I go to San Antonio on Friday and I find you on the River Walk while you were walking after dinner and say, "Bella" and when you turn around. I am there with roses and a smile and say, "How is my Rodeo Princess 2002 champion and my beautiful angel?"

"Better, now" and she came running into my arms.

I easily take her into my arms. "Ouch," and I groan from the pain in my ribs and back. But I won't let Bella go, so we keep hugging and kissing.

I finally set you down; you smile up at me but never letting go of one of my hands and asked, "When and how?"

"How about we go back to my hotel or wherever you are staying and talk? Then I can tell you the whole story."

"I am at the Hyatt timeshare on top of the Hyatt for three weeks," you said.

"Well, isn't that a coincidence, I am at the Hyatt as well."

As we headed back towards the hotel, you kept looking up at me saying, "You're really here?"

"Yes, my beautiful angel, I am. Do I need to pinch you to prove it?" and he did.

We went to your room because it was bigger and had a living room. You laid your roses down on your entrance counter and I kept your hand and pulled you straight to your bed where we laid down side by side and I slowly peeled away your clothes plus you peeled away mine.We made very slow love together to protect your bruises and because we had finally gotten back to together. We touched all over our bodies and you easily sat atop me as we joined as one. While we were lying in one another's arms, you smiled at me and said, "I love you and I never thought I would get to say that again."

I said, "So did I and I am so glad I can say I love you again. I am so sorry for all the pain I caused in your eyes for not being able to recognize you and love you after the accident. I do believe you returned these to me a few weeks ago, then I pulled them out from my discarded jean jacket and I would like to return them to you to where they rightfully belong and I slipped her diamond bangle bracelets back on her wrist and kissed them."

"By the way, what did the doctors say after they found out your memory was back," Bella asked.

"I'll be as good as new."

"Now," and Bella cuddled up next to me. "Tell me about us and let's see if you do remember everything."

I pulled her in close and whispered, "I remember everything. It started the day of your birthday party. Well Bella, history tells me you get to start because it started with me seeing you ladies walking in the parking lot."

So Bella did after she kissed my lips and said, "Yes, you do remember." Then Bella started our story.