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TMNT: The Unexpected Friendship

Chapter 7

It was a rainy, depressing day in New York City. It was cold, foggy, and the sky was completely covered with dark clouds that seemed to go on forever with no end. Bianca and James were down at the graveyard. Today was the day of their parent's funeral. They didn't invite many people; they thought it'd be best if it weren't a big thing. Only immediate family came; brother and sisters, nieces and nephews of Mr. and Mrs. Henderson. It lasted for two and a half hours at the Church, people gave their speeches and shared their memories of their times with them. Bianca couldn't speak; her heart was just too filled with sadness to say anything that day. The bodies in the coffins were moved to the cemetery where they were slowly lowered into the ground.

The last two people to remain were James and Bianca. They were standing there silently. James had one arm around Bianca and Bianca was leaning her head gently into his shoulder. They stayed just like that for some time until James interrupted their silence saying

"It's getting late, we should go back…" He said quietly but loud enough for her to hear him. James was wearing a nice black suit with a black tie on top of a clean white shirt with his usual messy dark hair now combed and holding an umbrella for the both of them.

"You can go back to the apartment if you want…I wanna stay here just a bit longer…If that's alright with you." Bianca mumbled. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped dress that reached just under her knees, a black cardigan with lacey rims, black ballet flats that pinched her toes, silver bracelets and her usual B necklace.

"Are you sure…?" He asked her. She simply nodded her head and looked up and gave a small and quick smile. James then smiled solemnly back at her and said

"Alright then; here are the keys to the apartment. If you need me, call me." He said giving her the keys along with some money for a pay phone if she needed it, since he knew she didn't have her cell phone with her. James gave her a comforting hug and kissed her on the top of her head. When the separated they exchanged glances and he quickly messed up her hair, Bianca pushing him away jokingly. They both sighed and James turned around and walked off before turning around and waving bye. Bianca gave a small wave and James turned back around and soon couldn't be seen with the thick smoke hiding him.

Bianca turned around to face her parent's graves. She stared at the nameplates and sighed. She walked up until she was in between the two gravestones. She put her hands on both of them and said a small prayer.

Mom, Dad, I miss you. I know you said to move on, but how can I? How do I move on without you guiding me through life? Sure I have James, but it's…it's not the same here, or it won't be the same here without you. I know you adopted me and James, but I'm so glad to call you my parents and I will never forget you...And whatever my destiny is, I'll do it, whatever it is, for you…Thank you for always being there for me, I love you…Bianca thought to them as a small tear crawled down her check. She touched her left cheek where the tear ran down, she wiped it away only to realize it was replaced with another. So she gave up on trying to wipe it away and just let her tears fall. She didn't care if her makeup ran along her face or how red eyed she looked. She just let herself cry.

In the distance, a tall and muscular figure wearing a brown trench coat and a hat that covered his whole face made his way quietly Bianca's way. She was too upset to do anything, she knew he was there because she could sense him; but she didn't care who it was, it could be the Shredder for all she cared; she was just too upset to turn around. As the figure got closer to Bianca until he was right behind her, it seemed that the rain around them stopped. Bianca realizing she wasn't getting soaked by the cold rain anymore turned around and saw her favorite pair of beautiful forest green staring right back at her under the low hat holding an umbrella over their heads. She had a lot of mascara and eyeliner running down her face and her eyes were swollen from crying so much. But he still smiled at her with warm eyes. That's when Bianca couldn't hold back the new developing tears forming in her eyes. She broke down and leaned her head into his chest and simply cried. Leo didn't move for a moment, but then wrapped his free arm around her back and caressed her hair, trying to soothe her. When her breathing was starting to sound normal and not so rushed anymore, Leo put them at arms length and dug into his pocket and took out a white handkerchief lined with a light blue thread. She looked up at him and he smiled at her taking her hand and placing it in her hands and closing his hand over hers. She looked down and their hands and she wrapped her fingers around the handkerchief. Leo removed his hand from hers and she started to slowly clean the mascara from her cheeks.

When the makeup was mostly gone, she looked back up at Leo.

Thank you, Leonardo… Bianca said to him mentally putting her hands over his right hand.

