I watched as people began to file out of the dark, abandoned building that had hosted our secret, illegal Freak Show. I sighed, glad that the cops hadn't shown up at all. That had happened once. But, we got our Spider-Boy to get them to shut up, and not report us to the station.

"Yo, Idiot Boy. Clean up the mess," my Master sneered at me, taking another swig of his wine bottle.

I nodded, grabbing the mop, and bucket full of soapy water. The stage was coated from blood after Blubber did his amazing exploding act. He had formed bubbles all along his skin full of blood, then boom, blood everywhere. If we left it like this, everyone would think that a mass murder had happened here, and I wouldn't blame them.

I dipped the mop till it was dripping soapy water, then slung it down on the small stage floor. Technically, it wasn't a stage, but a stack of wood that we had made so that people could see us.

I had to mop each section of the floor pretty hard, since the blood had sunken into the walls, and floors. I took down the curtains, folded them, and tossed them on to a chair, sighing. I would probably have to wash those when we got back to the mansion where we all lived.

"Allen! Guess what!" My currently best friend, Samuel, crowed, racing up to me. He was slightly taller than me, and his eyes were humongous, living up to his nickname as the Owl Boy. His act was to dim the lights, and his eyes would flash, as if they were flashlights. That totally freaked out the crowd.

"Yes?" I dipped the mop back into the bucket absently.

"We got bought!" I furrowed my brow in confusion. Bought? Sometimes Samuel never made sense, especially if he was excited.

"Oh, well you see, there's this huge rich guy, right? And he's way into history and stuff, and like, he loves weird things. Yeah? And so, like, he bought us, so we could belong to him. I mean, sure, we'll get to do more shows, and stuff, but, we get a whole lot more pay, y'know?" His wide eyes, widened even more, making him look dilated. I sighed.

"Yeah, yeah." I knew nothing for me would ever change. I was still the errand boy, the person you called to wash your clothes, and clean your room. It didn't matter that I had white hair or a weird marking over my eye. I had nothing special about me, and to tell you the truth, when you lived with someone that could explode, you didn't stand out that much.

Samuel frowned slightly. Suddenly, he reached out and hugged me. It wasn't odd hugging Sam. His hand pressed my head down on his shoulder gently. I sighed, and allowed myself to wrap my arms around him.

We had always been close like this. We didn't have to talk to understand each other, but when it was Samuel, sometimes he couldn't stop talking. He had his moments though, when he would get all soft, and mushy. Whenever I was sad, he would hug me or hold my hand. He didn't care that people stared at him. He said if it was for me, he would do anything to cheer me up.

"Hey, no gay stuff!" A joking voice said behind us. We both broke apart, and glanced at the source of the voice. It was Jon, my other friend. He was tall, with whipcord muscles. His hair was cut short, not a buzz cut, but more of a fo-hawk. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Aww, Jon wants some loving!" Samuel squealed, racing towards Jon with his arms outstretched. Jon laughed, and held out a hand, simply placing it on Samuel's head, and keeping him away at arm's distance. Samuel began to flail his limbs angrily. "This is not loving! This is rejection, Jon!"

I shook my head, chortling. Sam could be a real joker sometimes. Jon may look like a gangster on the outside, but on the inside he was a real patient, hilarious person. He could put up with anyone, even Master.

"Oi, you three. C'mon, it's time to go," Master scoffed at us, sipping a new wine bottle.

Jon smirked at Samuel, mussing up his black hair. Sam huffed, and whirled around on his heel. He strutted off, chest puffed out.

"Sam, you look like a chicken," I laughed, gathering up the curtains I had early discarded off.

"Burr-Burr-Bwark!" He began to do this weird, knee high strutting dance, his head jerking outwards in every step. He folded his lanky arms in, elbows out in fake wings.

"Careful, Samuel, Allen might get the wrong idea, and eat you." I glared across the room at him, but Jon just smirked and winked at me.

I tucked the curtains under my arm, and began to wheel the mop and bucket away, heading for the back door that led out to the limousine that Master probably left waiting for us. Everyone had left earlier; right after their own act was done, knowing they wouldn't be needed anymore.

"Here, I got that," Jon muttered beside me, taking the mop and bucket away from me.

"I wanna help Allen too!" Samuel groaned behind us.

"Grab the chairs, Sammy," I called over my shoulder, not really bothering to look back.

There was a few clanking noises, a curse, then a set of quick footsteps behind us. "Master Allen, I have gotten the chairs!" Samuel said in a low, humble voice. I shook my head, sighing. There really was something wrong with that boy.

We made our way out the back door, and into the alleyway. We walked until we came to a deserted street, where we had parked everything and unloaded. Sure enough, a long, stretched black car sat on the side of the road, its engine purring. When we reached the doors, they opened automatically, and we stuffed the things quickly on the floor.

"That was a fun show," Samuel said, smiling to himself.

"Yeah. The people were really pumped up, and did you see their faces when Blubber blew up?" Yup. His name was Blubber the Amazing Blowing-Up Bum. I grinned to myself.

