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Most Productive Conversation

"Mandie!" Anna called from the dock. She was in her bathing suit, ready to go out on the lake. I chuckled from the kitchen as I washed the last bowl from breakfast. "I don't know how to work the boat," Anna called back. Anna's mother smiled at me and she headed out to help Anna out.

"Need help?" Drew asked, grabbing a towel. I shook my head and watched Mrs. Stevens and Anna laugh as they failed to turn the boat on. Drew's eyes lingered on my face, his facial expressions showing concern. "You okay Mandie?" he asked as he raised his hand to stroke my hair, but then pulled away awkwardly. I smiled and turned to him.

"I'm fine, I just… I wish I had that mother-daughter relationship sometimes." I said, with a pang of jealousy for Anna. Drew put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it without saying a word. He picked up a dish, despite my urge for him not to, and he began washing it. The beach house was close to perfect since we had been cleaning it for the past day. My dad took Drew, Anna, and me to go shopping for new clothes and toiletries. I finally had some updated clean stuff.

"I want to go to Pike's Place today, if that's alright." Drew said after a long pause. I chuckled.

"Fine, I'll take you, but we aren't getting seafood. Understand?" I said, smiling. Drew rolled his eyes and set the towel down. I grabbed my keys and we headed out to my car.

We arrived at Pike's Place after tussling and turning through the lake brush and horribly paved roads. The city was full of cars and people and the ocean could be smelled from anywhere. I heard seagulls and for once, the sun was brightly shining over Seattle.

We walked through the market place avoiding as many people as we could. I saw all the different sellers and their items. I felt like I was in a real marketplace! "Check these out," Drew chuckled, and he pointed to some voodoo dolls.

"Those are a joke," I winked and we headed down. "I should buy these for my dad," I said as we came upon a classic literature book stand. I picked up a copy of "King Lear", and Drew shook his head.

"Such a tragedy," he exclaimed and then picked up "Don Quixote". I slapped that book out of his hand.

"Gag me. Had to read that in school once," I rolled my eyes. We continued walking down through the marketplace. We came upon an old diner type place. "Want to eat here?" I asked. Drew nodded and we both walked in. Talk about bar, this place had the major sports bar theme going on. We were seated by a girl in skimpy clothing. She only spoke to Drew and he just smiled and ordered for us. "Seattle girls…" I muttered when she walked away.

"See? That's what you used to wear," Drew said, reading my mind. My eyes widened.

"Did not! It wasn't that bad. Dad wouldn't have let me leave the house, are you kidding me?" I was majorly offended. Drew just crossed his eyes and smirked.

"We should go to the docks around here. They probably have fresh fish. Better than here!" he said. I put my head in my hands. "Trust me. Try my mom's halibut and you will be wishing she made it every day." He said. "The cod is amazing in fish and chips. England makes it the best of course, but I've had some in America and they are just as swell." He exclaimed, examining the menu.

"You know what we should do? Go on the ferry around here. It would be fun! The wind in your face… it feels amazing!" I exclaimed, imagining myself on a boat like the Titanic. "You would enjoy it," I said, as the waitress brought our drinks.

"Can I get you anything else?" the waitress asked Drew. Drew shook his head and ordered off the menu. She turned to me and smirked.

"I'll have the burger please," I said softly. She frowned and walked off. I rolled my eyes and Drew tapped my foot with his underneath the table. "Looks like you've got an admirer." I said, examining my fingers. Drew shook his head fast.

"She's nothing. All she looks for is looks, not personality. And no guy finds attraction in a girl with barely any clothes on." He said.

"That is a lie. Guys always go for looks. At least normal ones do. Have you ever been to the beach parties? That's where the action happens. I used to be the life of them, I'll regret. But guys never cared about who I was. So I dressed as skimpy as I could. That's how you get the attention as a girl." I explained, feeling bad about how my life had been.

"This is a twisted world. Guys shouldn't use you like that. They should respect you." He said, agitated. His leg started rubbing mine under the table.

"Then what is real respect Drew?" I asked, testing him, and I moved my leg away.

