Hey guys it's Sarah & I've decided on writing a new story! This idea to write this story randomly came to me, but the inspiration is from The Real World series on MTV. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!
I do not own the Twilight series, except a copy of the amazing books. All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I'm just a fifteen year old girl who loves to write. Kay thanks :)


"I don't like this idea Isabella," my newlywed mother, Renee Swan-Dwyer tells me when I throw in the last of my luggage into the back of my new step-dad Phil Dwyer's van. I roll my eyes at her. Renee is so over her head. "If you want to come home, you give me a call. Do you understand? I don't want you to be forced to do anything that you don't want to do. I can't believe you signed on for this." she shakes her head and gives my arm a squeeze.

I, Isabella Marie Swan- Bella for short- has recently signed onto a season of The Real World: California. It sounded pretty interesting when I read about it in an entertainment magazine. All my life I've been hiding in the shadows, excluding myself from having fun. I needed a wake up call, something different and that's when I saw the ad. The extremely popular teen entertainment channel of America, OMG, needed regular people for a new up coming reality show. It was for people 18 and over and since I was regular and 18, I decided why the hell not? I'm still young, and 18 is just the beginning of an exciting life ahead. So I filled out an entry, sent an audition tape and waited. My audition tape I thought was extremely boring. There's nothing interesting about me. I'm a plain Jane, brunette and brown eyed. I don't do much. I just always used to go to school, come home, do my homework, eat, and sleep. That was a routine for me five days a week. Usually on weekends you'd find me making and posting covers on Youtube with my best friend Angela Webber. Yup, my only talent was that I can sing. I'm quite proud of Angela and I. We were kind of the people no one really associated with at school, not that we were uncool it's just we didn't exactly belong anywhere. But on Youtube, we're completely different people. We have thousands of subscribers and get up to almost a million views for each video we upload. In our own way, we kind of are successful in life.

Anyway, a week later, after the dead line, I was in shock when I received a call that I've made it into the show. So I sat down with Phil and Renee and they were upset I didn't tell them ahead of time, but after a lot of arguing and convincing, we went to go sign some contracts.

And here I am, packed up and ready to live in a beautiful Los Angeles house for six months.

"Relax honey, she's going to be fine." Phil rubs my mother's back. I'm still trying to get used to the idea of having a second dad. Phil's nice and all but I still like Charlie better. Charlie's serious since he's a cop but he doesn't come home everyday talking about it and convincing me to join the team. Phil's a minor league baseball player and he wants me to take lessons and follow in his footstep. Ha. Yeah right. There's no way in hell I'm going to be hitting balls until I retire.

"I know what happens in these stupid reality shows!" Renee's crying. Oh my God. Dramatic much? "All they do is make the poor actors abuse alcohol and drugs and they party all night and fist-pump! Not to mention spray tan until they camouflage with the trees!" I smirk at her and hop into the back of the car waiting for Phil and Renee to get in as well. I buckle myself in and slip on my new black shades. Phoenix is a very hot, sunny place and I'm going to miss it, sadly.

"That's Jersey Shore, mom. And the Hills." I roll my eyes at her ridiculous whimpers in the front of the car. Phil finally backs out of the driveway and I say a silent goodbye to my childhood home.

"I don't care honey! It's still reality and they'll force you to do things just so they can get money. They won't care if you get hurt as long as the paper keeps on coming." She's still crying and I continue to let her know that I'll be fine because she's raised me right. I know how to control myself and keep my distance from bad influences. Plus, I'm pretty vicious when I don't want to do something I'm forced to. Renee knows that. She gets enough bitching from me so she should know that she should trust me.

"Mom, relax. I can put up a good, convincing fight alright? I won't let them make me drown myself in alcohol or anything. So just breathe and listen to some Debussy alright?" I poke Phil's shoulder for his cue to pop in the disc. The beautiful melody of Claire de Lune flows around the car and I hear Renee taking her slow and steady breathing technique she recently learned at yoga class.

I stare outside the window and feel a wave of sadness when I see the airport sign. Goodbye Phoenix, hello Los Angeles!

The flight to Los Angeles is pretty short since it's only about 358 miles. I don't mind airplanes even though it's my fourth time on. I pick up my bag and hop off the plane once we land. I notice the increase of heat in California. I hated the weather in Phoenix and California is just as worst. I have a feeling I'm going to finally tan here quicker.