I will always be here for you Bianca, I promise… Leonardo said back to her and putting his other hand he was holding with his umbrella on top of her hands. After a brief moment, Bianca snapped back into reality and removed her hands realizing what she was doing; now blushing a dark red. Leo then blushed red too and then said

"Hey, so, are you up to going back to the lair?"
"Okay…" Bianca said

"I bet Mikey will have something good for you to eat when we arrive…" Leo said smiling trying to lift Bianca's mood a bit.

"You think?" Bianca said as the sparkle in her eyes whenever she got happier returned. Leo smiled and gave a small laugh to her response. Leo then said

"Definitely." They exchanged smiles. "Come on, let's go find a manhole close by and get down there quick." Bianca nodded but first turned around and took two roses that were on the reefs on the gravestones and plucked one from each. There was a white one on the mother's and a red one on the father's. She took them in each hand and knelt down to the ground and placed a single white rose on the father's and a single red rose on the mother's.

"Now they'll be together…forever." Bianca said. Leo watched what she did and was a bit confused. Bianca got up and turned around and saw his face and gave a small laugh. "Come on," she said grabbing his hand that wasn't holding the umbrella. "Let's get there before Mikey's food gets cold." She then started to tug Leo along until he laughed and walked along side her.

As soon as they left the cemetery's front gates, Bianca gripped Leo's hand tighter without even noticing. Leo looked down at their hands, slightly blushed, but then gripped Bianca's hand back. Bianca looked at Leo and Leo met her eyes.

It's all right; I'll be here for you…don't forget that… Leo said to her and smiled. Bianca slightly blushed at that but managed to smile back at him while nodding her head.

"I won't…" She said accidentally out loud. Leo smiles at her, but then his eyes break his lock with her eyes when he notices a manhole in an alleyway off to the right. He then starts to toe her over to the manhole. He lifts the lid off the manhole and was about to go down first until Bianca grabs his shoulder and says

"How about I go first." She says.

"But I know the-" He says but is cut off.

"Trust me." She says looking down at her dress. "I should go first…" She then insists. Realizing what Bianca was trying to imply with her going down first, he turns a shade a of red for a second and then steps out of the way to let her make her way down he ladder first. She nods at him and pats his cheek saying "Good boy." In a joking matter and starts to walk down the cold metal ladder Leo not far behind her.

After a minute or so, Leo and Bianca are both on the sewer floor and start to make their way towards the lair. They don't do much talking, Bianca was too lost in her thoughts to even concentrate where they were going until she bumped into Leo who had stopped in front of her, that made her lose her train of thought.

"Why have we stopped?" Bianca asked.

"Because we're here."
"Uh, I don't know if you need glasses or not, but this is a dead end." Bianca points out.

"That's what you think…" Leo said smirking. Bianca ridged her eyebrow in confusion. Leo then went up to the wall and put his hand on a pipe and turned it clockwise twice. After he finished turning it a keypad came out of the wall and Leo punched in a complicated pass code. As soon as he finished, the keypad went back into the wall and suddenly the wall started to move upwards, then after a short moment the wall completely opened up and they were now standing in the lair.

"Okay then, never mind." Bianca said looking amazed. Leo sighed as he nodded his head back and forth. He went behind Bianca and softly pushed her inside.

"Hey guys!" Leo yelled out to the open lair. "Guess who's back?" All of a sudden a green and orange blur came rushing and grabbed Bianca. It turned out to be Mikey who was overjoyed to see Bianca. Mikey was now giving poor Bianca a bone crushing bear hug.

"Hey Mikey, it's great, to, see you too, but, I, can't, breathe…" Bianca said as she was struggling to talk. Mikey not wanting to suffocate her let her go. She was so tired that she landed on her butt on the stone floor.

God, both Mikey and Cabby have the same exact bone-crushing hug, they'd probably get along great if they ever met each other. Bianca thought to herself as he she slowly got off the floor only to be once again tackled in another hug; but this time it was from Donny.

"Glad you could make it back!" Donny said. Bianca laughed and hugged him back saying

"I wouldn't miss it." Donny and Bianca both laughed and let go of their small embrace.

"And you're just in time too…" Raph said walking into the open part of the lair. He went over to Bianca and started to mess up her hair before she could push Raph off of her.

"Just in time for what?" Bianca asked curiously as she started to clean up her now tangled hair.

