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Chapter 1: Acting Strange


Sasori opened his eyes to face his alarm clock. His eyes widened as he looked at the time. "MOM!" he exclaimed as he leaped to his feet and darted around his room. He got dressed in record time and grabbed his bag, dashing down the stairs.

"MOM!" he yelled again. "What is it Sasori?" asked Ruby, Sasori's mother. "Why didn't you wake me up? I'm gonna be late!" replied Sasori. Ruby laughed at her son's exasperation. "I'm sorry Sasori, I was busy doing laundry. Have a good day!" she exclaimed as Sasori ran out the door.

As usual, Sasori's best friend Deidara was waiting nervously in front of his house next door. "Sasori! We're gonna be late un! What happened to you this morning and…why is your shirt on backwards?" Sasori looked down and sighed in frustration as he pulled his shirt off and turned it around. "My alarm went off late today." He replied as he jumped on his skateboard. Deidara followed on his skates. "And your mom didn't wake you up?" he asked. Sasori shook his head, "Not today."

Akasuna no Sasori, 17, lives with his mom in a small house and they barely get by, thus the fact Sasori doesn't have a car. He studies hard, even though he hates school.

Katsu Deidara, 16, lives next door to Sasori by himself. His parents died a few years back. Deidara is a little nerd that met Sasori when he moved in eleven years earlier.

The two are never seen apart.

Deidara almost tripped on the curb as the two reached the school. Deidara pulled off his skates and ran after Sasori to their lockers. "Hey, we made it with ten minutes left un! New record!" said Deidara as he opened his locker and shoved his skates inside. "Yeah, who would of thought. Probably cause you didn't fall flat on your face today. That's a first." Said Sasori as he grabbed his chemistry book. Deidara stuck his tongue out at the redhead childishly, making said redhead chuckle. "Sorry, you left yourself wide open for that one Dei." Said Sasori.

"Hey guys!" Deidara fell to the ground as their friend Tobi tackled him to the ground. Their other friend, Itachi, sighed as he walked up to the three. "Morning you two." Deidara whined as Sasori pushed Tobi off of him. "Thanks Sasori-no-danna un." He told the redhead. "No problem Dei. Morning Itachi." "Hey Itachi un." Said the blonde. Tobi smiled at the two. "Tobi and Itachi were wondering if you guys were gonna be late today!" "Tobi stop yelling un." Muttered Deidara. Sasori laughed as the bell rang. The four looked up and went running to their classes…

Sasori and Deidara slid into their seats just as Minato walked in. "Oh, good. The whole class is on time." Said Minato as he turned to the board. The class did what they always did once his back was turned, text each other.

Hey Dei

18 in 2 weeks!

Deidara smirked,

I knw. U nvr let me 4get!

Sasori bit back a laugh,

Just cuz ur a lil young cuz u skipped a grade dznt mean u wnt gloat when u turn 18 2!

Deidara rolled his eyes at his friend's comment, when something outside caught his eye. "Um…Minato sensei?" Minato turned to his student, "Yes Katsu?" "May I be excused un?" "Don't forget the hall pass." Deidara got to his feet and grabbed the hall pass, dashing out the door. Sasori watched his friend leave in confusion.

When the bell rang for the next period, Sasori was worried. Deidara never skipped class. He found Itachi and Tobi in the halls. "Hey Sasori!" exclaimed the younger boy. Itachi could tell something was bothering the redhead. "Where's Deidara?" he asked.

"I don't know. He just left in the middle of class." Replied Sasori. Itachi looked down at his pendant. "Still wondering why I didn't get one of those when you bought them Tobi."

One day, Tobi, Itachi, and Deidara had appeared with three matching blood red pendants. Sasori had asked them where they got it and Tobi had said there were only three and he wished he could've gotten one for Sasori.

"Sorry Sasori, but as I told you before, there were only three left and I knew Itachi and Deidara-sempai before I knew you." Said Tobi as usual. Sasori sighed. "Hey un!" The redhead turned to see Deidara opening his locker and pulling his math book out. "Where were you Dei?" asked Sasori. His eyes widened when he saw some blood on the blonde's shirt. "What happened Dei!" he said as he looked his friend over.

"Nothing un…" "Was it that fucking Hidan again? That bastard is always picking on you." "It's all right un. I'm fine. You don't have to worry Sasori-no-danna." Sasori looked at the blonde, unsure of what to say.

"Let's just get to math guys!" yelled Tobi as he and Itachi started walking away. Deidara nodded, motioning to close his locker, when there was an extremely loud cracking noise. Tobi, Itachi, and Deidara froze. Sasori raised a brow as Deidara looked down at his pendant. He looked up at Tobi and Itachi with serious eyes. Sasori looked down and noticed that the pendant now had a large crack in it.

"You broke it?" asked Sasori. Tobi and Itachi looked around wearily. Deidara threw the geometry book into the locker and slammed it shut. Sasori looked at his three friends in question, "You guys all right? Why so serious?" (Couldn't help it! XD) "Itachi, south side. Tobi, East side. I'll keep an eye on him." Said Deidara in monotone. Sasori had never heard Deidara sound so…leader-ish. "Right." Stated the other two as they headed down the hall in opposite directions.

"Dei…what's going on?" asked Sasori. "Come on un. I don't have time to explain. Right now, it's not known if they found you yet." "Found me? Dei, what are you talking about?" "Trust me Sasori-no-danna. I'll tell you everything later." Sasori followed Deidara down the hall. Hidan stood in front of them, "Hey, nerd boy! You look like you're in a hurry. You know you gotta-" "Move it human." Hidan blinked at the blonde. "The hell is that supposed to mean? Did you forget who you're talking to Deidara?" he asked as a scowled formed on his face. "Move." Replied the blonde. Hidan went to punch Deidara.

"Idiot." Said Deidara as he grabbed Hidan's fist and flipped him over his shoulder. "Come on Sasori un." Sasori blinked at the scene in front of him before following Deidara. "Did you…flip Hidan?" "Yeah. Not that hard, he's really light un." Sasori was about to ask how the hell Deidara could do that when the wall behind them blew up…

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