Adena smiled as she watched her four year old twins chasing after their father as they mocked-fight with them. Arthur was slowly sneaking his way over to them, making Adena grin. She was leaning against the fence within the training yard in which the knights of the Round Table, and the soldiers, trained. Speaking of the other knights, Adena turned to see the others training but also watching their brother in arms and his children having the time of their life.

It had taken some time, but finally the last seven knights remaining underneath Arthur's command under Rome's hand, to trust and become almost like blood brothers to those who had similar names of their brother in arms that had perished before their time was up for Rome. Now the true legends of King Arthur and his knights have surfaced, of course with a few twists and turns.

A year after Adena gave birth to the twins, did Malia give birth to Arthur's son, Mordred, much to his and the kingdom's delight of having an heir. After Mordred's birth Adena was pregnant with Lancelot's third child–a son–soon followed by another daughter in less than a year later, making them seem almost like twins. However Morgaine had told the young woman that she was not to bear any more children after her fourth child. Although sadden, both Adena and Lancelot were happy with the four children they were blessed with.

And at the moment Malia was four months pregnant with Arthur's second child, the man as happy as he can be, as were all those who were loyal and served under him.

Thinking about her other two children, Adena turned to see Number Two walking towards her holding her middle son, Jared, by the hand and her youngest daughter, Naiara in her right arm. Smiling widely, Adena took Naiara into her own arms as Jared attached himself to her leg, looking up at her with a wide smile. Number Two has been helping Adena and Lancelot a great deal with the children, while also studying to be an Avalon Priestess by those that had came to Camelot in order to protect Arthur and his men until Merlin and Guinevere were found.

"Mommy! Mommy! Daddy is siding with Larissa again!" Adena and Lancelot's four year old son cried, rushing towards the fence.

Adena looked towards her husband with a raised eyebrow, her son attaching himself to her other leg. Lancelot, however, merely smiled as he held his daughter close to him, Arthur walking with them.

"But Uncle Arthur was siding with Byron, mommy!" Larissa cried to defend herself.

This caused the men, who had stopped training and moved towards them, to laugh at the children's antics. Tristan rode in from his patrol with several of his own men he had trained to scout, stopping before them. Naiara saw him and begin to wiggle from her mother's arms, holding her small hands towards him. Tristan smiled, though it was non-visible and only reserved for his Goddaughter, taking her in his arms.

Arthur had become Byron's Godfather as Gawain was Larissa's and Dagonet was Jared's. Lancelot was Mordred's Godfather and Adena was to be the Godmother of Arthur's and Malia's next child. It has been four years since the birth of Camelot and peace was reign all over the small island–not without its price, of course. The few Saxons have been killed as far as they know of, along with some rouge Woads who did not want Arthur as their king.

At the age of twenty-six, Adena felt as though her whole life has become complete. She has found love with a man who was to both die and become a traitor amongst both his king and friend and brother in arms. She knew that which did not feel right in her original time, Adena felt right at home in this time era. And though she may never see her family and friends again, Adena was content with her new found friends and family there.

Lancelot had snuck upon his wife while she was in deep thought, kissing her quickly and thoroughly, that both parties were kept wanting. "What has you deep in thought, my love?"

Adena smiled, wrapping her arms around her husband as her children were with their perspective Godfathers. "How much my life has changed for the better, and how happy I truly am with you in this time era, with our children, and our friends."

Lancelot grinned, bringing his wife closer to him as his lips hovered only inches from her own. "I am glad, for I did not sacrifice my love and pride to try and bring you back from your world four years ago."

Adena pulled back with a raised eyebrow, "Oh, I'm sorry, I did not mean–"

Before she can finish her words Lancelot kissed her, Adena sighing against him. Their children all made noises while closing their eyes, as the men and Number Two laughed at their antics. The couple smiled, but ignored the group, Lancelot turning them further away from them so he was able to kiss his wife a bit longer, while deepening the kiss itself.

Yes, life was truly a wonderful and joyous thing to not take for granted, no matter what time era you were from.


Hundreds of miles away in a forest very close to the kingdom of Camelot, was an army formed by two people who had been both disowned and exiled from the small island so many years ago. Merlin and Guinevere stood at the edge of the forest, glaring at the gleaming rocks of the castle and fortress surrounding it, keeping the kingdom and its people safe.

Although it has been four years since the tragic turn of events in which their fate and destiny was shattered because of one woman who did not want to stay away from the time she was not from. That hatred grew, as were plans of destroying the woman to right that which was changed.

"Our time is almost near, my daughter." Merlin told Guinevere softly. "Just a few more years to gather more troops and strengthen our magic."

"Good, for I wish to take my rightful place as queen and have my lover!" Guinevere growled, baring her teeth at the castle.

"Soon, my daughter, soon." Merlin's words faded as the two of them faded into the background, disappearing from sight once more.

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