Just as I've always dreamt of, an older looking man in a suit is standing a couple of meters away from me holding a white sign that reads, "Swan". I grin and run to the man who looks at me in surprise.

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan!" We shake hands and I feel a jolt of excitement grow bigger in me. He tells me his name is Richard and proceeds to lead me to my limo. A limo! I am so completely psyched right now.

"No freaking way!" I jump with happiness when Richard opens the door for me. "This is so cool!" He laughs at my excitement and closes the door. I take a minute to say a prayer to God to thank him for this great opportunity and the beginning of a sweet adulthood. I grab a wine glass and I'm about to pop open a champagne bottle myself when the door swings open.

A short girl with jet black hair hops in and sits beside me. Even though she's short and tiny, her face has a mature look to it. Her pale arms wrap around my shoulders and then she pulls back. Her hazel eyes are beaming with joy when she studies my face.

"Hi I'm Alice!" Her voice is even cheerful and I can tell she's a really friendly person. "We're going to be roomies for six months! How exciting is that? And we get to work with the best styling agency!"

Because of Renee, I took a couple of cosmetology classes as well as fashion and design. I don't know why I did it. I use to be such a tomboy. I hated anything that had to do with shopping, makeup and the language of fashion. I still don't know all this Gucci and Versace talk, but I know enough to be able to handle working at The Spotlight Agency. I don't mind clothes that much as long as I'm not the one dressing in them. Personally, I'd rather just walk around in sweats and baggy shirts, but now that I'm working with an actual styling agency I have to make a good impression and look good.

"I can tell you're really excited." I point out.

"Oh my gosh! You're Bella Swan! The girl on Youtube! I'm such a fan!" she squeals and she puts her hand on the champagne bottle I'm holding. She helps me pop off the lid and we pour some in our glasses.

I'm blushing, literally. The blood rises to my cheeks and I bite back a goofy grin. I'm so flattered. "Thank you."

"Here's to the next six months!" She clings her glass with mine and we drink it at the same time.

I hope the next seven people are as kind as Alice. Otherwise, all hell would break loose in this household. As the limo continues to move towards our awaited destination, I silently pray there won't be difficult people. I hate being around drama queens.

The. House. Is. Beautiful!

No. Beautiful is not the word to describe this Californian home. It's breathtaking, amazing, gorgeous, and amazing, and gorgeous and breathtaking! I drop all my bags onto the tumbled paving stone driveway and start shrieking and squealing like the happiest girl on earth. Alice joins in with me and we hold hands while we pull a High School Musical jump in the air.

"This is so amazing!" she screams and runs around the driveway. Richard behind us is chuckling while unloading our luggage. I want to help him but I'm still in shock.

The mansion completely maximizes the 360 degree view from its hilltop location. It overlooks a grand canyon and private golf course and the driveway looks like it can fit 12-16 cars. Once again I take the time to say a silent prayer to God. My day is getting better and better.

Richard taps me on the shoulder and smiles at my still in shock expression. He says his goodbyes and we exchange a hug. When the limo backs out of the driveway and disappears after the gate I hear Alice screaming from the side of the house. I leave the bags at the front of the house and sprint to Alice. I stop dead in my tracks, my eyes widen at the site in front of me. This house is getting better and better by the second.

The first thing I notice is the large, fabulous rectangular shaped pool. It's late at night so the midnight sky and the moon create a great setting of the backyard. It makes the pool, the terrace, the patios, and the night scape lighting look even more breathtaking. I can't even describe this house anymore. All I know is that I and the eight other people living in this house are nine lucky bastards.

"Alright enough with the adoration we can save it for later. We should go pick out our rooms. We're the first ones here I think!" Alice grabs my hand and we run into the open doors of our new home. Alice's heels create soft thuds against the Italian teak floors- so she claims it is. She stops running and I bump into her. We realize we have no idea where to go. This house is humongous and there's paths in every direction!

"This way, I think!" she points up a flight of stairs and it's obvious it leads to a second level. She continues to run and I follow her up.

"Wait! Let's go get our bags!" She sighs and we both run back downstairs, out to the entrance and we grab as many bags as we can get. We're scared that if we don't already settle ourselves in a room, that we'd lose it.

