Author's Note: This story is my attempt to try something new. I will be using the prompts provided by 50 Shinobi Themes and will maintain a strict word count of 250 words. Because the chapters are shorter, I will be able to update on a faster basis. However, every fifth chapter will be longer (around 1,000 words) to help move the story further along. This story is an experiment but I hope you will stick with me long enough to give it a chance.

Summary: It was her chance to escape. And she took it without hesitation. But she never could have imagined the life waiting for her outside her home gates. A collection of drabbles from an alternate universe.

Prompt: #29 Leap of Faith

Word Count: 250

Chapter One:
Trusting in Fate

It took over a decade but she finally succeeded. Hinata had managed to break free of the powerful and influential Hyuuga Estate. The manor had been her prison since childhood. Like a gilded cage, it seemed magnificent to outsiders but served as a trap for the people kept inside.

But now due to creative planning, careful timing and a bit of luck, she was free.

Then she heard the heavy footsteps on the path behind her. Quickly, she turned. "Are you going to stop me, Neji?" she asked fearing the answer.

"You shouldn't do this," he countered instead.

She shook her head, desperate for him to understand. "I have to do this."

"This is the only home you've ever known."

"This," she said, carelessly gesturing to the grandiose mansion behind them, "hasn't been a home in a long time."

He fell silent. She waited nervously, straining in the dark to hear his answer. This was her one chance. If she failed now...

"You should take someone with you."

She sighed in visible relief. He wasn't going to stop her. "I need to do this on my own."

"But you're blind."

She just smiled, eyes staring blankly over his left shoulder. "I'm blind," she said firmly, "not helpless. Please Neji, let me do this."

She waited; then strong arms pulled her close for a tight hug. "Be safe," he whispered in her ear before pulling away.

"I will," she whispered back before slipping into the awaiting cab to take her away.