"You're just in time for LUNCH!" Mikey cheered as Bianca started the sniff the air, which she just now realized was filled with amazing smells of food just fresh off the stove. She smiled brightly, which is the most she's smiled in a couple of days. And with that, Mikey grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the kitchen where delicious food was laid out on the island in the middle of the kitchen. Bianca gave a bright and teethe grin as she saw all the food laid out in front of her to eat.

"Mikey!" She cheered in joy. She then calmed down a bit and said "Thank you." Along with wrapping her arms around his waist in a tight but friendly hug. Mikey held his hands up in the air in shock but let her hug her and even gently wrapped his arms around her back. They let go and Bianca glanced back at the food and her stomach gave a small growl. She covered her stomach with her hands and turned a bit red of embarrassment. "God, when was the last time I ate."

"That was your stomach?" Donny asked.

"Phew, I thought it was an earthquake, or even another Mouser attack." Mikey teased. Bianca stuck her tongue out at him and Mikey did the same at her. Bianca all of a sudden starts to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Leo asks.

"Well besides how ugly Raph is..." Mikey adds. Raph gives him the evil eye and slaps the backside of his head.

"No that's not it…" She says laughing a bit more.

"Then what is it?" Donny asks her.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm really thankful for being attacked by the Shredder..."

"Um, are you feeling alright? Don, check her tempature, I think she's gettin sick from bein' out in da cold too long." Raph says. Donny attempts to put his hand on her forehead but Bianca shoos him away laughing.

"Okay, hear me out. I'm only thankful to him because if he never gotten such a strange and unexplainable interest in me," she says while getting crept out just thinking about it, "I would have never met you guys, and I'm really happy I did. I mean I don't think I would've been able to get through this week without you guys. So, thank you."

"See…I told you, food does everyone some good."

"It's not just the food," she says, "well partially," she admits. "But it's mostly your hospitality and kindness."

"As well, we are glad we got to meet someone like yourself." Master Splinter says.

"What have I done except take up your time and eaten pretty much all the contents of your fridge?" Bianca asks.

"It's because of you, we now have a new hope that there are maybe more humans such as yourself that are willing to understand us as we are and not as what we seem to be. So from all of us, thank you Miss Henderson." And he bows his head towards her, and the rest of the turtles follow their sensei's suit.

"(Blushing a bit) Oh, no, no, no, don't mention it, I mean, you should never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a turtle or rat by their appearance."

"Hey! We're teenage mutant ninja turtles thank you very much!" Mikey says sounding insulted.

"My apologies." Bianca says sarcastically. Mikey sticks out his tongue and Bianca copies him. Everyone laughs.

Bianca quickly looks up at the clock hanging on the wall and sees the time then turns away. But the then looks back once realizing it was getting late, Bianca said

"Oh god! Look at the time! I have to get home and make dinner before James got home."

"James? Your brother's back?" Leo says shocked.

"You have a brother?" Donny asks.

"I never told you?"

"Can't say ya have…" Raph says.

"Oh, well I have a twenty five year old brother named James. He lived in Washington before two days ago when he surprised me and said he got transferred back to New York."

"So you're living with him now?" Donny asks.

"Yup, it's only a couple of blocks away from my old home and that means I don't have to transfer schools anymore. And it's a really nice place too. So I have to get home now." Bianca said starting to get up and left the kitchen to get her shoes that she took off at the door. Leo watched her put on her shoes, he was still worried for her safety.

"Mind if I tagged along?" Leo asks.

"Are you asking to be my escort home?" Bianca asked in a teasing sense causing the rest of the turtles to snicker silently.

"No, no, nothing like that," he says trying not to blush and to cover up his real intentions. "It's just your neck of the neighborhood has great rooftops for patrolling the city."

"Well, alright then, sure, come on, but we better hurry." She said as she put her coat.

"Ooooo, Leo's got his first date…" Mikey teased as he elbowed Donny in the side shortly joining Mikey in snickering to themselves. Leo came up behind them and smacked them upside the head and then quickly grabbed his katana and strapped them to his back as he made his way over to join Bianca at the door.

"Be careful my children." Master Splinter said to them.

"We will…" Leo said as he let Bianca go out first and then turned back and closed the door behind him. When the door closed, Mikey and Donny broke into their snickering again and continued to joke about Leo.