We run back into the house and I watch in amazement as Alice runs in her black heels. I never understood how you can run in heels but Alice makes it look super easy.

Before we even make it to the stairs, I trip over my untied shoelaces and the first thing I notice when I fall are the soaring vaulted open wood beam ceilings. This house will never fail to impress me.

"Come on Bella! We have to call dibs!" Alice pulls me up and I'm surprised by her strength. I note to never underestimate my new pixie friend. She jogs up the stairs in excitement talking about how we should share a room and everything. I just nod in agreement dragging my bags behind me.

Alice and I count six bedrooms once we reach the top and since we're the only ones in here, we take our time to examine each and every one of them. Six bedrooms and nine people. Three would have to share a room. It's perfect for Alice and I since we're sharing anyway.

"We want to pick the perfect room!" she tells me.

In every room we'd go into, we'd find french doors leading to a private balcony, a flat screen T.V, mini fridges, double queen sized beds, sofas and almost everything that would make living a bedroom possible for the rest of your life. The same walls of glass and clerestory windows as downstairs are also big enough to give everyone a view of California.

Each room is breathtaking, but Alice and I settled for the master bedroom. In the master bedroom, usually there's only one bed. But I guess the producers thought ahead and put three queen sized beds. Alice chose the bed near the door way, I chose the middle and the one on my right would be occupied by someone else. We throw our bags on top of our bed as well as ourselves.

"I predict that the next six months is going to be one heck of a journey!" Alice sighs like she's fallen in love. But who am I to judge? If I can marry this house, I swear I would.

"I have that same feeling Alice." I smile looking up at the beautiful architectural lighting details above me attached on the wooden beamed ceiling. I sit myself back up to examine the rest of the room. I notice the panoramic breathtaking view through the glass windows on the wall right across our beds.

Then I walk down the small wooden steps and glide my hands across the white sofa-bed. The tiles change from the Italian teak floors to medium ivory travertine tiles. I follow the path to the private patio and pool terrace.

Best. Room. Ever.

When I dance my way back to the room Alice tells me about the His and Her walk in closets with built in mirrors as well as the ginormous master bath with shower walls, His and Her own vanities plus a luxurious Roman style spa tub and much more. If my eyes got any wider I think they'd pop out.

We both plop back onto the bed and close our eyes taking in the silence of the mansion. I can't believe this is my home for a half a year! I've gotten my dream life and I swear I don't deserve it.

"Um," We're interrupted by a nasty, diva like voice. "I want the middle bed."

Alice and I slowly turn our heads towards the voice. Standing to our left is a gorgeous, tall blonde girl wearing a skin tight red number. She has one hand on her hip and one raised eyebrow. She's beautiful on the outside, but in the inside, she doesn't seem to be.

"There's other rooms in the house," Alice tries to say as politely as possible. I can tell Alice is one of those girls, like me, who are nice but if we're treated with disrespect, there's not stopping us. "You don't have to pick this room."

"This room," the girl snarls. "This is the best room in the house. If I can have it my way, I'd kick the two of you out. But the stupid producer won't let me have it. Ugh." she rolls her eyes at us and taps her foot impatiently.

"But that's Bella's bed. She got here first." Alice begins to sit up and I can tell this is going to get nasty so I jump right in.

"It's okay, she can have the middle bed." I say timidly. It's our first night here and I don't want any drama whatsoever. We're all here to bond and work together as stylists for The Spotlight Agency. I wouldn't want us to go to work Monday morning, each of us glaring at each other. That would be extremely bad.

Grumpy Blonde gives me a smile, not a friendly one, a "good-I-got-my-way" kind of smile. I smile back with no emotion and pick up my bags, throwing it onto the right bed.

Alice is looking at me when I glance over and she rolls her eyes and points her head towards the door signaling we should get out and explore the rest of the house.

The mood in this room is awkward, but whatever. As long as Alice and I are friends, we can take on Blondie.

This is the beginning, and no one is going to ruin this for me or anyone else.

So what do you guys think? Should I continue?

OH ! by the way, the house I mention in this story is like my dream home!

I posted a link on my profile that shows a bunch of pictures of the house. Go take a look and see how amazing it is! I had a hard time describing it so I think you guys should see for yourselves so it's easier to picture whenever I horribly describe the rooms and stuff. :)