"They looked they were going to throw-up." Jon smiled at me, his kind eyes crinkling.

"Doesn't everyone?" Samuel yawned to my right, throwing an arm around my shoulders casually. He leaned on me heavenly, head bobbing against my shoulder.

"Hey! Don't go to sleep! I don't want to carry when we have to get out," I took to shoving and pushing his body, attempting to wake up the joker.

"Don't worry, Allen, I'll carry him when we get there." Jon offered me another of his model-like smiles. I couldn't help but grin back.

The rest of the night was spent in silence, and sleep.


"Allen! He's here! Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, All—" The most annoying voice suddenly went muffled, and a sharp whine was heard after the sounds of soft struggling.

"Allen, wake up." I felt a large, kind hand shake my shoulder, and then touch my face. I groaned, rolling over. We had gotten home late that night, and I was still exhausted.

"Allen…" I knew it was the kind voice Jon, my friend.

"You should kiss him! He's like Sleeping Beauty! You gotta kiss 'im to wake 'im up!" Samuel's slightly muffled voice reached my aching ears from his previous rant.

I inwardly rolled my eyes, like Jon would kiss me. The only response was the bed around me sinking as someone leaned forward to…

"Gyah!" My eyes flew open to meet Jon's own. He smirked at me.

"Knew it would work," He chortled to himself as he gently picked me up. Samuel giggled from behind Jon, and when I looked at him, he made a heart shape with his hands. I flicked him off.

Jon tossed me a long sleeved shirt, and a pair of jeans, with white gloves. He kept his eyes off my arm.

My arm had been deformed from an accident I'd rather never go into details about. It was now reddish-black, with wrinkled, dead skin. The fingernails were long, sharp, and jet black. It was dead, yet still alive.

"You're like part zombie, Allen," Sam said in awe, inspecting the arm close up. I rolled my eyes.

"You're so weird." I pulled on the shirt, and jeans. I slid a belt through the hoops, not really paying attention to Sam's rambles on how I was so mean to him. I tugged on the white leather gloves, sighing.

"Oh, don't get all emo and crap on me," Samuel groaned, slouching forward.

"I am not emo." I tugged down on the end of the shirt, smoothing out the wrinkles. Jon had taken to doing the back for me.

"Oh, but you are. You just don't know it yet." Samuel winked at me, hooking an arm around my waist. I shot him a pointed look, sighed, and then slung my own arm around his shoulders.

Jon followed Samuel's example, smirking down at me. He was too tall for me to wrap arm around his shoulders, so I threw an arm around his own waist, not really in the mood to keep my arm upwards.

We walked out of my room, down the hallway, and stairs like that, talking about whatever came to Sam's mind.

"Oh, yeah! He came! The guy that bought our circus! Well, actually it's this really old guy, and a red head teenager with an eye-patch. Y'know, like a pirate." Jon made a deep rumbling sound as he tried to disguise his laughter as coughing.

Sam frowned, glaring at Jon over the top of my head. I was the smallest out of my friends, Sam being the second, and Jon the tallest. It wasn't that I hadn't hit my growth spurt, but because I was so skinny. Sam usually made comments about curves, and would put his hands on my waist.

Now that I thought about it, I did have curves. I eyed Sam's figure, noticing how he had more of a straight, but somewhat muscled body. Jon's was totally ripped, his curves more of sharp bends of muscle.

"Why are you looking at us with glazed eyes, Allen?" I shook my head quickly, flushed.

"I was just thinking about something," I muttered to myself, keeping my eyes on the ground as we walked into the living room. I knew that there were other people there, the ones who had bought us, but I didn't really care. Like I said, I was just going to be treated just the same, like a servant.

"Thinking about how you wanted a threesome, or maybe you just wanted me. You were staring at me longer," Samuel said quite loudly, his smile not as warm as it should have been. Jon snorted, but it sounded half-hearted. Both of their eyes were staring at the strangers.

I glanced up myself, wondering what was wrong.

Sam was right. One was way old, dark circles around his eyes, and the only hair on his head was a lone pony tail in the back of his head. He wore a large sleeved coat like thing. He was talking to Master, nodding every now and then. The teenager beside him, was staring straight back at us though.

He wore a green headband that held up his flaming red hair that stuck out everywhere. He wore an eye patch over one his eyes, and had a neon orange scarf wrapped around his neck loosely. A black V-shirt hung off his chest, and tight white pants hugged his long legs—which he had stretched out in front of him-, and black boots.

Sam's descriptions were actually really accurate.

"Oh, Lavi, why don't you go talk to those three, get to know them since you're going to be spending a quite a lot of time with them," the old man said, not even glancing at the red haired boy named Lavi.

He nodded, stood up, and walked over to us.

"Hey, I'm Lavi," He gave us a warm smile that didn't seem to reach his green eye.

"I'm Jon," The tallest of us muttered, and to my surprise, moved in front of me protectively.

"Samuel," Sam said emotionlessly, his arm tightening around me.