Once Bianca and Leo found another closer manhole near her neck of the neighborhood, the silently climbed out. Since Leo didn't bring his disguise with him, they decided to travel up the fire escapes in the alleyway they were now in and made their way up to the roofs since they cannot go by the streets. Luckily for them, the rain had stopped, so the fire escape wasn't so slippery. Once they make it to the roof, they could see everything, all the cars zooming by and all the bright city lights. The sky itself was also beautiful out; the clouds were slowly making there way out of sight and revealed the moon and the stars shining brightly.

Soon Leo and Bianca were on their way to Bianca's place. Leo was the first to jump from the roof they were standing on to the next building across a pretty big gap. Bianca had somewhat of a hard time keeping up with Leo because one, it was her first time jumping from one roof of a high building to another and two, she was wearing a dress and ballet flats that pinched her toes. Bianca not thinking looked down the side of the building and got scared when she realized how high they really were.

"Don't worry," Leo said across the gap from the next building, "I'll be right here, you can do it!" She met his eyes and they were filled with hope and trust. She couldn't turn down those eyes. So she closed her eyes and took another breath in. She opened her eyes again and took several steps back. Once she was at a good distance to make a running start, she sprinted forward and once she was on the ledge, she leaped as far as she could.

To her surprise, she made it to the next ledge. She sighed and smiled at Leo who was standing just in front of her. She put her hands on her hips in satisfaction until she started to feel a bit wobbly standing up there. Then she realized her feet were half way off the ledge. She starts to wobble back and forth and both she and Leo started to panic. Luckily right before Bianca could wobble back far enough to fall right down to the ground and go splat, Leo got a hold of Bianca's waving hands and pulled her back so she would be standing steadily on the ledge. Leo though pulled a bit too hard and she fell forward off the ledge and landed in Leo's arms. She was clutching him by his arms and caught her breath. Once she calmed down a bit, Bianca looked up at Leo who was smiling at her. Bianca smiled at him in return too and Leo slowly brought her up so she was standing up straight. Bianca being the shorter of the two looked up at Leo and his kind eyes and soft smile. For a bit they didn't move until Bianca shook her head back to reality along with shaking off their loose grip and said

"Uh, thank you." She said shyly while tucking some loose hair behind her ear.

"Uh, forget it." Leo said trying to act cool. "It's my fault I didn't help you across, this being your first time and all."

"Is it really that obvious?" She says. They both laugh and once again their eyes lock. But this time Leo breaks their gaze and gets serious again and says

"Well I mean you don't seem to understand how dangerous and risky this is." He says as he jumps off the other side of the building they were on to the next. He looks around and notices a long sturdy board on the roof he just crossed over to. "I mean I've been doing this for a while now..." he said as he was making the board stable for Bianca to walk across to the building he was on safely.

While he was fixing the board, he saw something fly overhead, when he turned around, he saw that Bianca just jumped across the far distance from the last building to the one they were on now.

"Mmm, I'm a fast learner." she says smirking. At first Leo was pretty shocked, but he smirks back at her and they continue on their way. Leo again starts to lead the way but to Bianca he seems to be heading in the wrong direction.

"Uh, are you sure we're going the right way?"

"Don't worry, we're just taking a...little detour." he said facing forward smiling so Bianca couldn't see.

"What are you up to?" Bianca asked him suspiciously.

"You'll see..."

"Uh, uh, no way, I don't like surprises. Tell me where you're taking me."

"Let me think about it...no."

"Oh come on-," She said before cut off by Leo saying

"Hey, do you trust me?"


"Then follow me," he said jumping to the next building. Giving up on ever getting what Leo had in store for her, Bianca sighs and follows his lead on to the next building. Bianca could tell that they were heading towards the sea as the scent of salty water started to get to her nose. She still hadn't a clue as to where Leonardo could possibly be taking her. She didn't like not knowing things, especially when it came to going to places, but when as Bianca continued to go from one rooftop to another along side Leo, she started to get a bit excited as she saw his smile start to get a bit bigger each time they went to a new building.

"Okay, I need you to do something." Leo said as they stopped on a building.

"Okay, what –"

"I need you to blindfold yourself." Leo said cutting her off.

"What? Right now?"

"We're getting close and I want to make it even more of a surprise."

