Bella's pov

Bella had moved back in with Charlie and he wondered why she moved back home. "Bella what is wrong where are you going?" Charlie asked. "I'm going to see mum and Phil. They don't know I had the baby and I'm pregnant again with twins." Bella replied. Charlie drove me and Abby to the airport our flight was at 10:00 am and we had some time left. It was only 8:00 am we had 2 hours till the plane left for my home town. I asked Charlie if he could take me to see Edward and the Cullen's before we leave and Abby wanted to see her father. Abby loved her father to pieces and he was always there for his little girl...

"I'm going to see my mother in Phoenix to tell her I'm pregnant and she wanted to see her grandchild." Bella said.

"Fine sees if I care you're not with me anymore so you can do what you please." Edward replied.

"But Edward didn't mean anything he said he was just being a meat head. Right Edward" Alice said.

"No! I mean it piss off and don't come back you are nothing but a filthy little slut" Edward replied.

"Eddy please does not leave me like this in front of your little girl... And even when I'm in the state I'm in..." Bella said

"But the baby is not mine it is that cunt Mike's." Edward replied

"No I took the test your father did on me and the babies are yours Eddy" Bella said

Edward kept fighting with Bella about who is the babies' daddy and so on... It came 9:00 am so we got in the car and my father drove me to the airport and I got on my plane and went to Phoenix to see my mum and Phil. Bella said goodbye to Charlie and she said she would be coming home soon as she sees her mum and Phil.

*3 hours later*

She was finally in Phoenix. She got off the plane called Charlie and told him she got there safe and she and Abby had a good flight. Bella didn't tell her mum she was coming to visit. She went to her home and there was no one there. Bella called her mum's mobile number and she said that she was on her way to Forks to see her and the baby.

"Mum I'm here in Phoenix at home waiting for you and Phil I was going to give you a surprise" Bella said

"Oh sweetheart I'm at the airport in Phoenix about to board my flight and Phil is with me" Renee replied.

"Mum come home I'm waiting here to get in the house." Bella said.

"Ok sweetheart we are on our way." Renee said.

"I have some important news for you and Phil when you get home." Bella spoke.

As Bella waited for her mum and Phil to come home she had her IPod in and was listing to her favourite song which was 2012 by Jay Sean and little Abby was asleep in her stroller and so as she waited she was wondering how she was going to tell them the news about the babies'. They had got home and Renee is sooo happy to see me and Phil to. Bella went in her old house and Phil carried in all her bags and then went in and had lunch at a fancy restaurant with Abby to have a nice lunch and catch up on 6 years since she had last seen them.

"So Bella how have things been?" Phil asked

"Good I have some big news to tell you both." Bella replied.

"What is it Bella?" Renee asked.

"I'm pregnant with twins again" Bella said in shock.

"Oh my god. No way. I'm going to be a grandma again" Renee said.

They had finished their lunch at the place they were eating and went back home to Renee home. They heard a girl screaming next door and they wanted to know what it was. They listening more and the girl stoped then they heard a man say "Come back here Jenny. You won't go home if you don't".

"Mum who lives next door now since that Ranga moved out when I left" Bella asked.

"Some man who likes little girls he is a paedophile." Renee said

Then Bella seen that Abby was playing out the front and the guy was watching her and was about to go outside and get her but Phil ran outside and grabbed Abby and ran inside then he went outside and said to him "Don't you dare touch my Granddaughter you cunt". He went back inside and was very upset but then Bella got the home phone and called the police to come and get the man and lock him up.