AN: I finally got my hands on David Bowie's "Hours" CD. I heard `Survive" once and I had to write a story to go with it. I'm not one for song fics, but I had to write this one.

Disclaimers: The lyrics included in this story belong to the ageless David Bowie.


He was a shadow against the moon lit night sky. Dressed completely in black. The only thing that made one realize that he was not a shadow was the spiky blond hair, white in the moonlight, that whipped around his pale face. The night, his kingdom, were all unchanged before him. Despite time, they remained immortal like him. Change was a strange concept to this place. He had not changed much in his lifetime. He remained the insolent, but lonely King. When change came, he did not know how to cope with it. She had changed his entire world and it had never again been the same.

I should have kept you

I should have tried

I should have been a wiser kind of guy

I miss you

It didn't matter how many times he stood on the balcony looking out at the maze of walls, and hedges. Everything reminded him of her. He was angry with himself when it was over that he had not tried harder to win her, to convince her to stay. She didn't need her brother. She needed him. He desperately wanted to believe that.

Give me wings

Give me space

Give me money for a change of face

Those noisy rooms and passion pants

I loved you

He had not known the emotion. It was so foreign to him that he had fought and struggled against it with all that he could. But even he, with all his magic and power was no match for it. It had gripped him tightly and wouldn't relinquish its hold. He was powerless to prevent its onslaught and when it overtook him he didn't wish to deny it. He embraced it with all that he was. He tried to show her, but he was naïve. It didn't matter that he was hundreds of years old, immortal. For he had never known love and he didn't know how to claim it from another. Or how to prove that he could possess it.

He thought he had done the right thing. Offering her the dreams so dear to her. He had even offered himself. But he had not gone about things the correct way. And even if he had, he still would not have won her heart. For she was a child and she too did not know the true meaning of love.

Where's the morning in my life?

Where's the sense in staying right?

Who said 'time is on my side'?

Time was a curse, a thorn in his side. Time was what pushed her away from him. Time had limits after all and she had wisely used her time. She had defeated him. She had defeated him well. Time was his betrayer now. He had watched the minutes and hours go by and still she was not with him. Still he was alone.

I've got ears and eyes and nothing in my life

But I'll survive your naked eyes

I'll survive

At times if felt like he wouldn't. He wanted to give up and not go on. But he was a King, even if his subjects were sometimes stupid, and they made a mess of his beautiful castle. He was still a King and King's did not give up.

You alone across the floor

You and me and nothing more

You're the great mistake I never made

The dreams didn't want to fade and sometimes the dreams were all that kept him sane. A crystal ball room and a beautiful young girl on the border of becoming a woman. A King, dressed in his finest, watching her move through the room, waiting for the perfect moment to make his move and sweep her into his arms. He wanted to live in that dream and never leave. Reality be damned.

I never lied to you, I hated when you lied

But I'll survive your naked eyes

He had never lied to her. He was everything she wanted him to be and more. He would have offered her the dreams she wanted. He would have been her slave if only she had stayed with him. He would have done anything for her.. Anything...

But she had lied to him. She lied to herself when she spoke those words. She was frightened and misguided. She was too young to understand. It wasn't a game in the end. He didn't want her brother...he wanted her..

But she was gone now. And she had been gone for years. For 20 long years he had thought about her. Still pining for her and the love he would never receive from her. But he lived on. He was a King after all. Even if he was a Goblin King.

"I'll survive..." he said softly into the night.