10 years later.

I had just stepped out of my shower when I towel was wrapped around me. "Edward, stop that. You told me to get ready for dinner."

"I know, but come here a minute first."

"At least let me wrap the towel around me first," Edward pulled me out to the living room of our suite. A candlelight dinner was sitting on the table for us. "Edward, I thought we were going out."

"No, Beautiful. I just needed to get you to go to the shower so that our dinner could be delivered. Now, why don't you have a seat?"

"Edward, I only have a towel on!"

"I'm not complaining."

"Please, let me go throw on a dress and comb out my hair."

"Five minutes, that's all. I can't stand being without you."

"Thank you love," I quickly raced down the hallway to our bedroom suite. I put a dry bikini on and a sundress over top, and as I combed out my hair. I was smiling at myself and my wedding rings in the mirror as I remembered the last ten years.

Our wedding was out at the ranch under a couple of large tents. Edward had wanted me to get a ball gown shaped dress. One night in March, I convinced him of why he didn't want a ball gown shaped dress. I went with an a-line with sequins, lace and a small train. After the wedding and reception, we left for our honeymoon suite in a helicopter. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

Two years later, I was pregnant with our first child. I had a fairly easy pregnancy. I was due during football season. I made it to thirty-nine weeks before the doctor told me no more working. I was very uncomfortable on Sunday morning when you were getting ready to leave for the game. "I will see you after the game, Angel. Alice, should be here soon. Okay?"

"I know. Go, I will see you soon." I stood to hug and kiss you goodbye. While we were kissing, I groaned against a pain in my abdomen and my thighs suddenly got very wet.


"I know, Edward"

Alice had walked in at that point. Edward started barking orders at Alice. I was quickly at the hospital with both of them at my side. Edward wouldn't go to the game no matter how much we tried to send him. Within an hour of arriving at the hospital, our son "Troy" game into the world very quickly. Troy and I were perfect. I got Alice to take Troy out of the room briefly. "Edward come here; I'm fine and so is Troy. Please go to the game and come back to me as soon as the game is over. I love you, Edward. Troy and I are going to sleep and watch you play your game. Just be careful."

"I'll be back, Bella. I love you so much."

Edward got to the game just in time to warm up on the side lines. The announcers congratulated him. My room was filled with both our families. You spent the night with me at the hospital and the three of us went home the next day.

I went back out to the living room of our suite. "Happy Anniversary, Bella."

"Happy Anniversary, Edward."

"Why are you smiling, Bella?"

"I was just remembering our wedding, honeymoon and Troy coming into our world."

"Then it's my turn, but first to another ten years."

We started on our fresh shrimp scampi dinner. Then fortunately our daughter knew when not to come into the world - not during football season.

"Don't blame our children because you couldn't keep your hands off of me and do the math of what would happen if you got me pregnant in certain months."

"What about the two additional Super Bowls that you won?"

"That's nothing compared to the pass that I made at a girl in pink on her birthday at a bar and the reception I got."

"Yes, you got lucky alright because she still agreed to dance with you even after you had embarrassed her to get her to the dance floor."

"How was dinner, Angel?"

"Delicious. But I am so full."

"Do you have room for dessert?"

"Only if it's small."

"It is," and you came around and scooped me into your arms. You headed for our bedroom and said, "Our dessert is in there."

After six more years and a couple more concussions, you decided to retire. But there was a small delay in you coaching high school football; you were now commentating during football season.

In our bedroom, you laid me down on the bed. You crawled up my body from the foot of the bed; and I asked, "I thought we were having dessert."

"We are," you started pushing up my dress over my stomach and then you stopped and looked over at the nightstand.

I rolled my head and looked at the nightstand. A smile grew on my face and I looked back at you and said, "Body shots are our dessert."

"Yes, what do you say?"

"Yes." And I kissed you.


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