Just as Drew was about to speak, his eyes widened. "Don't turn around Mandie. Don't turn around." He said in a whisper. Suddenly I had the urge to turn around. "If you turn around… I swear…" he said again, keeping his eyes on whatever was behind me. Then I heard the sweet honey voice.

"Table for three please," Mark's voice rang.

"What the heck is he doing here?" I asked, suddenly beginning to freak out. Drew shrugged as he glared at Mark.

"I don't have a good feeling about him Mandie. I think… I think he's dangerous." He whispered. I shook my head.

"Mark couldn't hurt anything. Especially not me. You think he's the one who tried to break into my window don't you?" I asked, appalled. "I trust Mark. As much of a jerk he is, he would never try to kill me! You're the jerk for thinking that!" I said. Drew rolled his eyes.

"Why would he be in Seattle if he wasn't following you?" he asked me. I crossed my arms.

"His uncle owns a lake house an hour from here. Everyone knows that. He's hosted parties there for years." I said. Drew sighed.

"Great. Can't wait to see him around all the time." He mumbled. I was annoyed. Drew tells me how much of a horrible person I was, and then turns around and goes off on me about Mark.

"You're jealous of Mark because I flirt with him a lot. That's what it is." I concluded. Drew scoffed.

"You wish Mandie. I just don't like him." He said.

"You can't just not like someone Drew. There has to be a reason. You're jealous because I flirt with him instead of you." I said, keeping my arms crossed. Drew rolled his eyes. Mark's group sat down at a table that was visible to him.

Drew stood up and told the waitress that he would pay for the drinks, but that he was leaving. The waitress looked disappointed. He stormed out of the restaurant with me trailing behind him. "You're a joke Drew," I said I followed him all the way onto a major dock leading out onto the ocean. "You can't just leave me in a restaurant. That's definitely respect right there isn't it. Was I right Drew? Are you jealous?" I nagged him. I was sick of his perfection. For once, I wanted to be right.

Drew turned to me, his eyes narrowed. "You are so selfish and prideful and all of those awful things!" he said sternly. I pushed him back.

"At least I'm honest about my feelings. And I don't go off on you and tell you you're wrong on everything!"

"Because I'm always right!" he exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm done with this Drew. Mark is not a bad guy!" I threw my hands up and started walking away. "Next time you're jealous, just tell me!" I hollered back. I heard Drew stomp behind me. He grabbed my arm and spun me around. "What, is this your respect now?" I asked, pulling my arm away.

"You're so annoying," he muttered and then laid his lips onto mine.

I had to double take. Was Drew actually kissing me? Were these his lips? I felt everything go fuzzy as I kissed him back with just as much force. I had more than enough butterflies as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Drew didn't stop kissing me and I couldn't help but smile. I felt my leg pop like the scene in "Princess Diaries". Drew finally pulled away into a smile.

"It's about time you stopped talking." He said and he leaned in to kiss me again. I felt like I was floating on air. I then heard footsteps on the dock behind me.

"I knew you were after my girl," Mark's voice echoed. Kill me now. I thought as I spun around to face Mark and the two guys behind him. They looked awfully familiar. "Don't you dare think you're going to get away with this…" Mark's eyes darted from Drew to me. "Come on babe. I forgive you. Let's go back to the beach. I think it's time you started realizing whose good for you." Mark came up and grabbed my wrist.

"Let go of me Mark!" I yanked away and ran back to Drew.

"Touch her again…" Drew started but Mark already had a gun.

"I went into the wrong window that night," Mark chuckled. "I've used this gun to threaten your family, I'm pretty sure I have no problem using it on you." He said to Drew. I felt my heart sink.

"You were right," I whispered to Drew. Drew held me tightly behind him. Mark was the one at my house that night. He was the one who got in my window. It was him all along. But why?

Drew's grip got tighter and then with full force, Drew pushed me off the dock. I went swirling in the water unable to see what was going on. I saw Drew's body dive into the lake and grab my hand. He started swimming under the dock in the murky water. We came up to the surface to be right under Mark's feet.

"Head to their lake house. It's about time we thanked Mr. Akeman for calling the police on us last time. "

(Note to self: Never ever dump a hot guy for a hotter guy. He just might want to kill you.)