"But how am I going to be able to see when I'm jumping to the next rooftop."

"Hey, you said you trusted me right?"

"Yes but—"

"Then you leave everything to me." He said taking a piece of fabric from his belt and holding it out to Bianca. She went to grab it; but hesitated and looked back up at Leo. She looked into his eyes and saw complete honesty and trust in them. She then sighed not breaking the eye contact and took the fabric from his hand and wrapped the fabric tightly around her eyes so that she couldn't see anything. Then while standing there feeling ridiculous with a blindfold on, Bianca felt herself be lifted off her feet. She was in Leo's arms, bridal style.

"You ready?" Leo asked her. Bianca nodded. "Then hold on." Leo said, as he started to run and jumped to the next rooftop. When Bianca and Leo were in the air, she quickly wrapped her arms around Leo's neck when she finally located it. Leo looked down at Bianca and blushed a bit.

Good thing she's blindfolded… Leo thought to himself.

For what seemed like several minutes, Leo was quickly making his way to his surprise for Bianca as Bianca just stayed there in his arms gripping on for dear life. Finally Leo started to slow down his pace and from what Bianca could tell they were on the ground now since Leo hasn't done any jumping for a while. Getting somewhat impatient she asked

"Are we almost there?" She also said with some curiosity. He stopped walking and gently and carefully started to place Bianca on the ground.

"Why don't you see for yourself…" He said as he undid her blindfold. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she gasped at the sight. They were distant from the buildings because trees surrounded her. But that's not what she was focusing on. She saw a small but quaint white gazebo that was wrapped in vines and had roses blooming from them. It looked a bit old but plenty stable to people to walk into, which is what she did after she remembered how to walk from being in awe. As she entered the gazebo, she saw that it was bigger than it appeared to be. It was open with a bench going around the sides of the gazebo. She walked up to the bench and kneeled on it as she looked over the railing to see the view. They were right next to the bay, the city could be see on the horizon and all the beautiful lights were shining bright and reflected in the water as well. The sky was unusually bright for the city and you could see the full moon and the stars.

"Leo…it's, beautiful. How on earth did you find this place?" Bianca asked turning around to Leo who had also started to enter the gazebo.

"I found it once patrolling the city by myself not too long ago. I thought you'd want to see it…" Leo said trailing off but before he could get another word out of his mouth he realized that Bianca wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

"I do, I really like this place. Thank you for brining me here." She said letting go of him.

"Y-You're welcome…" Leo said stuttering. "I'd thought you'd like it because it's a great place to just, get away from the real world and just relax." Leo said wandering towards the railing and looking at the city. "I know I do…" He sighed.

"Yea, you're right, it feels nice to know there's a place like this to escape to away from everything else…" Bianca said joining him putting her knees on the bench and putting her elbows on the railing taking in the beauty of the lights. "So is this the only reason why you brought me here? To just show me this place or was there something else…" she said trying to figure out the real reason as to why they were there. Leo seemed to have more of a reason than to just show her the great view.

"Well now that you mention it…" Leo said this while moving away from the rail as he made his way towards the center of the gazebo. Bianca stayed where she was but her eyes were following him every step of the way. "Do you remember when I was giving you a tour and we were talking in the music room."

"Yea, what about it?" Bianca said remembering the moment.

"You were talking about why you decided to stop playing music." Still not making any eye contact.

"Go on…" Still trying to see if she could figure out where he was going with this.

"And you said you went through a music phase two years ago." Bianca was silent, she didn't like where this was going. "What made you go back then?" Bianca turned her head away from Leo's eyes that were now staring at her. She didn't want to answer that question.

"Bianca?" Leo asked concerned, sort of regretting he ever asked.

"Look, I'm sorry. Its just…"

"It's just what? You don't trust me?" Leo asked sort of upset.

"No! I do, I trust you. I trust you with my life. It's just painful whenever I think about it," she said rubbing the upper half of her left arm; where Leo remembered is where her lightning bolt scar was. "There are some things I've been trying to forget, but they always seem to end up coming back somehow."

