at the man to see him holding out his hand to me, waiting patiently for me to take it.

"My Commander will wish to speak with you of what has happened to you, my lady."

In that moment it dawned to me that I had to accept because I had nowhere to go, and these men were willing to help a complete stranger out in the road. Looking around the unfamiliar surroundings, I sigh and took hold of the man's hand. Placing my left foot into the strap, I pulled myself behind the man with his help. I thanked to my friend silently who wanted to learn how to ride a horse. Too bad I never got too good at it.

Well, that's how it started, my knowing of a new place that I thought to be nothing but fantasy and make believe. The big guy—which I found out his name to be Dagonet—told me that his leader was named Artorius Castus, or as he's better known, Arthur; the legendary knight and soon to be King of Camelot. He told me of how he was and that he wouldn't hurt me unless I hurt him or his men in some way.

I didn't say anything while he asked me questions, I thought it best not to say a word while I stayed here—however that long may be. At least, not say too much in case I get too close to anyone. Of course, that didn't last too long as I had like. After four months of living at Hadrian's Wall the knights—except one of them—had taken to dub me as their little mute sister. I didn't mind though, it kept the Roman's from doing anything; like forcing me to do something that they will force other women to do.

See, I work as a barmaid in the tavern Vanora—the knight, Bors, lover and mother of his children—and use the money to keep clothes on my back and food in my stomach. However I have lost a lot of weight because food and other necessary things cost too much, and I get paid so little. If the people back in my time could see how hard it is to get new things now, they wouldn't be complaining.

Well, now that's done, I guess we could start with the story, the story of the rest of my life; or at least the few years that I have come accustom to and accept.

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