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Chapter 6

Gems of the Abyss

"Jack! How long will you run for?" Tsuna watched in fascination as Jaden growled at his twin brother. They both looked so young and so happy with one another. Tsuna knew it was Jaden the instant he heard his voice, it always gave him a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach. "As long as I have this feeling in this chest!" Jack simply laughed at his brother who was trying to keep up with him.

Once again, Tsuna couldn't see Jack's face as he kept running in front of him. All he could see was his braided blonde hair poking out of an old tattered cloak, both brothers wore. Jaden's caramel brown hair kept poking out every now and then, as both brothers dogged those in the street market.

"Sorry!" Jack warmly stated at young and pretty merchant girl who simply giggled at his antics. Jaden, however, kept jumping over the items broken along the way and threw coins at the offended merchants as if he was blessing them. The coins rained over them like confetti, while each one of them dog piled one another to get the coins or simply caught what they could. Tsuna watched from the woods at how the brothers breezed into and out the crowd.

"I'm so sorry, for my brother's antics!" Jaden kept screaming every time his brother broke something, only for Jack to have enough of it and yell at his brother over his shoulder."I resent that Jay!"

Jaden simply laughed and once he caught up to his brother he began to kick at his brother's feet in a humorous gesture. It made Jack squeak and run faster to get away from him. Tsuna kept wondering about the dream he saw, Jaden's beaten and locked up form, while Jack acted as if he was lost in a fantasy world, not fully understanding the situation Jaden was in.

How did it get so bad?

"I have never seen any woman able to capture your heart, Jack! Hui owes me some food before he goes back to China now!" Jaden mocked causing his brother to quickly spin around and kick dirt into his face. "That's cheating!" Jaden whined, but Jack kept running forward laughing as moved into a different forest. Tsuna had to run after them to catch up.

"You don't even know where you are going, Jay!"

"Well, if you don't tell me, I'll just make fun of your lady friend." Jaden spite back, causing Jack to shout something about never. It was so hard for Tsuna to comprehend how their relationship had changed, as they ran into a mansion like house.

"Wait, Jack," Jaden grabbed Jack's hood to hold him still, but the man continued to squirm, "this house belongs to-"

"The girl who stole my heart!" Jack shouted, while waving his arms around. Jaden punched him in the head to calm him down. "Why are we here, Jack? You know how they'll treat us."

"Pssh, Jay, you're just like mom and our older brothers," Jack dismissing his brother all entirely. "They won't do anything, she taught me how to get into the house, and they like me. I've been here a few times."

"You've snuck into the damn Baskervilles's house?! Without telling me?" Tsuna flinch from the familiar emotion that swirled in Jaden's brown eyes. Fear. "Who in the world is this girl, Jack?" Jaden demanded, and Jack turned around sadden that he couldn't surprise his younger twin brother. The flicks of gold began to appear much more vividly in Jaden's brown eyes as he waited for his brother's response.

"Her name is Lacie."

Tsuna felt an enormous pain swelling around his abdomen, he clenched around it witnessing how the vision became blurry and the voices slowly began to become muffled. Opening his eyes Tsuna found himself, on a marble floor adored with red and white checker like patterns. Tear began to swell around the corner of his eyes as he felt something spilling out from him. Putting his hands on his stomach Tsuna moved it around and picked it up enough to see blood all over it.

This was not a dream.

Giotto, the Primo, or whatever he became did attack him. As ambush, and Jaden or maybe whatever that voice was, tried to warn him. His friends were hanged into the sky like puppets and it was his birthday.

It was his birthday, he couldn't believe it. He was dragged to the "Abyss" as that boy called it. There was something haunting in his red eyes as he "welcomed" Tsuna to the Abyss. Was this the Abyss?

Tsuna looked around to see he was in some type of house. The floor was checkered pattern, but there was no ceiling. The walls kept going up and up until there was nothing but darkness. Items were floating around the house aimlessly, Tsuna wasn't sure if he should be disgusted when he watched some toys twitching. Moving to his side, Tsuna bit back a scream as his injury made a squishing sound which he was sure was not suppose to do.

The walls looked almost castle like, but that wasn't important, what was important at the moment was finding something to cover up the wound. Tsuna could still feel the Primo wiggling his hand deeper into the wound, probably trying to rip out his abdomen and intestines.

"I'm surprise I'm still standing." Tsuna muttered in pain as he put his right hand on the wall to guide him as he walked around the area.

