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This is written in first-person. I tried writing it in third person originally, but it works much better like this. The perspective I've chosen is as though Arthur is writing a private blog at the end of each day, because it seems to work best without him knowing about future events, but also writing in past tense. And writing to an audience. But I ramble.

Please enjoy.

It wasn't like I had intended to be caught when I broke into the liquor store. However, it ended up leading to a very particular and tricky situation.

All had been calm before I'd made my entrance; with a grand flourish and a threat to curse everyone in that building if they didn't give me all of their money. Of course, I wouldn't of actually cursed them, but my reputation was enough. Everyone knew that if the Dark Sorcerer cursed you, you were dead. "The Dark Sorcerer" being my alter ego, a sort of mask for my crimes, if you will.

They panicked and complied quickly enough, but I didn't care at the time as I believed I had plenty of time. It was around then, when I was walking out with a plastic bag filled with most of the cash in the store, that Patriot arrived.

Handsome, strong, and with fantastic morals, Patriot is the spitting image of a comic-book hero. I always distantly recall a "Captain America" in his presence, but if Patriot's theme of, well, patriotism was copied from said superhero, no one seems to mind. Afterall, he was the city's savior, and the type of bloke everyone liked.

I can't remember exactly what Patriot had said, but it was along the lines of, "Dark Sorcerer! Drop that money and put your hands up!" I hadn't agreed, of course, and instead started running towards the exit. But it didn't take very long for Patriot to catch me, and cover my mouth to prevent me from cursing anyone.

Not that I would actually curse anyone, but Patriot didn't know that.

I don't care to admit it, but I was beat up relatively quickly and gagged with a bandanna. As a camera crew arrived to document the event, I was tossed aside with carelessness. Patriot was quickly distracted by all of the attention, and that's when I slipped away. I would've taken the money too, but it was too close to Patriot and too risky to get.

After catching my breath, I removed my costume, to become the British, normal, and proper Arthur Kirkland. It wouldn't be hard to get out of the store looking like this. I'd done it several times before; escaping the scene of the crime by becoming a regular citizen.

Well, I'd thought appeared regular. But I was apparently still interesting enough to catch the attention of another man. He had been walking down the street beside me, casually; apart of the crowd. He turned to me and said,

"Hey! You saw that liquor-store deal, right? Some deal, huh?"

As I glanced at with him, I was met with all too familiar of a face. Blonde hair, and bright blue eyes sparkling with a hint of pride, even if they were unfamiliarly covered by a pair of glasses.. This wasn't just your average citizen, this was most definately Patriot. Trying to blend in with the crowd, yes, but I was surprised no one else recognized him.

His question didn't really register with me at first, but after a moment I answered, "Yes! Some deal!"

At least he didn't know who I was. But the likelyhood of his ignorance decreased with every moment he paid attention to me.

"That Patriot is really something," he commented, and I almost scoffed at his narcissism. But instead I smiled and managed to reply that yes, that Patriot was a fantastic fellow.

He blinked, and chuckled. "Dude, you're way British, aren't you?" I gave him a polite nod.

"Yes, I'm from London."

"It's pretty obvious."

"And?" What was wrong with being obviously British?

"Well, just sayin'." He gave me a cheeky grin, and I increased my pace as to leave his presence. But Patriot is persistant, apparently whether it's fighting crime or continuing conversations. He not only sped up to catch up with me, but he cut me off and stood in front of me. He stuck an eager hand in front of me.

"Name's Alfred. Alfred F Jones."

"What does the F stand for?" I asked, with a sarcastic edge.

He paused. I wonder if he even knew. Finally he answered, "Err, Frrreeeedd. Fred. Alfred Fred Jones."

I didn't question the alliteration he'd made for his own name, and simply nodded.

"What's your name?" he asked me. I sighed.

"Arthur Kirkland."

"Right! I'm calling you Iggy!"

"You may call me Mr. Kirkland," I replied, with an acid tone, and quickly added, "If you ever have the need to use my name again, that is."

"Ah! Well actually," Patriot/Alfred grinned, "I was gonna ask you if you wanted to go to dinner or something tonight."

I froze. Several things ran through my mind. Firstly, if I was to go on a date with him, Patriot would surely discover my identity, and I would definately be in trouble then. Next, I wasn't really that attractive, was I? I mean he'd just met me, well, this street version of me... And lastly, I thought about how odd it was that Patriot was gay. I never really saw him as the type.

I must of taken too long to answer, because he continued talking again, "I mean, in a friendly sort of way, if all you want to be is friends! I mean you seem like a pretty cool guy. We could just hang, yeah. Although that's kinda awkward, I guess, since I already, well..." He rambled on and on and I nodded.

"No, no, I understand," I told him, trying to get him to shut up. "And I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline your offer."

Alfred immediately looked hurt, and I felt surprisingly guilty, though he was annoying, my enemy, and whatnot. In fact, he seemed so disappointed that I quickly added, "But I'm free tomorrow night."

And that's how I got a date with my arch-nemisis, the one and only Patriot. Somehow I don't believe this is going to work out well.

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