I struggled, and managed to slip out from Sam's arm and from behind Jon. "Hello, I'm Allen Walker. It's a pleasure to me you, Lavi." I bowed deeply before I was yanked back behind Jon. What was their problem? Lavi didn't seem vicious.

Lavi wore the same smile, except slightly wider this time. He leaned around Jon, making him tense. "It's wonderful to meet you also, Allen Walker." He winked his one seeing eye.

Jon growled in anger, making Lavi glance up at him again.

"C'mon, Allen, let's go get something to eat," I looked up at Sam. His usual sparkling eyes were just slits as he glared at Lavi while leading me towards the kitchen.

"Oh, uh, alright. Bye, Lavi!" I turned, and waved at the red haired teenager, offering him a polite smile. He quickly returned the smile before Jon stepped in front of him, arms crossed.

"What's wrong with Jon?" He usually never acted like this. Except when he was really agitated, which was very rare.

Sam just shook his head, and pulled me closer to him. I sighed. I really needed some answers here, but by the expression on Sam's face, he looked like he wasn't going to let out one word.

He could be such a pain sometimes.

I wasn't surprised when I spotted three still steaming plates heaped with food on the counter. I smiled to myself, and grabbed my plate, which was quite heavy since Howard, our cook, knew how much I ate. I picked up the fork and speared a warm scrambled egg, lifting it to my lips. Soon, I was shoveling down all the food, hardly even tasting it.

Sam was smirking at me, and every now and then, would hand me a piece of his own food. And every time I took it, he would make a fat joke. I would just stick my tongue out in response.

Jon arrived after I had just finished my plate, and was washing it in the sink. Sam stood behind me, his chin on my shoulder as I did so. I don't know why, but he just loved watching me wash stuff. He said he like the sound the brush made on the plates, especially when I did it. Weirdo.

My huge friend smiled kindly at me, his early anger vanished from his usual soft face. I smiled back.

"Allen! You're not doing your scrubbing thing anymore!" Sam complained into my shoulder, a pout on his lips.

"I know. I'm done washing them." I picked up the soapy plates, careful not to let one slip. I stacked them up in the cupboard after drying them off with a towel that hung on the stove's door.

"But, you have to do Jon's plate too!" I just shook my head.

"What am I, the maid?" Sam's face split into a smile. He was probably imaging me in one of those tight, leathery maid outfits.

"It's alright, Allen. I'll take care of the dishes." Jon smiled down at me, his hand ruffling my hair fondly. I grinned up at me, swatting at his huge hand with my own playfully.

"Let's go outside and play, Ally!" Ally? I glared at Sam in annoyance, not favoring my new nickname. He ignored my glares, and grabbed my hand, his own hand engulfing mine. Was it really that small? He dragged me outside, smiling. I blinked. His head was a glinting black halo, the locks feathery from healthy washing.

I never thought about it before, but Sam really was quite handsome. His huge eyes actually seemed to add onto the gorgeousness, adding to his nicely tanned body and well toned muscled body. His eyes were a pretty purple color, and always seemed to catch the light, making them glint and shine.

"Allen, you're totally freaking me out, y'know. You keep staring at me like that." I snapped back to reality, and blinked, smiling automatically.


"Hello! I'm Lenalee." I looked over at girl in shock, surprised mostly that she had popped out of nowhere. I looked to the driveway, where a large, sleek looking black car sat parked in the driveway. A tall, tough looking boy with long hair leaned against the car, eyeing us rudely.

"Oh, um, I'm Allen Walker." I bowed deeply to the girl, who had greenish-black hair that was fixed up in two high ponytails.

She smiled at me politely, and then turned to Sam. He smiled slightly, his earlier happiness had vanished.

"Samuel." He nodded his head at her. She gave a hesitant smile. "Are you two part of the…?"

"I'm not. Sam is though. He's known as," I turned and grinned at Sam, poking him in the ribs with my elbow, "Owl Boy."

He smirked at me, catching my arm. He pulled me close, putting me in a deadly headlock.

"Gya! No, lemme go! Lemme go! Sam!" I desperately tried to pry his arm from around my neck. He laughed heartily, happiness returning to his voice.

"Say I'm the best!" I snapped my mouth shut, refusing to speak the ridiculous words.

"Allleennn, y'know I could totally—" his voice was cut off, and his arm slid from around my neck as he was lifted high. Jon stood behind him, laughing the whole time. I joined in the laughing, pointing at Sam.

"Ha! That's what you get!" I turned back to Lenalee, grinning like a doofus. "Sorry about that. He can kind of be an idiot at times."

"Oi! Who you calling an idiot?"

"You, you idiot."

"I am not an idiot." Sam sounded genuinely offended.

"Oh but you are, you just don't know it yet." I grinned wider, using his own words against him.


Jon and I both erupted into laughter, with Lenalee joining in.

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I'm kind of adding a little slash of Allen and Jon, and Sam and Allen. I don't know why, but they would look good together, but Laven is way bettah.

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