Bella was with Alice shopping one day when she was pregnant with her second child because she has taken her 2yr old daughter Abby shopping with them. She felt sick so she asked Alice to watch Abby while she went to the toilet but she did not go to the toilet she went to the pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test but Alice did not see it coming. She went to the toilet and took the test and there it was the little pink plus sign. It was official Bella was pregnant.

She had come back and put the test in the box and back in her bag so Alice could not see it. They took Abby to the playground so they could talk and that is where Bella said "If I told you something you must not tell Edward please it is important you don't tell him." Alice said "Ok whatever it is it can't be that bad I'm sure Bella" Bella said "I'm pregnant but it is not Edward's child..."

Alice said "What how can it not be Edward's. He is the only one you love"

Bella said "Remember that night I went to the party and Mike's house well someone spiked the punch and we ended up hooking up and doing it and he had no spare condoms so we just did it.

Alice said "Bella you have to tell Edward you can't hide this from him..."

Bella said "but I'm scared of what he will do to me he has been very violent lately"

Alice said "OMG what has he done to you Bella? Are you ok is the baby ok has he hurt Abby yet?"

Bella said "What do you mean has he hurt Abby yet."

Alice went quiet...

Bella said "Alice talk to me what do you mean has he hurt Abby yet? Alice speak to me give me an answer"

Alice spoke "Well before Edward became a vampire he had a history of violence. He used to be in a gang called 'The Cradle Snatchers'. They were the most violent gang out."

Bella looked shocked. She thought "He husband was in a gang so he has violence in his blood"...

Alice was upset she had just told Bella Edwards darkest secret...

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