It was actually becoming quite annoying for Tsuna. He felt exhausted moving across the hall, and was sure someone was going to be annoyed with the blood trail he was leaving behind. What was funny to him was that the hallway seemed to go on and on, meaning his blood trail must have left a trail equally as long. That wil be one large blood stain the more he though about it. Yet, the hallway seemed it wasn't going to end anytime soon.
He saw the same thing everywhere he looked. The checkered floor and white columns that was embedded into the walls. He felt exhausted, Tsuna was sure fatigue was settling into him. He moved a couple more feet to be greeted by an extremely large mirror. Deciding to judge to severity of his wound, Tsuna moved in front of it.

Tsuna was grateful he was starting to be annoyed with his fainting episodes and screams, but he had to admit the wound did make him want to vomit. It was an extremely large and infectious looking wound, about 15cm wide and a couple inches long. Giotto must have pushed his entire hand into his stomach and was playing around with his organs. The blood wouldn't stop leaking out of it and Tsuna noticed that the force of the impact caused some of his clothing to be inside his wound.

Tsuna then looked at the situation of his suit, to see if he could rip something off of it to use a temporary bandage. The suit looked worn as of the wears started to chip in corners. He knew some of the damages he saw was from the ambush, but it just looked as if no one cared for it for years. The suit looked as if it was withering away.

The rose that was on it, was all brown and dried up to a point it was hard to tell it was once a flower. Noticing the pain didn't stop, Tsuna started to gasp rapidly at the stinging sensation as he put his hand on the mirror as he struggled to hold himself up. Ignoring his brain telling him to go to sleep.

He was afraid of going to sleep.

"Wow, this is pretty cold." Tsuna said in wonder as he pressed his hand further across the mirror and an idea appeared, he then started to press his wound on the mirror. He hoped the cold would slow down the blood flow, but in the back of his mind he knew someone would get mad for this.

"That's very rude, you know?" Tsuna really hated when he was right at times. For him, being right meant something bad would happen. He looked around to find where the voice came from and for a moment he thought he was listening to Jaden. He knew that was impossible, but he couldn't help himself to think that. Yet, he knew it wasn't Jaden, the voice was far too light and cold sounding to be him. Tsuna was torn away from his thoughts when he heard a giggling sound coming from the mirror. Looking around it he was startled to find a white rabbit floating around in it.

"Hey! Are you okay?" The rabbit titled its head as of it wasn't expecting that from him. Nonetheless, the rabbit simply nodded its head and came closer for Tsuna to look at it. It was the size of his head, and it looked like a white rabbit, just with a blue and white dress on it.

"Are you, okay?" The rabbit question and judging by its voice Tsuna was willing to guess the rabbit is a girl. "Yeah, I'm fine. Where am I?" The rabbit giggled at this and sort of started to dance at that.

"This is my house, silly. But the real question is, how did you get in here?" Dumbfounded Tsuna watched as the rabbit tapped her head against the glass. This was her house?

Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

"I just woke up here, I'm sorry for being rude, but do you have something for this?" Tsuna motioned toward his wound, which the rabbit made no response towards. Though it was kind of hard to tell since the toy made the same face. "It really hurts."

"I...guess I have something," the rabbit said before twirling behind the glass. "You just have to come with me." She said cheerfully. At that Tsuna's hair on the back of his neck rose, but he couldn't help the thought that she wasn't all that bad.

"O-okay, but how do I do that?" The toy stopped spinning and looked at him.

"Like this!"

Tsuna at first thought its chubby and short little white arms were going to hit the mirror, but instead small human hands appeared out of the mirror like water. It grabbed onto his collar and dragged him through the mirror.

Tsuna did not know what possessed him, but he closed his eyes, especially at the goo like feeling he was experiencing. Once the sensation stopped, he pushed away the toy, but instead of a soft body it was rough almost human like. He heard laughing, but it sounded more than one individual, blinking quickly Tsuna thought he saw a figure of a girl in between his blinking. After finally rubbing his eyes, Tsuna looked to see the white toy rabbit still floating in the air.

"See? Wasn't too bad, right?" The doll question, she sounded as if she was expecting a rejection. It made Tsuna feel pity for her, somewhere in his gut he still had the feeling the toy was innocent. Innocent of what exactly? He didn't know, he just felt the toy didn't know any better. Speaking of guts...

