TMNT: The Unexpected Friendship Fanfiction Story
Chapter 1: The Prologue

You think that all a regular 15 year old girl had to worry about was boys, fitting in, making sure to get good grades, and survive high school. Well, for Bianca, you're way off. But I should start off from the very beginning; before Bianca was even born. It all started on a far off planet that was many galaxies away from the third Earth. This far off planet was called Seken Fuden Itonami (world of everlasting life). This is where Bianca's life first began. Her parents were the rulers of this world. When Bianca was born, everyone was happy that they had an heir to the throne; but they were also worried for the poor baby princess because her birth could have had better timing.

Itonami (for short) at the moment was at war with an evil dictator and his ruthless army. The dictator was craved for domination. He and his army have taken down countless of other planets before Itonami. Luckily for the citizens of Itonami, they all had much more advanced technology than the invaders do. But what they lacked in strength, they made up with numbers. The king and queen were so worried about their beloved daughter; they decided that they would send her somewhere where she would be safe. The king and queen entrusted their child with their wing man, James.

He was almost considered part of the family. So the queen and king when their men were up against the wall were sent in an escape pod and were on their way to a little blue planet. As soon as they knew that their daughter was safe in the hands of James on this blue planet, the kingdom had fallen in the hands of the enemy and they were imprisoned in the dungeon for the rest of their lives; but they didn't care. For they knew that someday, when their daughter was all grown up, she would once again return home and save their kingdom and the other worlds from the likes of these horrid people.

In the meantime, James and little baby Bianca crash landed on the planet, James got out of the pod carrying the little princess in a light sea foam green blanket. He traveled on foot along a highway for a long time until he fainted from fatigue and lack of energy. A car shortly after drove by and a woman and a man got out of the car and picked up the boy and infant. The couple drove off to the hospital to make sure everything was checked out and they were ok. They were about to be put into a orphanage because they didn't have any records of who they were or who their parents were and James pretended to have amnesia so he couldn't remember where he came from (btw, he's ten, on their home planet, children when close to the royal family are trained to be servants are very responsible at the age of seven). The married couple felt so bad for these two children, they decided to take them in as part of their family. James and baby Bianca felt like they were so fortunate to find these nice people. They both really considered them their family.

James was homeschooled until he was in sixth grade. Bianca when old enough was put in public school, still having no idea about her old life. The only one who knew was her older brother. When Bianca was eight, James had to go off to college; it was the hardest thing he had to do, part from Bianca. Bianca didn't want to be away from him either. So, while Bianca and her 'parents' were in NYC, James was in Washington where he is currently studying technology and space. Bianca would miss him terribly and never really got to see him that much because he never had time to visit. She always felt like without her brother, she was all alone. She always felt this really close bond with her brother. Sure she had friends at school would look happy, but deep down; no one knew or could ever understand the sadness that was gradually growing inside her the longer it was bottled up. But sooner than she ever expected, she was about to find four people, i mean turtles who would help her crawl out of that dark and sad hole of hers and find the light.

I hope you guys liked the prologue. If I spelled anything worng, I'm sorry I did this on my Iphone. And also if the Japanese is wrong, then please tell me and I will correct it (just in case for some people out there, the name of Bianca's world was Japanese). It maybe confusing at times because you don't know the whole story yet, but you'll get it. I don't know where I got this idea from, as soon as I started typing, I couldn't stop and the ideas just kept coming in. Don't be disappointed that the guys weren't directly mentioned in the story, they will join the story around the second chapter, NO LATER (and when I say second chapter, that really means the third chapter on here because this is just the prologue). But I still need to figure out what happens in between that moment and now. The next chapter is going to take place present day when Bianca is fifteen; making her brother twenty-five. And the guys in this particular story are sixteen. O and also after you read this and are thinking of reviewing, NO FLAMES ARE ALLOWED! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. Of and you've reading my other stories and are annoyed with me because I haven't been updating on those stories; I seriously don't blame you, I'm just as mad at myself. I'm working on my DP fanfic as we speak. KHSE won't be going anywhere because no one has read it since I put it up and that kinda hurts my feelings a bit because it's my longest story and I think it's rather good and it's much different than any other KH fanfic I read I think. Oh, and one more thing, since I'm still going to sleep away camp that's for seven weeks, I won't be able to post anything 'till I come back. I'M REALLY SORRY, IF THERE WAS INTERNET AT MY CAMP, I WOULD BE ON IT LIKE 24/7. Well anyway, hoped you liked the prologue and await for the second chapter.