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I awoke to Lavi's arms encasing me in a tight hold and a brilliant shaft of light stabbing me in my cracked eyes. I muffled a groan against Lavi's shoulder, moving closer. I didn't feel like getting up anytime soon. My body ached from the bruises Tyki had inflicted—

My eyes opened wide, the light stinging my eyes momentarily before they adjusted. I had completely forgotten about Tyki and the events yesterday. After Lavi had rescued me, he had forced me to lie down and ordered an entire buffet over-filled with my favorite foods. Apparently he had read somewhere that eating can help improve people's mood, but not to make it a habit, because it can lead to obesity. Nonetheless, I had continued to stuff myself 'till I was filled and drowsy. And then Lavi insisted in watching these over-emotional, giddy movies that just made you want to either punch the main character in the face or obsess over them. But I didn't complain, the food probably getting in the way before I could make a move to.

And when the movie marathon was over, and I was practically asleep, Lavi had scooped me up and tucked me into bed with him, his securing arms holding me close to him. I had fallen asleep right as his chin tucked my head into his neck.

A warm feeling spread through my chest, heart swelling. Lavi was nothing like Tyki. Lavi was sweet, caring, loving, and funny. And what the time I had spent with Tyki, he lacked all of these qualities. Lavi was someone special to me. He was becoming more and more a part of my life than I ever thought he would. Sure, at first I had kind of hated him, but he turned to be a pretty great guy. I had never met someone so… dependable.

That's a lie. A voice whispered in the back of my mind. A picture of my two friends floated forward. They were both laughing, Jon's arm thrown casually over Sam's shoulder. Sam had one hand outstretched towards me, inviting me to indulge in their goofiness.

Hot tears pricked my eyes, the wetness catching onto my eye lashes. My lip wobbled slightly. I could feel the tightness in my chest as I tried to push back the sudden longing to be with my two friends. I pressed my face deeper into Labi, clutching onto him like a life raft. The sad emotion washed over me, my shoulders shaking from my sudden tears.

"Hey there, Allen, wha's wrong?" Lavi sleepily asked, patting my head clumsily.

I shook my head. I didn't trust myself to speak. I didn't want to end up bawling like I really wanted to. Lavi had done enough for me already. I couldn't just go dumping my lousy feelings on him.

"Nothing's wrong, Lavi, I'm just… tired," I whispered into his chest, hoping he would go back to sleep. Luck didn't seem like taking my side (when did it ever?) though as he sat up, his one eye slightly foggy but sleep, but much clearer now.

"Then why are you crying?" His hand was cool against my flushed cheeks as he wiped the tears away. I closed my eyes, cherishing the coaxing. I couldn't find my voice to speak. I shook my head. Lavi seemed to understand because he pulled me tight against him.

"It'll be alright, Moyashi. Everything's gonna be alright," He mumbled into my hair, voice still slightly husky from sleep. I tried to keep my cheeks from getting too red.

"My name is Allen, baka usagi." Lavi chuckled at my protest, his chest rumbling and buzzing with the pleasant noise. Now I was pretty sure I was the colour of a tomato. Lavi slid his arms up my back, rubbing my neck.

"Whatever you say, Allen," Lavi murmured into my ear. Shivers ran down my spine at the husky tone. I must've made a noise or moved, because he was suddenly kissing me, rolling himself on top. I gasped in shock, granting Lavi entrance.

Having chaste kisses is much more different than making out. Making out is much more pleasurable after you get past the slightly gross feeling of someone else's tongue. At first, I didn't know what to do. I ran my hands through Lavi's hair, and from the low growl/moan he made, I guess I made the right move. He slid his hands down my back, dangerously low, and around to my stomach. He fiddled with the hem of my shirt, eliciting sharp tingles across my skin. This was a whole new territory.

Lavi was gentle as lifted me shirt, fingers grazing teasingly my sensitive skin. I tried to push back my moan as he sucked on my neck. I had never had someone put their lips like that there before. It was an odd feeling, almost uncomfortable. I felt vulnerable as he kissed under my jaw.

"L-Lavi…" I gasped, gripping his shoulders tightly.

"Shh… I'll take care of you, Allen." Hot tears welled up in my eyes. Lavi was just so sweet. Sometimes it felt as if I didn't deserve him. Scratch the felt. I knew I didn't deserve him. But he still picked me. My lip wobbled and I sniffled.

Lavi looked up from where he was mouthing my collarbone and his eye widened. "Allen? Oh man, am I going too fast? Of course I am, you've never done this before. Crap, I'm sorry—"

"No! No, don't be sorry, please don't be sorry." I sniffled and wiped at my eyes. "It's not your fault; I just… haven't really had someone say that to me before."

"Lavi stared at me and slowly grinned. I gulped. "Well, Allen Walker, I'm going to be the first to do a lot of things to you. And you better get prepared." He leaned down and captured my lips again, hands running down my chest—

"Allen, Lavi, breakfast is ready—oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" Lavi and I looked up to see Lenalee standing in the doorway, face flushed. "I-I'll come back another time!" She slapped a hand over her eyes, jerking around to run away and effectively running into the door frame.

She fell to the ground, making Lavi and I to sit up worriedly. But she gave us no time to help. She got on all fours, crawling out of the room muttering a mantra of sorry's.

We sat in silence for a few moments, and then both looked at each other. We both fell into uncontrollable laughter, slumping against one another for support.


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