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~Two Weeks Have Passed~

Sasori sat under a tree up on Earth. It was one that he and his mother would have picnics under when he was younger. The hill it was upon had a beautiful view of the whole neighborhood. He just looked out at his old home for the first time in weeks…though…it felt more like it had been months. He felt so different now than he had back then.

And why wouldn't he? Back then he lived his life thinking he was a normal human; He had worried about such simple things like getting to school on time or passing an exam. Now…

He looked up at the clear, blue sky. "When was the last time…I saw this sky?" he wondered, "Has it really only been a few weeks?"

"Three to be exact un."

Sasori smiled as Deidara sat next to him. "Only? It feels as if it's been a year." He said as he looked over at his blonde puppy, into the sapphire eyes he loved. Still smiling, Sasori reached up and rubbed one of Deidara's ears. "Mmm, Danna~! Stop it~! You know I don't like it when you do that in public un!" whined the blonde as he leaned into the touch. Sasori chuckled, "Not what your actions tell me Deidei." He whispered as he pulled his puppy to sit in his lap. "That's cause it feels nice." Replied Deidara, causing the older boy to laugh.

"So, how was it?" asked the red head. Deidara leaned back into Sasori as he looked towards their old neighborhood. "It was nice. Anzen showed me around and where my parents are buried." The sapphires on Deidara's necklace seemed to glow for a second as he stared out into the scenery. Sasori ran a hand through his love's hair, "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Next time, I promise I'll go." Deidara let out a sound that seemed like a giggle, "If you have the time. After all, we both know how busy you are supposed to be." He said. Sasori chuckled, "I'm sure that Shuhan will be upset, but I needed a break…funny how you knew to find me here."

Nuzzling into Sasori's neck, Deidara said, "What do you expect Danna? We're connected. I always know where you are un." Sasori ran his hand through the golden locks again, "Good point…hey…where are Hidan and Kisame?" "Hidan went to his parents' house to see them again after so long and Kisame went off to get a bite to eat." Explained Deidara.

"Wait…Hidan hasn't gone home once since this mess started?" asked Sasori, shocked that Hidan would let his parents worry for so long. Deidara shrugged, "Its Hidan. Since when does he do things that make sense un?" Sasori chuckled at the response as he looked up at the sky. "A clear, sunny day…we used to wish for days like this…" "Yea. And Tobi would always start jumping like a little kid and beg to go to the water park downtown un." Sasori chuckled as he remembered. "Tobi was such a kid." Deidara nodded.

"So this is where you were hiding?" Both teens looked to the side to see Shuhan. The elder walked over to them and looked down at Deidara expectantly, "You were supposed to bring him back, not hide with him." Deidara gave a sheepish grin, "Yeah, uh…well…it's such a nice day and all…guess I just got caught up in it un." Shuhan chuckled, "I had a feeling something like that would happen. Never trust the puppy to bring the master to work." Deidara and Sasori laughed at the statement before they both got to their feet. "

Stretching, Sasori turned to Shuhan, "Sorry. I just needed a little break from all those meetings and the paperwork. I'll head back now though." Shuhan shook his head, "No, it's quite all right Sasori. I know how that feels. Happened to me when I was young. It also happened to your father. At least Deidara didn't actually sneak you out like Atisuto used to do." Deidara got a thoughtful look on his face. "I shouldn't have said that should I?" asked Shuhan with a sigh. Deidara just smiled innocently at him.

Sasori laughed, "No, you really shouldn't have." He said as he took Deidara's hand. Shuhan smiled at the two, "Well, I think you should get back to work Sasori." He said. Sasori nodded, "Right."…


Sasori sighed as he put down another book he had been reading. He turned to the next one and groaned in frustration. Paperwork, fine. Meetings, ok. But reading all this for educational purposes? Why not just send him to school? He leaned back in his chair and looked at the picture of his parents on his desk. "Are you laughing at my frustration mom? Probably. You always laughed when I was like this while I studied." He said with a smile.

"Danna!" With a smile, Sasori turned to the door as Deidara came in. "Yeah?" he asked, glad to have a distraction from all the books. The blonde walked over and sat on a clear spot on the desk, "Hidan said that there's a festival going on in our old neighborhood!" he explained with a hopeful look in his eyes. Sasori looked from his love to the books on his desk, and then he looked at the picture of his parents. He grinned, "Sure. Let's go." Deidara smiled at him brightly, "Yay!" he exclaimed as he jumped up.

With a chuckle, Sasori got to his feet and took Deidara's hand. "You're way too cute sometimes Dei." He said. Deidara blushed and wagged his tail happily before they both headed out the door…

Watching them leave the mansion from the office window, Shuhan sighed with a smile, "Yes…the splitting image of their fathers those boys are. Deidara is as carefree in time of peace as Atisuto was…and Sasori will do anything to get away from his work, just like Lucifer." He said. He turned to look around the office. "Ah, Lucifer…with someone like Sasori, it's as if you never left…


"OI!" Deidara and Sasori turn to see Hidan and Kisame headed for them, followed by Kakuzu. "Look who shows his face un." stated Deidara. Kakuzu glared, "Shut up blondie. We're not enemies any more so don't piss me off. Hidan's got that covered." Said albino frowned, "Not my fault you're way too obsessed with money asshole." And so started a heated argument between the two. Kisame rolled his eyes and told, "They've been at it for thirty minutes." "Seems like they are great friends then." Retorted Deidara. Sasori and Kisame laughed at that.

Looking around, Sasori smiled. Everything actually seemed…normal. He had gotten used to his life already? Huh…then again, as long as Deidara was by his side, it didn't matter anyway. "OH! Danna let's get some pocky un!" Sasori chuckled at the childish way Deidara had asked and nodded. He let Deidara lead him to the pocky stand. He watched as Deidara's sapphire eyes looked the boxes over, searching for his favorite flavor.

A new life…I'm just glad I didn't lose my light…

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