"War?" Howled One."A full out war in Flipside?" questioned another."How can you say this, Ice?" a cold voice demanded. "There has never been a war here," started someone."Not possible," an old voice said."Impossible!" agreed a younger one."ALL OF YOU BE QUIET!"Silence."It may seem incredibly outlandish now. But, trust my words, the stinking maws of endless battles will soon rend our lands peaceful flesh." Ice's voice was as cold and hard as his name sake."Who do you suppose, out of any of us, will start your so called… 'War'.""It could be any of us, you, me. Maybe all of us, or someone else entirely, it will happen none of the less."The old one raised her shadowy head. "You are a fool, Ice. War…Bah! Stupidest thing any of you have ever said; war in FLIPSIDE!" A harsh laugh cut the air like a newly sharpened sword. Then, a ripple of nervous laughter followed. "The fools may laugh at wise ones words, but in the end the fools shall cry, to the wise ones amusement". Silence attacked the air. No one, ever, insulted the Old One, no one at least who lived to tell the tale."You have nerve, Wolf, to laugh at me, call me a fool. I who posses the knowledge of the ages." She gave another ready laugh. "I should kill you, here and now. Let your blood spill for your peers to see. But I like you, Wolf, and I have grown soft as an over ripe plum in the sun. Soft as a plum, indeed, I will allow you to walk the forests another day." Wolf gulped. The old one stood up. Then growled, "Let me give you some advice, fools: If you are going to start this so-called…war, then you better make your planes now while you can." Ice smiled a toothy grin. Then said," Yes, of course." The old one smirked. Then laughed, "FOOLS! Do you not know the prophecy?" Ice's smile melted. "That's just a fairytale!" "Oh, really" The old one stood full length then strolled out of the room. Ice spun around then shouted, "Wait! We need you! How are we supp-" "Goodbye, Ice.' And she walked out of the trudged back to the meeting.

"My Lord?" someone repeated. "WHAT!" Wolf glanced nervously at Ice. "Lord Ice, she's right. We must act now." Ice lumbered back to the table. His eyes were stone cold with rage. "Lord Ice, what is your plan?" "My plan? Well I'll tell you." He faces Wolf. "Wolf, I want you to bring back the...twins." Wolf stared into those cold eyes. Then choked out, "T-The twins? B-But I don't k-know where they a-are!" Ice laughed. "You are very dull, Wolf." Wolf flinched at the insult. Then continued. "In what region do they live in...Flipside?" At this, Ice almost choked himself to stop a giggle. "HA! Flipside? But... I'll tell you where. They are upside down!" "Upside down? In Flipside?" "No, you nitwit! The other side of earth." Ice pointed at the floor. Then, Wolf's mind clicked. "EARTH?" Ice watched the bewildered Wolf for a moment then said." Do you not know the prophecy?" "Well..I do." "Good." "Now go." Wolf went very pale. "How do I get there?" ""The amber portal." Wolf nodded. "Goodbye, my friends. I will see you soon…I suppose." Then Ice replied," Fare well, Wolf. You will be rewarded…If you succeed." Wolf bowed. Then walked out. After a moment of peace Ice whispered so low that the others had to bend foreword to hear, "Now, my friends, hear is my plan…"