Oh, shit now its burning! Tsuna hissed at that as he grabbed onto the wound. He wasn't sure if that made it worse, but it kept on throbbing. "Get the curtains!" The toy ordered, in the corner of his eyes Tsuna looked to find puppets hanging in the back, floating around almost crazy like, getting what the toy rabbit wanted. The toys looked disfigured to downright disturbing, but all the warm feelings Tsuna was associating with the toy rabbit became bitter and negative towards the puppets.

They were the threat. There was something not right about them.

"Hold still!" The toy rabbit barked at Tsuna, which he chuckled at the thought. She's cute Tsuna reached out to pet the toy rabbit, who stopped and retreated to the corner of the room. Tsuna looked down to find his wound wrapped around with a curtain, catching the blood, but it did little to stop the pain. Beggars can't be choosers...He looked at the toy who had her head down for some reason, while Tsuna looked around the room.

It had shelves, which he assumed housed those disgusting puppets. All his senses were screaming to get away from them, or fight them, but it also calm down when looking at the white rabbit. He found a need to comfort the said rabbit that was floating above a tea set table. "Why did you run away?" He did want to ask why she floated away, but he felt what he asked was more appropriate.

The rabbit's head immediately snapped up, as if Tsuna just insulted her. It was almost enduring, in a twisted way, for him at least. "Why? No one did that to me, why did you do it?" The rabbit moved around Tsuna while floating around him in a clockwise rotation. The pain started to subside a little, but he sat in an Indian fashion, while watching the toy float around him in an almost lethargic manner. He grabbed her, and while the rabbit squirmed in his grasp, she stopped as soon as Tsuna tapped her forehead.

"Well, you're cute and it's a thank you for helping me," Tsuna motioned at his now covered wound. "How come you are not reacting to me?" Tsuna was not stupid. Even though he felt, in his damaged to hell gut, that the toy he held was wronged in a way and was kind, he felt an underlining darkness. He knew this toy did dark things, and would have most likely done something to him, just from him petting her.

"Your eyes..."

"My eyes?" Tsuna touched his eyes as if he had something on them. The doll squeezed out of his grasp and put her plush arm on top of his right eye. "They are familiar..." She stated in a haunting manner, thus causing the demonic puppets, which Tsuna had so kindly labeled them as, to start in a commotion in the back.


"Haunting eyes he has!"

"More like had!"

"You fool, the lady has not taken his eyes!"

"It's not his eyes, right?"

"Of course not! He doesn't look like-"

One puppet, some squire looking puppet arose over the nosy crowd.

"He holds Death's eyes!" The commotion quite down, till it exploded as the group started to scream. They are going to blow my ears off! Tsuna yelled in his mind, which he knew was not helping the least. They continued to scream and started to chant.

"The holder of Death's eyes!"

"The man who was foolish enough the challenge him!"

"The defender and murderer of us!"

"Shut up!" The rabbit roared, and some puppets dared to complain, which led to Tsuna to view that underline darkness he sensed. He watched as the rabbit merely looked at the offending puppets and watched horrified as their bodies bounced within themselves. Their bodies started to tore at themselves, while the puppets screamed, but before he could get the rabbit to stop they exploded like piƱatas.

The rabbit then turned to Tsuna who tensed at that, but slowly started to relax. Getting worked up in front of her, will not help me Tsuna reminded himself, but gasps as the toy merely placed her small, soft, little arms on his eyes. "You do have Death's eyes!" She said happily. Then to Tsuna confusion she started to talk to herself, as she floated around a grandfather clock he didn't notice before.

"His eyes does look like his, but he doesn't look like him,"

"Who is Death?"

"I see someone, but who is he?"

"Are you Death?" Tsuna didn't bother to look at her, as he knew she was referring to him, but she continued on.

"Why can't I remember? He met me often, with her and brother too... did he just hold no face?" She floated over to Tsuna and said, "But those are his eyes..."

"What's your name?" Tsuna decided to have the toy stop talking to herself, he didn't like it. It made him feel sad, and like before he cannot explain why. "A-A-l..." Tsuna thought it was odd the toy was struggling with her own name.

"Can I call you Alyss?" Tsuna later realized he made it sound like Atlas, with a Y sound in there, instead of Alice. Wait, what language am I talking to her in? He moved his hand away as Tsuna realized, he wasn't aware if he was talking in Japanese. He wasn't aware and he didn't know those names or terms at all, but he thought about those terms in English and he talked about them as if he knew it all his life, ignoring how it flowed easily for him.

