This is my 1st collection of one shots for the Titans. All of my favorite pairings shall be parttaking in this, so expect a big variety. The genre ranges from humor to drama, from action to fluff. I'm gonna try and keep you guess on who will be popping up next. This 1st one is BB and Rae, cause their my favorite to write. Don't expect this to go in any order of some sort. I hope you all enjoy this! Read and reveiw for a faster update!


The Wolf and The Raven: Wolves

We Are One-One Pack, One Family

Continuity: After Season 5 But Before Tokyo

The common room was silent, which was a surprise considering who was one of the occupants at the moment. Yes, I'm talking about our favorite green skinned part time comedian/full time hero, Beast Boy. He sat in the center of the half circle couch, arms stretched out on the ledge and his head hung backwards, towards the ceiling. It had been an exhausting day so far, so the Changeling figured that it was time to relax. The TV was on, but the teen hero had it on almost mute so not to disturb his own rest and his sole companion in the room from her reading.

Now Raven had always prayed to God (ironic might be almost too weak of a word, being that she was the demon spawn of an interstellar devil) that one day Beast Boy would actually enter a room silent on his own accord-the time when he had sunken into a depression thanks to an apparently revived ex-geomancer did not count by her standards in the least.

She had finally gotten what she wanted, but somehow it felt wrong to have her green friend be so silent. Raven looked up from her book, her eyes shifting focus to the boy in front of her to the television that showed a neglected Animal Planet special about wolves. Raven then had an idea, giving a strong sigh because she knew somehow that this was going to ultimately change the dynamic of their relationship forever…

"Beast Boy," Raven called, crossing her legs as she closed her book (not before placing a marker). The changeling made no movement, except for the perking of his ears at the sound of her voice. "Yea, Rae?" came his content response. Raven huffed a little, before crossing her arms in irritation. "First of all, my name is Raven. Second, look at someone in the eyes when their speaking to you. That's how people know you're listening to them." Beast Boy sighed, altering his position so that way he could face her. "You know, Rae-ven, it's kind of hard not to when you got these puppies." He gently tugged one of his pointed ears to prove his point.

Raven rolled her eyes, uncrossing her arms and laying them on her top leg. "Beast Boy, this is serious. I have a question for you." The Changeling raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to continue so that way he didn't have to ruin the moment with one of his infamous comments. "What kind of animal do you think the Beast is?" BB's eyes widened at the sudden bluntness of this question, but he was glad she asked because he had been contemplating the same exact thing for a while. He relaxed and smiled at her, "Easy, it's a wolf. Or werewolf rather."

Raven tucked back a lock of her hair behind her ear, a sign that showed she was either nervous or curious. He decided on the latter. "How so?" She asked him, and his smiled grew bigger having actually caught her attention. "The wolf's instincts are the ones that come easiest to me. Even without them though, have you not noticed the pack mentality we have within the team? Robin's the Alpha male, Star, his 'mate'. Cy's the Beta along with Bee as his 'mate'. That makes me the Delta, and as such I protect each member accordingly."

Beast Boy watched her as she nodded, seeing the connections he had made. He gave her a tiny smile, answering her unsaid question at the rising of her left brow. "And now you're wondering where you fit in this little analogy-why are you looking at me like that? I do happen to know what that word means!-that I've made? Well, see I was wondering-?"

Beast Boy didn't finish his question, but instead got up and moved himself close enough to look into the girl's eyes. He whispered something into her left ear, walking away before she could respond. The Empath's face was now a dark red from Embarrassment and the second the door shut closed, every single window in the common room exploded into millions of shards.