"Does it have to do with your scar?" He asked trying to put all the pieces together. "When Mikey first asked about it when you first woke up, you never told us how you got it…"

"Yes," was all Bianca could say. She took off her left sleeve of her cardigan just enough for her to look at the lightning bolt-shaped scar going down her arm. Leo could see by Bianca's eyes that she was remembering how she got it. "(Sigh) You might want to sit for this, it could take a while." She slowly sat down on the bench. She motioned her hand to the spot on the bench open for him to sit down next to her. When he joined her on the bench, she was silent. She was deep in thought on how to tell her story. And just by looking, Leo could tell that this was going to be hard for her by her facial expressions.

"You know," he said starting to get up from the bench "I shouldn't of asked, if you really feel that uncomfortable talking about it..." he said trailing off until Bianca got up from the bench and grabbed his wrist which stopped him. She pulled him towards her and when that happened, her hand slid to his hand.

"No," she started. "It's alright, you're my friend, and as my friend you have the right to know about what happened." She gave him a small but reassuring smile and gently squeezed his hand. Leo sighed in defeat and he let Bianca pull him back towards the bench. (They're not holding hands anymore)

"Okay, well, I'm going to give a bit, well actually a lot of back story to this. So, I guess it all started in seventh grade. It was just another day at school, until we found out that there was a transfer student from Michigan joining our class. His name was Ryan, Ryan Underwood. And on the first day, everyone decided to pick on him since he was the new kid in school. I felt bad for the kid since they were being pretty harsh, so I stepped in and told them all to stop picking on him. And luckily for us (said sarcastically) since the people who were picking on him were the school bullies, they beat me up along with him and we went to the nurses' office with cuts, bruises and bloody noses. So while we were in there, we got ourselves acquainted with each other and that's basically how our friendship started. He soon became friends with the rest of my friends and gladly accepted him into our little group. Soon, we were all going out to pizza together like he was always in our group. Things were great; we got really close. Even some people thought we were dating since we were so close."

"Around a year later, we were hanging out at my apartment on the roof and we were talking and laughing and just having fun. Then he all of a sudden he brought up about how people teased us about dating since we were so close. We laughed about that for a while until he started to get a bit serious all of a sudden. I asked him 'what's wrong?' he looked at me and said, 'would it be crazy if we actually started dating?'. It was so sudden. At first, I thought he was joking, but his eyes looked serious and he wasn't laughing. I thought about it and before I could answer him; he leaned over and kissed me. It was just a simple kiss, but it was a nice one too." She started to daze off for a bit, but then remembered that Leo was there and went back to the story.

"But anyway, we parted and then I didn't know what to say. I just sort of looked at him in disbelief, questioning if that was just a really vivid dream or it really happened. But then I looked at him and I realized it was real. That's when he told me he liked me. I was shocked by the news but smiled and then kissed him on the cheek and said I liked him too and we started dating after that point." Before she continued she looked over at Leo to see if he was still listening, which he was very intently. So Bianca took a deep breath and continued.

"So we dated for a long time. But something I didn't know during this time was that he was slowly pulling me away from my friends. I was pretty head over heels in love with him that I didn't notice and soon all of my attention was pretty much on him. But one of my friends, Connor Reese, was one person that I couldn't let go of. He's one of the first friends I've ever met, we live in the same apartment building and I refused to ignore him."

"But then during December break, we were hanging out at a party and we were on a couch and were talking. There were some alcohol there, I didn't have any, but Ryan was drinking, a lot. I didn't really minded when he drank, but he kind of went overboard that night. He then all of a sudden during our conversation started to kiss me. It was a pretty intense one and I obviously kissed him back. After a minute or two, he pulled away and took my wrist and stood me up and started to toe me away somewhere. I asked him where we were going and he said that we were going to get a room. I immediately stopped in my tracks causing him to stop and he tugged on my arm. I said I didn't want to get a room. I didn't think we were anywhere near that point in our relationship; and not to mention he was drunk and wasn't really thinking straight. He laughed and ignored my comment and continued to tug at my arm. I turned him around with my free hand and I said no. Then he said to stop being such a tease and started to kiss me again. I pushed him away and I told him no again but louder and with more meaning. He tried again getting fed up with me saying no and then tried to do it right there but I shoved him away and said he was a drunken asshole and said it was over. This is when I walked away."

