Not So Easy, is it?

Summary; New twist on an old idea. Instead of getting the cursed pie, Cyborg got something to prank a certain changeling and half-demon. The results, are more surprising then anyone would have thought.

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Cyborg grinned to himself as he thought about the prank he was going to pull. On his way home, he had came across a strange stand in an alley. The woman was only selling a few odd things, a monkey hand being one of them. He was going to get the pie when he some old style handcuffs. They didn't have a key, but even if Robin or him couldn't make key, one of them could just break it. He was deciding who he should use it on. He thought about using it on Robin and Starfire, but that was honestly becoming a bit stale. Starfire was out since she might break it on accident any way. Robin would be too calm with anyone other than Starfire. Raven and Beastboy on the other hand...those two had been fighting a lot lately, so this might force them to get along. That or kill each other.

He noticed that Beastboy and Raven were siting on the couch, Beastboy watching TV and Raven reading. The only way those two got along was if they completely ignored each other, and they rarely did so. He walked up from be hide the couch and put them off before they realized he was doing anything. Their eyes went widen when they noticed they were chained together, causing Cyborg to snicker a little.

"What the hell Cyborg!" Beastboy yelled, he knew he was a deadman if he was stuck with Raven for any amount of time.

"Cyborg, you got ten seconds to get this thing off me," Raven warned in monotone, but deadly voice.

Cyborg gulped, "It doesn't have a key," he could see her about to snap, then added, "But can't you just phase through it? And can't he just morph into something smaller?" He suggested, pointing to Beastboy as he said that last part.

They both blinked and proceeded to face-palm. "Azarath Metreon Zinthos." Raven muttered, as Beastboy tried to shape-shift. Instead of either getting the result they wanted, the handcuffs started glowing purple and green on Raven's and Beastboy's ends respectively. The glows work their way to other end, slipping by the other glow. Once they reached the other ends, a white glowing ball formed at the center and started to grow.

"What's going on?" Beastboy yelled, trying to get his arm loose, as the orb reached the base of his arm.

"I have no idea!" Raven yelled, also attempting to get free.

Cyborg could only cover his eyes as his friends were fully engulfed by the glow. A moment later the glow died down, but the white orb was still there. Robin and Starfire rushed in at this point.

"Cyborg! What happened, we heard Raven and Beastboy yelling?" Robin asked before he saw the white orb.

"Friend Cyborg? Where are Friends Raven and Beastboy?" Starfire asked as she looked around for the two missing Titans.

Before he could answer, the orb exploded, with something smashing into the wall. They went over to the new crater in the wall and noticed green skin as the dust cleared. But it wasn't Beastboy, it was a Raven, if the costume was any indication. Her ears were pointed, her skin was green, her nails and teeth were sharper, and she had slit green eyes. She groaned as she looked up at them staring at her in shock, "What?"

"Cyborg!" A growling voice yelled from where the orb had been.

They all turned around and saw Beastboy, only he was missing everything they had come to associate with him. His ears were normal, as were his teeth and nails. His skin was grey, his eyes were purple, as was his hair, but normal looking other than that. The most important detail was that he was pissed. His eyes glowed white before he through his arm out in Cyborg's direction. Cyborg then flew backwards into the wall and through a portal. In the three seconds it took them to get over being shocked, Cyborg fell through a portal on the ceiling, landing face first on the ground.

Raven could only say one thing, "How the hell did you do that?"

Now someone might wonder why Raven was reacting like this. Take that she and Beastboy had switched powers, and coloring apparently, along with the fact he-the overly emotional and uneducated shape-shifter- had just used her powers without even trying. Now, combine that with the fact she's spent years to get the control she has and nothing is blowing up around Beastboy. Her reaction then should become justified. There is also that his eyes didn't double and turn red, but she wasn't sure if everything got transferred.

Beastboy shrugged as Cyborg got off the floor. "Umm, could someone explain what happened?" Robin asked, still dumb founded by theses turn of events. Starfire was busy looking back in forth between her friends. She wouldn't be sure if her friends had switched powers or genders if it wasn't for their clothing.