No matter, Tsuna had a need to call her something other than what she wanted to call herself.

"Alyss? But that's not my-" Pausing the rabbit, or as Tsuna calls, Alyss, looked at him as the room began to shake violently. "That's not my name! Get out!" Alyss started to scream that again and again as the room only shook more violently at the continuing tantrum.

"Not my name!" Alyss started to cry blood, but instead of being disgusted at the sight, Tsuna simply wanted to hold her. He thought of Jaden at the moment. Giotto called him the Grim Reaper earlier...

Was that man involved with this?

"Stupid boy!"

I think I might enjoy burning those things...Tsuna thought darkly as they started to chant, again, and he knew it was not helping Alyss who was flying around at such a speed, he was surprise to find the toy still intact.

"Please, leave!" Alyss screeched, as a large gash appeared under Tsuna. Tsuna grabbed on a ledge avoiding the possible reality of being somewhere else, but he felt a weight pulling him down. Alyss rested on his hands, and simply looked at him with a new face. A crazed face with large circular eyes with blood falling from it and directly onto Tsuna's face.

"Does Alyss suit me?" He smile got wider as Tsuna's eyes widen, but it fell short as Tsuna smiled warmly at her. He smiled as if he was comforting a small defenseless child.

"I think it suits you." He stated with a gentle smile, and managed to pet her head again. Tsuna felt the weight pull him down, and as he looked up he thought he saw purplish eyes looking at him. His fingers slipped as he eyes closed and braced for the darkness that swarmed around him.

"Alyss, huh?" A girl with long white hair questioned as she stared at the gash where Tsuna once sat at. The clock rang and she twirled up happy, shouting at others for tea, moving her white dress gracefully around her room. Sitting down though, she continued to stare at where the boy sat earlier, in a pool of his own blood.


"This place keeps going on forever!" A blonde hair boy groaned, but stopped to rest on a wall. He looked at it puzzled, as he notice it looked very similar to a huge oversized doll house. Deciding it was safe to lay down, he tugged at his withered worn out white ceremonial clothes. It barely clung to its white color.

"How am I going to get out?" The blonde hair boy questioned, but looked up when he heard a swirling like noise above of him. He thought he would see some kind of tear, like the ones he saw before, but instead a body was plastered to his face.

"Gah!" He yelled as Tsuna crash landed on top of him. The boy moved to get off of him, afraid to find another monster, but was greeted to find only another person.

Another person.

In the back of his mind he wasn't sure if he should be glad at that, but the overwhelming joy there was another human being in this forsaken place made him giggle with joy.

Tsuna, on the other hand, barely recognized what he fell on, but moved away as his wound started to pulse again. At this rate, he was sure he was going to die from blood lost. Opening his eyes, he meet a boy around his age looking at him with a very warm smile that could easily match Yamamoto's.

Yamamoto...everyone... The sight of that smile broke something in Tsuna as he thought about his friends.

He was trapped here.

Tears swelled up and the then next thing he knew, he was crying as he was muttering all his friends' names. The blonde's eyes widen at the sight, realizing this wasn't an illusion and it was another person. His outfit was weird, but he paid no mind, as he felt himself unconsciously wiping the boy's tears away and the blood he found on his face. Oz was sure it was because of his personality, but he was strangely glade the blood wasn't his as he found no injuries. Tsuna opened his eyes a bit and saw a glimpse of pretty jade eyes that could rival Gokudera's.

"I'm Oz!" Oz said cheerful, perhaps to cheerfully for the situation and waved his hand in the air like a student in a classroom. Tsuna continued to cry, but Oz paid no attention at that he continued to let Tsuna cry. Tsuna looked up through his tears with an unexplainable joy to see Oz, to see another person in this odd nightmare.

"T-tsunayoshi..." Tsuna shuttered as Oz realized the boy is Japanese. Realizing that was not important Oz grabbed him to give a hug. Happy that Tsuna didn't pull away , Oz didn't mind when Tsuna started to cry into his shoulder, next thing Oz knew he found himself crying as well.

Crying over the situation they were in, crying that they found another human being, crying for being taken away from their loved ones, and crying because it was like they found a hope in this hell of theirs.

It was almost like finding a gem in an incredibly ugly world.

All they could do was hold onto each other, as afraid to find out the other was a fake, to them another's tears never sounded so hopeful.


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