"Luckily for me, Connor was at the party. He was starting to worry about me and went to the party to check up on me. He saw me by myself and he saw that I was upset and asked me what was wrong. I told him everything and cried into his chest, not really caring how I looked or who saw. He comforted me and said we should just head out, I agreed but said I have to go and get my purse that I left on the couch I was sitting at earlier before."

"So he said we'd meet at the door and I went to go get my purse. I was mad at what I saw on the couch, my purse was there, but, on top of the purse was Ryan, hooking up with a girl who used to be one of my best friends. I was so furious, I mean, he didn't even seem to care that we just broke up and he was now hooking up with my ex-friend. I stormed over to the couch, pulled them apart, I wasn't as mad as her as I was with Ryan. So I pulled him up by the collar and I pretty much said that he was a good for nothing douche bag and punched him in the face. I walked off again, forgetting to grab my purse and didn't bother to find Connor because I was so upset. Connor said that he saw what happened and thought to just leave me be. But then he got worried when he saw the look on Ryan's face and he got up from the couch that he landed on when I punched him and followed me out of the building. Connor said that he followed Ryan after he left."

"So I was walking down the streets of Manhattan on a Saturday night at 11 pm, and I was alone. Well at least I thought I was alone until Ryan, who was following me the whole time, came up behind me, grabbed me, and pulled me into an alleyway." Bianca stopped for a moment and took a shaky breath, which Leo noticed. His face saddened at the fact that Bianca had gone through so much pain. Bianca was clenching her fists on her pants. Leo rested his hand on her left palm and it relaxed as well as her other hand, she put her right hand on top of his hand. She looked up and continued but her voice was a bit unsteady.

"He then started to...attack me. And I tried screaming out, but I was losing hope of anyone ever finding me. But I managed a few scream and yelps in between of my sobbing. He told me to shut up but I didn't, and the only way to get me to shut up in his mind was to…." She gulped and she let a small tear come down her eye and landed on the palm on top of Leo's hand. "He took out a small pocketknife from his pocket and…" She didn't even have to finish; Leo knew she was referring to the scar on her upper left arm that she was covering up before. She let out a few more tears at this point and Leo, with his free hand placed his hand on her face that made her look up at him. When they made eye contact, she started to calm down and Leo carefully and softly used his thumb on Bianca's cheek to rub the tears away. He smiled at her sweetly which caused Bianca to smile and he removed his hand from her face as she regained a steady breath and placed it on her right hand that was still on top of his other hand.

"After he, well, you know...stabbed me, he was about to finish me off it seemed like, but thank heavens that's when Connor came out of no where and jumped him. They tussled for a bit until he right hooked him in the face knocking him on the concrete ground. Ryan didn't move for a while and that's when Connor knelt down to where I was leaning against the wall and saw the gruesome gash on my arm. He then ripped off part of his shirt and did his best to stop the bleeding for now. He then said 'don't worry, I'm here now and I'm going to get you out of here, the police are on their way and so is an ambulance.' I nodded my head but before we could leave, Ryan had gotten back up during our conversation and tackled Connor to the ground. Ryan then still had the knife in his hand was about to stab Connor until Connor kicked Ryan's chest and flipped him off of him and he slammed into the brick wall that was behind Connor and he was unconscious this time."

"From the distance, I could hear the sound of sirens and not long after, three police cars came along with an ambulance and they took Ryan and got him into one of the police cars. Connor getting up from the ground went over to me and carried me off to the ambulance and handed me over to the medic. They strapped me to a gurney and he hopped in the front of the ambulance and all the police cars and the ambulance drove off to the hospital. I passed out before I even got into the ambulance from the loss of so much blood and I'm basically telling you what both my parents, my brother, and Connor told me. They said I lost a lot of blood and that Connor even got some broken bones during his 'little' tussle with Ryan."

"When I was able to move, I went to visit his hospital room and he got a broken leg and two of his ribs were cracked. I felt horrible and we stayed together at the hospital for a couple of days. Then we went back to school, pretending that nothing happened. But that was no such luck; the fight was all over the local news and the headliner in the newspapers. Everyone came up to us and asked us a bunch of questions, and I didn't tell them anything because the police department thought it was best to make some cops come with us and were like our own personal bodyguards and shoved the other students away. Then I had to straighten out some things first; I first went to go to my old friends and apologized for ditching them to go off with Ryan. Thankfully, they accepted my apology, well, except for the ex-friend, Stacy. She couldn't forgive me. And soon she made a whole bunch of new friends and, yea, we don't talk much anymore."

