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"Albus what's this about it's two in the morning." Madam Pomfrey yawned. Albus had sent out a patronus asking for all of the staff to meet him in the staff room for an emergency meeting.

"Yes Headmaster, some of us were sleeping." Severus Snape said grumpily.

"Yes well some thing has happened and we need to reach a decision before day break. Minerva would you like to inform every one." The Transfiguration professor stood up and took to floor.

"It seems that the Weasley twins were experimenting, and they filled the Gryffindor common room with a toxic smoke that is currently destroying the Gryffindor dorms." She told the staff.

"Well clean it up." Snape said scowling.

"That's just it Severus, Albus and I have spent the last two hours trying to clean it up. We can't. It melts bubble head charms, evansenco doesn't work, we tried opening a window but all that did was make the window deteriorate."

"So we need to figure out where to house the Gryffindors." Professor Dumbledore said cutting into what looked like another fight between the two heads of houses. "They are currently sleeping in the Great Hall with the head boy and girl watching them."

"What about the old marriage suites?" Madam Hooch asked.

"Marriage suites?" the younger members of the staff asked.

"Hogwarts has a few marriage suites from when it was common for children to get married young. We don't promote we have those suites." The headmaster informed them. "They would have to be cleaned out but I think they would work. However there are only two suites a house, so which years would get those suites?"

"I think the seventh and fifth years should get those suites. They need to study this year." Professor Flitwick piped up.

"How many fifth and seventh year Gryffindors are there?" the Care for Magical creatures teacher asked. Dumbledore waved his wand and a list flew out.

"There are 10 fifth years and 13 seventh years. The marriage suites have two bedrooms, how many twin beds do you think we can fit in there?"

"I think we can only fit three beds in each room, those rooms aren't that big."

"So we put the fifth years can fit in two of the suites 3 and 3, 2 and 2. The seventh years can be 3 and 3, 2 and 2, 2 and 2." McGonagall dictated.

"Why 2 and 2?"

"Because that way it's all even, seeing as we can't fit 4 in one room."

"That leaves three suites." Professor Vector the Arithmancy professor informed them. "Which year gets the other three?" They all looked at McGonagall.

"The next largest group is the sixth years with 15 students."

"Well that will work out perfectly 3 in each; three will just have a room to themselves." Sprout commented, and everyone nodded in agreement. "Now what do we do for the other years?" Everyone thought about it for a few minutes and it was Quirrell who had the idea.

"Iiisssn't tthherre ann eexxtraa rrooom iinn eevverryy ddorm." He stuttered.

"That's right, there use to be a lot more people at Hogwarts and it was hard to fit everyone into the dormitories." Sprout said happily.

"Wait so you want to put Gryffindors in other houses?" Snape asked. "No way, that won't work with Slytherin."

"Well we could have figured that. What about Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff would they be willing to host a few Gryffindors?" Flitwick and Sprout shared a look.

"It's fine with Ravenclaw."

"The same with Hufflepuff."

"However I think I speak on behalf of all the teachers that I don't think the Ravenclaws should host the Weasley twins. I fear that with the brains of some of the Ravenclaws and the twins may cause an unwanted even bigger mess." There was a look of horror on all the teachers' faces.

"Would Hufflepuff…" McGonagall started.

"Yes I'm sure my puffs won't mind hosting the Weasleys."

"So that would be the fourth and third year's right?" Professor Green the ancient runes teacher asked.

"Yes I think so they are bigger then the first and second years."

"Why do the groups get smaller every year?" Hooch asked.

"Because the years that the second and first years were born in, were the years when Voldemort was at his highest power." The headmaster said calmly ignoring the many filches of his staff.

"So that leaves the first and second years, how many are their?" Sprout asked sleepily.

"10 second years and 8 first years." Dumbledore read from the list.

"How many girls and boys in each Headmaster?"

"6 girls and 4 boys in second year, 3 girls and 5 boys in first year. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to where to put them?" There was silence for about 5 minutes.

"Maybe we could stick them in an unused classroom Headmaster." Snape suggested gleefully with his normal scowl.

"No we are not sticking my second and first years in an unused classroom." McGonagall said with a glare.

"No I agree with you Minerva they can't stay in a classroom. Does anyone else have any suggestions?" All that met him was silence. "Alright then we will have to move onto my plan B."

"What's plan B?" Sprout asked.

"Well you all will have to let the students stay in your quarters."

"What!" was the general cry. Professor Snape just stood and walked out. Dumbledore locked the door before any other person could leave.

"Albus what are you going on about? You can't expect us to watch a couple kids as well as do our daily duties as teachers." Trelawney cried speaking up for the first time all night.

"That is exactly what I expect you to do, now I do exclude Poppy and Rolanda from the list, I know Poppy can't be expected to watch any more children, and Rolanda only has a small room. However," He continued seeing his colleagues prepared to complain. "As every teacher has an extra room in their quarter I expect no complaints." There was a collective sigh. "Who wants to start the picking?" He beamed changing his tone quickly.

"But Albus the board of governors won't like that the students are staying with us, they'll call it favoritism."

"Well if the board can come up with a better plan I'll be all ears, but as of right now I can think of no other way." He sat and waited for some one to comment.

"Albus can I watch Mr. Longbottom," Sprout asked. "He looks like he has an aptitude for Herbology."

"All right then." He said making a mark on his list.

"Albus is that really how you're going to decide who gets to go where?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"Yes." He said gleefully.

"Well in that case, I want Miss Granger." She said quickly. There was a loud protest from other teachers in the room.

"Minerva, what if someone else wanted Miss Granger." Flitwick said angrily.

"You should have called her earlier." His colleague said smugly.

"Now, now let's not fight over the children, like they're possessions. However Minerva did call her first so she will get Miss Granger."

"What's so special about Miss Granger?" Professor Vector asked.

"She is pretty much a teacher's favorite student, turns everything in on time, answers everything in class, and is always polite." The transfiguration teacher told them.

"You can tell all that from a first year?" Trelawney asked doubtfully.

"Well it is January, we've had a few months to get to know the first years." She said glaring.

"Are you all going to fight over who gets which students." The Headmaster asked. He received positive answers from all the assembled teachers.

"Then I'll assign them." He stated ignoring the groans. "Pomona since you want to watch Mr. Longbottom, you can take Mr. Finnegan and Mr. Thomas as well." He dictated. "Minerva you can watch Miss Granger, as well as Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley. I see no need to break up their little group."

"I only have one extra room Albus."

"Would you rather have Ms. Patil and Ms. Brown instead?" She didn't answer him. "Alright that's decided then, Sybil how about you take Ms. Patil and Ms. Brown. It will be good for you to get to know some of the younger kids."

"What but.. that…" She stuttered.

"What's wrong Sybil your inner eye didn't predict it?" McGonagall said sarcastically to the amusement of her colleagues. Trelawney ignored her.

"Albus how long will this be for?"

"Well considering what we have seen, even if the gas disappears over night, it would take at least two months to fix the structural damage to the castle." He informed. He went on to assign the second years to various teachers.

"Albus if that's all I'm going to retire for the night." Professor McGonagall told him when he finished. She stood and left the room. She walked back to her rooms on the first floor, and sighed. A Weasley, and a Potter, it was going to be a long rest of the year.

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