"Let's see: Cyborg puts old style handcuffs, which seem to have disappeared on us, Raven and I try to escape it through are respective powers, then to sum it all up an orb appeared and enlarged to the point that it consumed us both. You saw what happened after that, I assume. My only hypothesis is that those restraint were magical in nature and caused us to trade our powers." Beastboy explained calmly.

Everyone looked at him, surprised. "Did he just use the word 'hypothesis' correctly?" Raven asked, before she was lifted up by her foot.

"We switch powers and your more concerned about me using an enlarged vocabulary? And you say my intelligence is lacking." Beastboy said in an almost mocking voice. Oh how he had dreamed of getting payback for all the humilationRaven put him through and he had been given it on a silver platter. Unfortunately, he'd have to keep an eye on Raven. If he knew Raven, which he did, she would allow her pride to rule her and try to use his powers, thinking they would be easy to use. Beastboy chuckled to himself, he was going to get even with Raven without having to do anything to her. He'd just sit back and watch as she discovered it's not so easy to be him.

"No, my biggest concern is how you're using my powers so easily? And how to turn us back so I don't have to be the team's pet!" Raven yelled frustration as she tried to get free of the black energy holding her up.

Beastboy grinned as he released her, letting her fall a good five feet, "That's for me to know, and you to find out the hard way," He answered as she glared.

Robin rubbed his head in frustration, "Okay look, lets turn in for the night. Tomorrow, we try and figure out how to reverse this. Also, you two help the each other control your powers." Robin instructed.

"One condition!" Beastboypiped up, getting a raised eyebrow from the rest, "We only help each other at the minimum amount we deem necessary unless it becomes life threatening to any one." Beastboy said.

"Any particular reason why?" Robin asked confused.

"Yep, but I'm explaining none of them," Beastboy retort was, "It's this or I don't help at all," He added at Robin's glare, who relented with a nod.

Everyone left for bed, except Beastboy and Robin. "Okay Beastboy, why don't you want to help Raven with your powers?" Robin asked. Believe it or not, Robin knew that Beastboy had a good reason for doing almost everything he did.

"Well, we know how prideful Raven can be, and the look in her eyes to tells me she's going to try and use my powers with the minimum effort, trying to show me up. So, to save us time and energy, I'm going to let her crash down to earth so she'll actually listen to me. Trust me, my powers aren't something one should fool least if they don't know what their doing," He added at Robin's "You're kidding me, right?" look.

Robin sighed, this is why he really hated not having superpowers, he had no idea what it was like to have them. "Okay Beastboy, I'll trust you on this since you're the expert here. I give permission to do whatever you have to do to make sure Raven doesn't end up endangering someone with your powers." Robin said.

Beastboy looked at him blankly for a moment, "You do realise you're giving me the right to do whatever I want to Raven, within the context of the law of course, without getting into any trouble right?" Beastboy asked, wondering if he heard right.

"I trust not to abuse it, especially since she's going through exactly what you went through." Robin explained.

"That's a reason not to humiliate her, not to let her try and get through it the same way I did." Beastboy retorted, you could tell he was getting upset at some old memories.

"Some how, I doubt you could stand by and let her go through whatever you did. I don't know it, and I won't pretend to understand what it was like, but I know two things: A. It was obviously hard for you to get through. B. Despite whatever difference you and Raven have, you're too kind to let someone suffer when they don't deserve it." Robin reasoned with a small smile as he left the living room.

"You might lose that bet Robin, cause I'm not sure what I should do yet. Help Raven or let her figure just how tough I got it?" Beastboy whispered to himself as he tellported to his room. Despite the odd feeling you get the first time, he really like doing that.

Raven was tossing and turning in her sleep. She let out a low roar as her mind felt like it was being shredded into little pieces. She tried so hard not to cry out in pain, and she only barely won. Suddenly the pain stopped and she fell fast asleep.

In his room, Beastboy sighed, "I'm really too nice at times."

End of Chapter

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