"What about that Ryan kid? What happened wit him?"

"Ryan? Well, unfortunately, he's too young for jail, so he spent a year or so in Juvi and then under house arrest. And obviously I put a restraining order against him, well more my parents than me, but I didn't argue with them. But I've learned that he was released recently…" She said sounding sad again.

"What? How did you -"

"He found me the day I was attacked by the Shredder."

"When was this?"

"He came during school hours, I was in the gym locker room since I left my bag down there…Stupid Tacos." Bianca mumbled the last part.


"Never mind…but, that's basically everything...Does that answer your question?"

"Not really, because that doesn't really explain why you went through another music phase."

"Oh, right, I left that out. Well basically one of the reasons why Ryan and I started getting closer was because of our interests in music. And we would always play music together. It was always so magical; like a dream. But when I realized who he truly was, and finally woke up from that little fantasy, I completely lost all interest in music because whenever I played, it reminded me of him. And, it was too painful, but thankfully, I know now that the pain's gone; well at least when I'm playing music anyway…" Bianca said. This made Leo smile, it showed him that she was healing, and that she could go back to what she loves to do.

"Oh and one more thing…can we keep this just between us? I mean, just for the time being. I will tell them, I just want them to hear it from me." Bianca said to him quietly.

"All right."

"Thank you. And you're right." Bianca said to him.

"Right about what?"

"This place is nice for talking. It's like, our little secret spot…" Bianca said trailing off as she looked around the gazebo. A smile crept along Leonardo's face. He agreed with her, and he also liked the fact that she said that it was their secret place. He for some reason really liked the sound of that. Realizing where he was going he stopped thinking and started to realize just how late it was getting.

"Come on." Leo said. "It's getting late…I think your brother is probably worried about you by now." When Bianca heard that, she looked down at her watch and saw the time and almost screamed out loud to how late it was getting.

"Oh man, James is probably thinking I got kidnapped or something. We better move before he calls the police or something." She said. Leo laughed at her remark as she quickly made her way to the exit of the gazebo. She looked back at Leo with a serious face. "I'm not kidding, let's move!" She said motioning for him to follow him. Leo stopped laughing and nodded as he followed suit. They started to run for a bit until they started to come close to approaching the streets. Leo then immediately hopped into the trees, quickly helping Bianca up as well. They stuck close together and quickly made their way unnoticed to a near by building and quickly scaled the fire escape and onto the roof to make their way towards Bianca's home. After going half way across the city. They finally stopped at a building across the street and made their way into an alleyway. Before Bianca was going to cross the street, she turned around and looked at Leo.

"We should do that more often."

"Do what?"

"Go back to that gazebo. I like it there, and I liked talking to you…" Bianca said a bit sheepishly.

"Yea, we should."

"But, how will I get a hold of you the next time I think we should meet up?"

"I knew I was forgetting something. Here." Leo said taking out something from his belt pocket and holding it out to Bianca to take. When she grasped it she examined the item. It was small and shaped like a turtle's shell.

"What is it?" Bianca asked curiously as she pressed the center of the shell to find that it opens up, somewhat startling her.

"It's called a shell cell. It's like a cell phone. Donny thought you'd like one. It has all of our numbers in it."

"Cool. Tell Donny I said thanks." Bianca said still examining the shell cell. "So I guess I'll talk to you later then?" She said hopefully. Leo nodded his head. "Okay I should go and tell my brother I'm still alive and okay and haven't been kidnapped." They both laughed. Bianca waved goodbye as she made her way across the street carefully and entered the building. Leo waved by as she entered and stood there for a bit. Right before he was going to go down a manhole that was located in the sewer, his shell cell started ringing. He looked at it and pressed the center to answer it.

"Hello?" Leo said into the small device.


"Bianca? Is everything okay?"

"Oh yea I'm fine, I just wanted to make sure it worked." Leo laughed as he also heard Bianca laughing from the other side of the phone. "Okay, talk to you later."

"Goodbye Bianca." Leo said still somewhat laughing.

"C'ya Leo." She hung up the phone. Leo put the phone back in his compartment on his belt and made his decent down into the sewer back home.